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Governor's Newsletter, November 1999

Laureate Award

Warren C. Lovinger, Jr., MD, FACP, of Nevada, was recognized during the Annual Meeting by the Missouri Chapter with the Laureate Award. Dr Lovinger attended medical school at John Hopkins University. In 1977, Dr. Lovinger interned at Barnes Hospital in St. Louis, Missouri and then completed his residency in Internal Medicine there in 1980.

Dr. Lovinger is certified by both the American Board of Internal Medicine (1974) and the National Board of Medical Examiner's (1978). In 1980, he began practicing at the Nevada Medical Clinic and in 1983, he established Nevada Internal Medicine, Inc. and became a solo practitioner.

Dr. Lovinger has been an active leader in organized medicine. He joined the American College of Physicians as an Associate in 1977 and was elected to Fellowship in 1989. In addition to the numerous committees and elected positions he has held, he served on the Task Force on Local Merger Issues for ACP and ASIM (1998). After the 1998 merger of ACP-ASIM, he was appointed a Transitional Governor for Missouri for two years. He also serves on the National Nominations Committee.

Dr. Lovinger has been married to his wife Marilyn, for twenty years and they have four children. He enjoys gardening, airplane flying (he and Marilyn are FAA licensed pilots), raising cattle and spending time with his family. Dr. Lovinger's priorities in life are his commitment to his family, his Christian beliefs and serving others through the practice of medicine and community involvement.

First Annual Southwest Missouri Meeting

The First Southwest Missouri Regional Meeting of the ACP-ASIM was held Thursday evening, July 22, 1999, in Joplin. Sixteen participants enjoyed the fellowship, meal and presentations.

Anne Winkler, MD, PhD, FACP, of Springfield, spoke on new therapies for rheumatoid arthritis. Steve Atwood, MD, FACP, of Springfield, demonstrated the many routes to secure medical information on the web. Warren C. Lovinger, Jr., MD, FACP, Transitional Governor from Nevada, discussed our Chapter, the College and the importance of advancing to Fellowship. Everyone present agreed that this should become an annual event and plans are already underway for a meeting in Springfield next year.

Missouri Meeting - A Great Success

Tan-Tar-A Resort at Osage Beach, was the location for our 1999 Annual Meeting of the Missouri Chapter of ACP-ASIM, September 10-12. The weather was beautiful, the fellowship warm and the information presented was very current.

The Scientific Session on Friday, September 10, included a variety of cardiology topics. A special feature was the individual auscultation units that accompanied presentation by Morton Tavel, MD, FACP, of Indianapolis. That evening, a myriad of topics/cases were presented at the annual "Poster Session" for Residents from Missouri's nine Internal Medicine training programs.

The Saturday session began with our Chapter's Annual Business Meeting, chaired by Governor Dr. Richard Whiting, of St. Louis. Our 1999 "College Representative" - David Gullen, MD, FACP, Chair of the Board of Regents - updated the attendees on the ACP-ASIM national activities and priorities. Alan Nelson, MD, FACP, Associate Executive Vice President from our Washington, DC office, followed with an "up to the minute" summary of the national political and socio-economic scene. The day's formal activities concluded with an awards luncheon, which included the presentation of our Chapter's 1999 Laureate Award to Warren Lovinger, MD, FACP.

The 1999 meeting closed on Sunday, September 12, with a unique morning session chaired by Alan Forker, MD, FACP, of Kansas City. Readings and observations on the social aspects of health care were deeply moving to all in attendance.

In summary, the 1999 Annual Meeting of the Missouri Chapter of the ACP-ASIM was a great success that was enjoyed by all. Plans are already well advanced for next year's meeting - to be held at Tan-Tar-A Resort, September 22-24, 2000. Please plan to attend!

We also need to thank the following exhibitors who contributed greatly to the success of our meeting. Hoechst Marion Roussel needs to be singled out for their substantial assistance.

Residents Poster Contest Online

If you were unable to attend the Poster Presentations during the Missouri Chapter Meeting, you may now review them online at www.adultmedicine.com/acp-asim/. This innovation is due to many hours of work by Steve Atwood, MD, FACP, of Springfield, satwood@pol.net. Dr Atwood has learned how to develop databases and web pages and this site is just the latest one of his contributions.

Student Awards

Clerkship Certificates

  1. Grace Shen - Washington University
  2. Terese Hammond - University of Missouri, Columbia
  3. Ryan Taylor - University of Missouri, Kansas City
  4. Matthew Hutchinson - Saint Louis University

Book Awards

  1. Stephen Skjei - Washington University
  2. Rebecca Dillingham - University of Missouri, Columbia
  3. John Wells Askew - University of Missouri, Kansas City
  4. Lucinda Elko & Kristina Liangerdas - Saint Louis University

Poster Contest - Research

  1. Hatim Hassan, MD - Saint Louis University
  2. Travis Dierenfeldt, MD - University of Missouri, Kansas City
  3. Khaldoon Alaswad, MD - University of Missouri, Kansas City

Poster Contest - Clinical

  1. Karin Singh, MD - University of Missouri, Columbia
  2. Gentiana Voinescu, MD - University of Missouri, Columbia
  3. Darin Brimhall, DO - Forest Park

Internal Medicine Summer Externship Program

Each summer the Missouri Chapter of ACP-ASIM sponsors a summer externship program for medical students finishing their first year. The program is designed to give medical students an opportunity to learn about the specialty of Internal Medicine early in their education and to encourage students to pursue a career in Internal Medicine. Each extern spends four weeks with a practicing internist over the summer, allowing for an in-depth evaluation of the role of the internist in the spectrum of health care. This close relationship allows the student to experience first-hand what it means to be an internist.

Students from each of the four medical schools in Missouri may apply for the program late in their first year of school (UMKC students may apply later due to the different nature of the curriculum.) Selected students are then placed with a practicing internist for four weeks over the summer. Students are matched to the practice setting of their choosing, whether urban or rural. Each student receives a stipend for participation, as well as an invitation to the fall meeting at the Lake of the Ozarks. The program is low-key - no tests or assignments are required.

Since its inception four years ago, this program has been extremely popular with the participants, both students and mentors. The students who have participated have uniformly recommended the program to others. The mentors also have high praise, with many mentors participating year after year. If any ACP-ASIM members are interested in volunteering as a mentor, please contact Dick Whiting, MD, FACP, at richard.whiting@medcast.com, Pat Garrett, MD, at pgarrett2@compuserve.com, or Pat Mills at (800) 318-6746.

Fellowship Update

All qualified internists should aspire to advance to Fellowship. It is a unique opportunity for specialists in Internal Medicine to invest in themselves and to gain recognition for important professional accomplishments. Remember - it is no longer necessary to practice in an academic setting and publish manuscripts in order to advance to Fellowship.

There are four clearly defined pathways and in some cases, advancement can be attained through a combination of pathways. Teaching, personal development, continued learning, service on hospital committees and volunteerism all count towards Fellowship.

The induction ceremony for Fellows takes place at Annual Session. It is a wonderful opportunity to renew commitment to the highest principles of our profession and to simply celebrate being an internist.

Your ACP-ASIM Governors, Richard B. Whiting, MD, FACP (314-768-8887) and Warren C. Lovinger, Jr., MD, FACP (417-667-8484) will be happy to answer your questions about the application process. You may also view the Fellowship Requirements online to receive answers to your questions.

Health & Public Policy Committee New Activities

Beginning early next year, the Missouri Chapter will participate in the Physician of the Day Program at the Missouri Capitol. This will allow internists to have first-hand contact with legislators and, more importantly, it will allow legislators to know more about internists concerns. If you are interested in representing the largest specialty society in the state, call (800) 318-6746 and volunteer. The Committee is also reviewing Medicare Part B proposed local medical policies through the Carrier Advisory Committee.

Education Committee

The Missouri Chapter will be sponsoring a Visiting Professor Lectureship at the University of Missouri, Columbia early next year. Please watch our web site for details - Alan Forker, MD, FACP, Committee Chair, reports that a Regional Meeting is being planned in Mexico and a meeting for Residents will be held during the MSMA Meeting in Kansas City, on April 7, 2000.

New From the College

Member Connection, an online membership directory, is now available to members-only via ACP-ASIM Online. This directory will enable you to find colleagues by their name, state, city, zip or postal code, country, region or specialty. It will also provide an easy way to access contact information for Medical Student Members, Associates, Members, Fellows and Masters all over the country.

The Chapters Subcommittee recently developed and approved a new award - The Chapter Volunteerism and Community Service Award. We are encouraged to implement such an award here in our own chapter. Individual chapter award winners are eligible for the National Oscar E. Edwards Memorial Award for Volunteerism and Community Service. I certainly believe that it is quite appropriate for us to initiate this particular award here in Missouri. Also check out a new site from the College at www.doctorsforadults.com.

Governor's Message

This past year, a wonderful woman died of cancer and in her final days of life, she was attended around the clock by a group of nurses, because they had all been so moved by this lady's love of her fellow man. Ellena Henderson was a nurse's aid in the medical intensive care unit at St. Mary's Health Center for many years. My first real contact with this lady was the day I spilled coffee on my white coat. Mrs. Henderson helped me clean up the spill and quietly took my white coat. She returned it to me, cleaned and ready for use. I then observed this wonderful lady over the next several years in her day-to-day activities within the intensive care unit. She was always very cheery and always went out of her way to do whatever she could to help the patients, their families and the staff. The vigil at her deathbed by nurses was one of love, respect and deep gratitude. We are all day by day exposed to the good and the bad of humanity, but clearly we need to focus on the good. Mrs. Henderson wrote a brief poem that was shared with all of us at her funeral and I am certain she would approve of my sharing it with you now.

The Eagle and the Wolf

There is a great battle
That rages inside me:
One side is the soaring eagle.
Everything the eagle stands for is good
and true and beautiful and it soars above the clouds.
Even though it dips down into the valleys
it lays its eggs on the mountain top.
The other side of me is the howling wolf
And that raging howling wolf represents
the worst that's in me.
He eats upon my downfalls and justifies himself
by his presence in the pack.
Who wins this great battle?
The one I feed.

Richard B. Whiting, MD, FACP
Governor, Missouri Chapter


The recent meeting of the Missouri Chapter of the ACP-ASIM began on September 10, 1999, which was also Rosh Hashanah. The scheduling of the meeting was done prior to knowing we were going to conflict with an important Jewish holiday.

We regret and apologize for this unfortunate error and assure you it will not occur in the future.