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Governor's Newsletter, Winter 2000

Tanya L. Repka, MD, FACP
Governor, Minnesota Chapter

Governor's Corner

The first year of my Governorship has been an exciting one. We had an outstanding Scientific Chapter Meeting in November (see below) and the business of the chapter is going well.

This fall I attended the Board of Governors' (BOG) Conference in Asheville, North Carolina, set in the gorgeous Smoky Mountains, birthplace of author Thomas Wolfe, (Look Homeward Angel.) News from the BOG meeting is that the College has undertaken the pressing health care problem of antimicrobial resistance, which will be a major clinical theme at the Annual Meeting (see below). The clinical theme was "Inappropriate Antibiotic Prescribing for Upper Respiratory Infections." The goal of the College is a 90% reduction in antibiotics for URI's in the next 2 years.

Resolutions Adopted by the BOG at this fall's meeting were:
  • Collect information from various states on the effectiveness of their efforts to address tort reform, this information will become available to Chapter and Regions.
  • Changes in the ACP CME Chapter Meeting accreditation process (does not affect our chapter directly.)
  • The last was somewhat controversial and involved Internet prescribing of medications. The BOG's "resolved, that ACP advocate that a direct physician-patient relationship remain inviolate and that the use of the Internet for prescribing should facilitate, not circumvent, that relationship"; and, "be it resolved, that the ACP advocate that Internet prescribing should be used only in the context of an established physician-patient relationship."

The BOG voted against the adoption of two resolutions, one from the New Jersey Chapter calling for campaign funding reform and one from the Florida Chapter requesting that the ACP amend the dues statement.

ACP Resolution Process

ACP members may initiate a resolution addressing any issue or topic by submitting it to their Governor and/or Chapter Council. A resolution becomes a resolution of the chapter once the Chapter Council approves it. Members interested in researching the College's position on an issue prior to submitting a resolution may access this information in the "Where We Stand" section of ACP Online at www.acponline.org/home/policy.htm. In accordance with ACP's resolution process, resolutions should clearly distinguish the action requested within its resolved clause(s) as either a policy resolve or a directive requesting action or study on an issue.

New resolutions and recommendations for follow-up are acted upon by the Board of Governors and presented to the Board of Regents. Once the Board of Regents accepts recommendations, resolutions are either adopted as policy or forwarded to College staff and/or committees for study and/or implementation.

If you have a resolution that you would like to see brought to the College, please contact myself or Eric Tangalos (tel: 507-284-5126 or e-mail: tangalos.eric@mayo.edu), so that it may be considered by the Chapter Council.

Fall 1999 ­ Minnesota State Scientific Program

If you had the misfortune of being on call or working and missed this year's meeting, you have probably already heard from your colleagues what an outstanding meeting you missed. Dr. Steve Hillson must be commended for running a most enjoyable and informative meeting. The presentations were outstanding and we had a record number of attendees. The total attendance was 201, up from 145 in 1998 (a 38% increase.) However, we still had only about 9% of total membership from the state attending. Please remember to tell all your friends and colleagues what an outstanding meeting it was if you attended (and agree.) If you did not attend, please make a point to enter a note on you calendar to attend the Fall 2000 meeting.

Laureate Winner ­ Richard N. Hellman, MD, FACP

Dr. Richard Hellman was born July 14, 1944, in Chicago, IL. He earned his undergraduate degree from Roosevelt University, Chicago, IL; BA (Economics). He then attended Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, TX, and earned his MD degree in 1974. He spent the next year as an internal medicine intern at the Baylor College of Medicine where he received the Outstanding Intern Group Award. His internal medicine residency was spent at the University of Texas in San Antonio from 1975-77. He then did a fellowship in nephrology at Washington University, Barnes Hospital, St. Louis, MO, from 1977-1979. Doctor Hellman joined the Section of Nephrology at the Duluth Clinic in 1979 where he remained until the summer of 1999. At that time, he accepted an opportunity in academic medicine and has recently been appointed Clinical Associate Professor of Medicine, Department of Medicine, Division of Nephrology, Indiana University in Indianapolis, IN.

Doctor Hellman has been extraordinarily well thought of by his colleagues and patients in the Duluth area. He was described as having "an encyclopedic knowledge of the medical literature," which was impressive to many of his colleagues who referred difficult patient cases to him. He always gave instructive and practical consultations on a variety of different medical conditions. As one of his colleagues stated, "One can ask him for a reference on virtually any esoteric topic, especially in nephrology, and Rick will immediately have several on the tip of his tongue."

Teaching is one of Doctor Hellman's true joys. He is known as being ready, willing and able to provide educational sessions whenever he is approached. In the words of a colleague, "He nearly single-handedly provided all of the nephrology didactic teaching at the UMD Medical School during most of his tenure in Duluth. Teaching activities are extremely important to Doctor Hellman. He avidly pursued this teaching activity at the medical school, despite the lack of any meaningful reward other than personal satisfaction of a job well done." However, his teaching skills were recognized by his students as evidenced by his 1995 and 1998 awards as the Clinical Teacher of the Year, University of Minnesota-Duluth; Minnesota Medical Foundation Award. He was a also awarded a teacher of the year recognition from the Duluth Family Practice Residency.

Doctor Hellman participates in numerous professional medical societies. However, he has distinguished himself by being an extremely active, helpful and tireless member of the Minnesota ACP Chapter. He served ably as an at-large counselor for the Minnesota Chapter for many years. He also served on the College's Membership Committee. One of his greatest contributions to the chapter was when he unselfishly volunteered to chair the Bylaws Committee for the Minnesota Chapter. Doctor Hellman stepped forward to take on this often tedious, but extremely important task. The results were improvements in the Minnesota Chapter's bylaws that have been used as a template by many other chapters across the nation, especially as merger with the ASIM required all chapters to revise their bylaws during these last two years. The Minnesota Chapter had its bylaws revision made easy by virtue of Doctor Hellman's tireless efforts. His commitment to the College was recognized by the chapter Nominations Committee when he was asked to be a candidate for Governor of the Minnesota Chapter in 1997.

A keen interest in research has always been a part of Doctor Hellman's make-up. He has an impressive curriculum vitae of numerous articles and presentations. In the words of one of his colleagues, "Over the years, I always felt like we were very lucky to have Rick in our private practice setting in Duluth because it seemed to me that he was so well-suited for an academic University position. I think, the University of Indiana has been very lucky to add Rick to their staff."

The Minnesota Chapter and the Duluth community will miss many of the civic and educational contributions that Doctor Hellman has been responsible for. They will also miss his outstanding banjo playing, story telling and love of the outdoors. He and his wife, Pat, have earned the reputation as the "consummate host and hostess" of numerous gatherings for friends and colleagues. Finally, among his colleagues, Doctor Hellman is known for frequently recounting with pride the achievements of his wife, son and two daughters, but as one of his colleagues stated, "Who can blame him: the achievements are extremely impressive."

Dr. Hellman exemplifies all of the characteristics for which the laureate is awarded. He is an outstanding teacher and consultative physician who willingly gives continuously of himself to the needs of his students, colleagues and patients. The Minnesota Chapter of the ACP is pleased to name him as the recipient of its Laureate Award for 1999.

Associates' News

The Associates' Program, run by Dr. Amit Ghosh, presented 80 abstracts, 15 Research abstracts and 65 Clinical Vignette Abstracts: 45 from the Mayo Clinic, Rochester; 22 from the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis; 7 from Abbott Northwestern Hospital, Minneapolis; and 6 from Hennepin County Medical Center, Minneapolis. In addition to the above Associate
presentations, there were 2 medical student presentations ­ one from Mayo and one from the University. We hope to have pictures of the Associates in the next newsletter.

Associates' Research Competition Award Winners:

First Prize: —Dr. Joseph C. Lin, University of Minnesota
Second Prize:—Dr. Ronnier J. Aviles, Mayo Clinic
Third Prize:—Dr. John A. Schirger, Mayo Clinic
Third Prize:—Dr. K.A. Bybee, Mayo Clinic

Associates' Clinical Vignette Competition Award Winners:

First Prize:—Dr. Otis B. Rickman, Mayo Clinic
Second Prize:—Dr. Jerome Siy, University of Minnesota
Third Prize:—Dr. Vanessa V. Menghini, Mayo Clinic
Fourth Prize:—Dr. Heather Thompson, University of Minnesota
Fifth Prize:—Dr. Crispin Semakula, University of Minnesota
Sixth Prize:—Dr. Noelle Nelson, Abbott Northwestern

The Associates' Program was a high point of the meeting. Many of the attendees told me how exciting it was to see the young physicians displaying their abstracts. I would urge all of our members currently mentoring medical students and residents to encourage them to participate in the next meeting in Fall 2000.

Annual ACP Meeting ­Philadelphia Style

The ACP Annual Session will be held in Philadelphia from April 13-16, 2000.

For the first time ever, the College's governing Boards have chosen a clinical theme for special emphasis in ACP educational programs ­ Emerging Antibiotic Resistance. Since antibiotic resistance is now a major threat to the health of people worldwide, numerous sessions will provide up-to-date information on this topic, strategies on how to reduce this threat, and skills to enable physicians to resist the importuning of patients for inappropriate antibiotics for self-limited non-bacterial infections.

With the first set of time-limited internal medicine certificates due to expire in 2000, re-certification will be the theme of a two-day Pre-Session Course. By providing an intensive review of core topics in internal medicine, this session will allow you to tailor your own curriculum to meet the upcoming examinations.

Among the awardees at this year's annual session are two physicians from Minnesota who will be becoming Masters, B. Lawrence Riggs, MD, FACP, Rochester, Minnesota and Robert A. Kyle, MD, FACP, Rochester, Minnesota.

Please remember to stop by and support the Associates from our Chapter that are presenting in Philadelphia and view their outstanding work.

I encourage you to register now for Annual Session 2000 to have the best selection of sessions requiring advance reservations, as these requests are filled on a first-come, first-serve basis. For more information on Annual Session 2000, or to register, visit ACP Online at www.acponline.org or contact Customer Service at 800-523-1546, ext. 2600.

Call For Interested Members To Serve On The Health And Public Policy Committee

We need interested members to serve on this Committee. We must take an active role in State and National Politics in the interest of our patients. Mark Liebow has done an outstanding job on a single member Committee (himself) but obviously success depends on a broad membership. We must get more involved and help Mark with the Committee.

Even if you do not want to serve on the Committee I would ask if you are willing to be a Key Contact for the Committee. The ACP depends on its over 2,600 Key Contacts to communicate with their members of Congress on issues of importance to internists and their patients, and report back to ACP on those exchanges. Key Contacts do not necessarily have established relationships with their members of Congress. ACP will give them the tools necessary to develop and maintain relationships.

As key issues approach the decision-making stage on Capitol Hill, the College sends out Legislative Alerts (via fax, mail, or E-mail) to Key Contacts, which include all of the necessary information to make informative contacts with members of Congress. ACP staff is always available to provide support and answer legislative questions.

Key Contacts report their communication to ACP by mailing a copy of their correspondence to the Washington Office; faxing a copy of their correspondence to the Key Contact program; speaking with the Associate for Grassroots Advocacy; or sending a blind copy of their E-mail to the Key Contact program.

Key Contacts receive a monthly newsletter, The Capitol Key, updating them on important legislative issues. They can also access more information on key issues in the "Where We Stand" section of the ACP website at www.acponline.org. The College offers a Grassroots Hotline that Key Contacts can call to hear a legislative update, receive faxed talking points, and be matched-with and patched-through to their members of Congress at no cost to them.

For more information on the ACP Key Contact Program, please call: 800-338-2746, ext. 4536 or check the Internet at www.acponline.org/hpp/advocacy/act_key.htm

Please call Mark Liebow (507-284-2269) or Kersten Anderson, Committee Administrator (612-624-0123) if you are willing to serve as a member or Key Contact.

News From the State ACP Women's Group

On February 21, 1999, the ACP Women's Group held their annual retreat. The Spa at The Marsh again provided a wonderful day of rest, relaxation and pampering. Medical students from the University on Minnesota and Mayo Medical Schools were invited as our guests. Several students attended and offered suggestions on how to increase student involvement in ACP.

All female ACP members are invited to attend the Woman's Breakfast during the Fall Minnesota ACP Chapter Meeting. Medical students, residents and fellows are also invited. Previous attendees are encouraged to meet the challenge we made at the last breakfast ­ to each bring one woman to this year's breakfast who has never before attended the Women's Breakfast. This way we hope to double our turn-out.

Lorre Ochs, MD, FACP

Fellowships Awarded in 1999

The following physicians were elected to Fellowship.

Elected 1/1/99
Edward V. Loftus—Rochester, MN
Lorre A. Ochs—Minneapolis, MN
Ashokakumar M. Patel—Rochester, MN
Lee A. Toman—St. Paul, MN

Elected 7/1/99
Gail M. Amundson—St. Paul, MN
Dennis A. Laudon—Rochester, MN
Brent A. Bauer—Rochester, MN
Paul S. Mueller—Rochester, MN
Bruce E. Burnett—Edina, MN
Sanjay S. Srivatsa—Waterloo, IA
Arkadiusz Z. Dudek—Minneapolis, MN
Suzanne K. Swan—Minneapolis, MN
Jonathan M. Evans—Rochester, MN
Sandra J. Taler—Rochester, MN
Wayne L. Feyereisn—Rochester, MN
Rodney L. Thompson—Rochester, MN
John H. Kvasnicka—Mahtomedi, MN
Peter F. Weissmann—Minneapolis, MN

Upcoming Dates

  • April 6, 2000—MN Council Meeting, Northfield, MN
  • June 1, 2000—Fellowship Applications due at ACP
  • April 13-16, 2000—ACP Annual Session, Philadelphia, PA
  • August 22-23, 2000—ABIM Cert. Exam in Internal Medicine
  • November 3-4, 2000—MN Chapter Scientific Meeting (Tentative date)
  • December 1, 2000—Fellowship Applications due at ACP
  • March 29-April 1, 2001—ACP Annual Session, Atlanta, GA

ACP Minnesota Chapter Executive Council

Governor—Tanya Repka, MD, FACP
E-mail: repka001@tc.umn.edu
Phone: 612-626-6748

Transitional Governor—Eric Tangalos, MD, FACP
E-mail: tangalos.eric@mayo.edu
Phone: 507-284-5126

Secretary/Treasurer—Gary Schwartz, MD, FACP
E-mail: gschwartz@mayo.edu
Phone: 507-284-4083

Scientific Program Committee Chair—Steven Hillson, MD, MSc, FACP
E-mail: hillson@e-mail.labmed.umn.edu
Phone: 612-347-4059

Health and Public Policy and Medical Services Committees Chairs—Mark Liebow, MD, FACP
E-mail: mliebow@mayo.edu

Membership Committee Chair—Joel Greenwald, MD, FACP
E-mail: jgreenwald@rjfs.com
Phone: 612-922-0995

Associates' Committee Chair—Amit Ghosh, MD
E-mail: ghosh004@tc.umn.edu
Phone: 612-624-8984

Medical Student Committee Chair—Craig Roth, MD, FACP
Phone: 612-725-2158

Women Physicians' Committee Chair—Lorre Ochs, MD, FACP
E-mail: lorre.a.ochs@healthpartners.com
Phone: 612-349-8370

Chair Awards and Nominations Committee Chair—Scott Litin, MD, FACP
Past ACP Governor
E-mail: slitin@mayo.edu
Phone: 507-284-8586

Council Member—Robert Lohr, MD, FACP
E-mail: rlohr@mayo.edu
Phone: 507-284-1450

Council Member—Peter Elkin, MD, FACP
Web Page Coordinator
E-mail: elkin.peter@mayo.edu Phone: 507-284-8913

Council Member—Edward Rosenow, III, MD, MACP
Past ACP Governor
E-mail: rosenow.edward@mayo.edu Phone: 507-284-2691

Council Member—Don Wessel, MD
Phone: 612-439-1234

Council Member—Bruce Money, MD
Phone: 218-739-4636

Council Member—Donald Deye, MD
E-mail: ddeye@allina.com
Phone: 612-689-7857

Council Member—Tim Kleinschmidt, MD
E-mail: Tkleinschmidt@smdc.org
Phone: 218-722-3550

Council Member—Helen Wood
Medical Student Representative
E-mail: hend0113@tc.umn.edu
Phone: 612-866-4300

Council Member—Clara Wu, MD
Associate Representative—Chief, Resident
E-mail: Clara.Y.Wu-1@tc.umn.edu
Phone: 612-625-0459

Administrative Assistant—Kersten Anderson
E-mail: ander659@tc.umn.edu
Phone: 612-624-5992

How To Reach Us
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Box 480
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E-mail: repka001@tc.umn.edu
or ander659@tc.umn.edu

Contact Information

Heather E Gantzer, MD FACP, Governor, Minnesota Chapter

Chapter Staff:
Katherine Cairns, Executive Director
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