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2011 Outstanding Hospitalist Award

Eric Howell, MD

Dr. Howell’s contributions as the leader of the hospitalist group at Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center have given the group national recognition and resulted in the hospitalist medicine group achieving status as a separate division in the Department of Medicine. Dr. Howell graduated from the University of Maryland in 1996 and then completed his internal medicine residency program at the Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center, after which he was an Assistant Chief of Services for one year. He currently is the Director of Hospital Care for the Department of Medicine, Chief of the (newly-created) Division of Hospital Medicine, and Vice-President of the Medical Board at Johns Hopkins Bayview. He has also taken on a national leadership role in the Society of Hospital Medicine (SHM). He is a regular presenter of talks and workshops at SHM’s annual meetings, and has held a variety of leadership roles in the Society. Most impressive is his election to the SHM Board of Directors in 2009, a recognition of his national leadership position.

Dr. Howell has established himself as a master hospitalist. As hospital medicine has become more complex, understandably many faculty seek guidance from people with expertise in the management of internal medicine inpatients. Dr. Howell is the “go to” person and is always able to address clinical problems in an expert way and with an extremely collegial attitude. His clinical expertise is well recognized by patients, families, colleagues, and nursing staff. As a researcher, Dr. Howell has similarly distinguished himself in a number of different areas including collaborative articles in Cardiology, Emergency Medicine, and General Internal Medicine.

Dr. Howell’s contributions in medical education are also very worthy of note and in fact he has won the Professor’s Award for Excellence in Teaching in Pre-clinical and Clinical Sciences at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine in 2006. He was also one of 24 faculty selected into the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine’s “College Program” in which he served as a mentor and teacher of numerous medical students who constantly rave about him. Indeed, Eric was the Faculty Leader of the Helen B. Taussig College of Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, a position he reluctantly resigned to focus on his expanding Hospital Medicine Division. Dr. Howell has also taken his teaching excellence “on the road” and is now one of the most recognized teachers and role models in the Society of Hospital Medicine in this country. He is nationally recognized for his contributions as a teacher of conflict resolution and conflict management. He has made numerous presentations at national meetings on conflict resolution.

Dr. Roy Ziegelstein writes in his letter of nomination: “I have been at Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center for more than 16 years and I know Dr. Howell well. One could say that the growth and enhanced reputation of Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center over the last decade has largely occurred on the backs of Dr. Howell and the phenomenal model hospitalist program that he has built here. Dr. Howell has distinguished himself in education, clinical care, research, and program building. His vast contributions, and the scholarship that has resulted from Eric’s work, resulted in his promotion to Associate Professor at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, and I believe they make him a superb candidate for the ACP Chapter Award for Excellence in Hospitalist Medicine.”

Dr. Howell’s talents and accomplishments are broad and significant and the MD ACP is pleased to name him as a recipient of the 2011 Maryland Chapter Hospitalist Excellence Award.

Page updated: 02-17-11

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