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2011 Theodore E. Woodward Award for Excellence in Research & Education

Robert P. Ferguson, MD, FACP

Dr. Ferguson went to medical school at Cornell University and did his residency training at the Cornell North Shore Hospital Program in Manhasset, New York. He served as Program Director at Mount Sinai Hospital in Hartford and later Chief of Medicine and then Site Director for the Mount Sinai branch of the University of Connecticut Primary Care Internal Medicine Residency.

Dr. Ferguson has been in Maryland for 18 years, serving as Chief of Medicine at Union Memorial Hospital and Residency Program Director. He has been on the ACP Maryland Chapter Council since his arrival. He is a regular participant in the Associate meetings and Scientific sessions and Student Steps for Success. His medical student contact has included mentoring first and second year physical diagnosis students, junior clerkship supervision, and has run the Union Memorial Summer Research Fellowship for many years. Among his favorite activities, and one that is most recognized, is his ECG reading course. In 2009, Dr. Ferguson was the only non-university based faculty to be elected to the University of Maryland Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Society.

Dr. Ferguson is currently a member of APDIM and founder of the Community Hospital Education Research Network. He recently established an online open access peer review journal called the Journal of Community Hospital Internal Medicine Perspectives, which will debut this spring. He is also a member of the Association of Chairs and Chiefs of Medicine Council.

Dr. Woodward’s role as an educator and inspirational teacher is well known throughout the Maryland community. We believe that Dr. Ferguson certainly exemplifies all that Dr. Woodward stood for throughout his career in medicine. The Maryland Chapter is very pleased to present this award to Dr. Ferguson, and to be able to call him “one of our own.”

Page updated: 02-17-11

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