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March 23, 2011

Dear Members,

The MD ACP continues to be active in a number of different areas. We would just like to share a few items.

Please be sure to review the Volunteerism page on the MD ACP Web site. We have several new items that we think you might be interested in viewing. As always, the Volunteerism Committee chaired by Drs. Linda Lee and Regina Gan-Carden are looking for new and interesting items regarding your volunteer activities that could be added to the webpage. Please be sure to contact the chapter office if you have items you would like posted.

The IMG committee chaired by Dr. Janaki Deepak has been collecting data on several areas that will be of interest to our IMGs/FMGs and this should be up on our website within the next month. Currently the Proposed National Resident Matching Program Policy Changes can be viewed on our website. The IMG committee is looking into the possibility of commenting on the proposal and anyone interested in providing input for this should contact Dr. Deepak at janaki.deepak@gmail.com.

We are still looking for members to attend ACP Leadership Days scheduled for May 24-25, 2011 at Liaison Hotel in Washington, DC and coordinated by Dr. Steve Kravet. This is a 2 day event with the first day being workshops presented by the ACP on the current national legislative issues. The second day is actual meetings with our Maryland Congressional delegation. If you are interested, please view the information re Leadership Day on the ACP website and be sure to register prior to April 15.

The Chief Residents Association of Baltimore (CRAB) recently hosted the 1st ever Student Dilemma at Harbor Hospital with seven teams from across the metropolitan area participating in this event including a team from the Armed Forces Chapter. Congratulations to the Harbor Hospital student team including Aung Aye, Kritpaul Nandra, Sabrina Yong-Yow and Samuel Seymour who were the winners of this event after a very exciting morning. Please be sure to view the pictures on our MD ACP website that reflect the day’s activities. Thanks to the CRAB members who were able to assist and a special thanks to Dr. Meegan Chestnut, CRAB Chair for 2011. Please view the pictures from the event.

Students and Members, please be sure to register for the upcoming Students Steps to Success program planned for Saturday, April 16 at USUHS in Bethesda, Maryland. This is an all day student activity coordinated by the Maryland, DC and Armed Forces chapters. It includes such events as the morning abstract competition, mentoring lunch, workshops and hands on programs to round out the all day event. Please visit the Web site to register and for more information.

It is important that everyone (students and faculty) not only register on the site, but that the name on the registration matches your photo ID as this will facilitate access to the base the day of the meeting. Remember, we also need faculty to act as poster judges and to spend lunchtime mentoring the student attendees who are interested in primary care and our subspecialties. It is a very exciting day, and we hope to see everyone there!

R. Dobbin Chow, MD, FACP, Governor

Page updated: 03/25/11

Contact Information

Stephen D. Sisson, MD, FACP,
Governor, Maryland Chapter

Maryellen Woodward
920 Trinity Street
Baltimore, MD 21202
Chapter Administrator
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Fax: 410-636-3403
E-mail: mew4work@aol.com