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Congrats to Chapter Awardees and Other Items of Interest
January 19, 2011

Dear Maryland ACP Members,

The MD ACP Awards Committee has been very busy during the last month developing a list of award winners for presentation at our Chapter meeting on Friday, February 4, 2011, at the reception immediately following the close of the session at Turf Valley at 6:00 PM. The committee had several wonderful nominations for these awards, and thus the decisions were very difficult this year. Our Council met last week and the slate of awardees was approved at that time.

Congratulations to the following award winners!

  • Philip A. Mackowiak Award for Student Excellence: Evan Russell
  • Hospitalist Achievement Award: Eric E. Howell, MD, FACP
  • Samuel P. Asper Award for Excellence in Internal Medicine: Mary M. Newman, MD, FACP
  • Mary Betty Stevens Award for Clinical Research: Matthew R. Weir, MD, FACP
  • Theodore E. Woodward Award for Medical Education & Research: Robert P. Ferguson, MD, FACP
  • Governor’s Service Award: Robert M. Greenfield, MD, FACP

We believe that all of the awardees embody what is best about our Chapter and internal medicine as a whole. Please be sure to send your congratulations to our fine group of award winners. Look for complete bios and information on our Web site after our Chapter meeting. Also, if you are interested in attending the reception and/or the entire meeting, please be sure to contact us at mew4work@aol.com. You can also view the complete chapter meeting brochure.

The MD Health & Public Policy chaired by Dr. Steve Kravet continues to meet and develop information that we believe is of interest to our members. Information about CRISP, and new regulations about face to face visits for patients seeking durable medical equipment are just a few of the items you can review by going to our chapter Web site and clicking on the practice management link. Available shortly will be the weekly Newsletter developed by CMS that delineates all of the up to date information needed for billing and reimbursement with regard to our Medicare patients. The HPC is also looking at ways to become more involved locally during the Maryland legislative session. Currently, Drs. Mary Newman and Saba Sheikh serve as our representatives to the MedChi Legislative Committee. Several issues will be addressed during this session including scope of medical practice. If you are interested in receiving additional information, or might be interested in testifying for our MD ACP, please be sure to contact Maryellen at the email address above and she will ensure that Drs. Newman & Sheikh are aware of your interest.

Our MD ACP continues to represent all of our members in a variety of different areas, and we hope that you will consider becoming active in our Chapter. We are always looking for interested members, and we have a number of committees that you might wish to join. Some of our committee co-chairs Drs. Sapna Kuehl for Young Physicians, Janaki Deepak for IMGs and Claudia Kroker for Women in Medicine will be hosting tables at our Resident luncheon on Saturday, February 5 at Noon during our Chapter meeting. If you have a chance stop by and hear the “latest” on these committee’s activities, we would be happy to have you join them.

We look forward to seeing you in February.

R. Dobbin Chow, MD, FACP
Governor, ACP Maryland Chapter

Page updated: 01/19/11

Contact Information

Stephen D. Sisson, MD, FACP,
Governor, Maryland Chapter

Maryellen Woodward
920 Trinity Street
Baltimore, MD 21202
Chapter Administrator
Office: 410-332-8444
Fax: 410-636-3403
E-mail: mew4work@aol.com