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2004 Evergreen Award Winner

The Louisiana Chapter received the 2004 Evergreen Award for the following program:

The Mentoring Breakfast Initiative for Membership Enhancement and Diversity

The Louisiana Chapter held a mentoring breakfast as part of the Louisiana/Mississippi Chapter meeting in 2003. The Diversity Committee sponsored the event which represented a full spectrum of college members. It includes women, minorities (African American, Hispanic, Indian, Asian, and others) as well as students, associates, members and fellows. The committee generated a list of "table hosts" for the breakfast, chosen to represent a broad range of practice types and localities, gender, and race, and issued personal invitations to participate. Personal invitations were also sent to all members, associates and students. The breakfast was planned to create a visible event at the state Chapter meeting that would welcome both current and prospective members of those groups. Internal Medicine was presented as an attractive and vibrant career to the younger members through the interaction with role models across a broad spectrum. The breakfast was used to share information from the Governor and College Representative on membership benefits and advancement to fellowship. Active participation in the Chapter and College was also encouraged. The breakfast attended by about 60 people was determined to be highly successful based on attendee feedback and an enthusiastic response from the Governor and College Representative.