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Kentucky Chapter Banner

August 2011 Gregory A. Hood, MD, FACP, ACP Governor

From the Governor

Dr. Hood

We have some wonderful news for you, our valued member. The details have been finalized for the most special meeting that we’ve had in the Commonwealth for some time. Please make plans to attend our annual September business meeting. We will be holding this meeting the evening of September 13th. We’ll be honored to have the current president of the American College of Physicians, Dr. Virginia Hood present for our evening’s festivities.

To enhance the experience of our supper and meeting, this year’s events will be at the Pendennis Club in Louisville. It promises to be a very special evening. In recognition of your loyalty as an ACP member this supper will be only $20 to reserve each seat. The room and food alone would be over $100 each. As the saying goes, the opportunity to celebrate our fellowship as colleagues, celebrate our chapter awardees, and meet with the college president? ….Priceless.

As is our custom we’ll be honoring medical students, residents and teachers in our awards banquet. We will also be bestowing the Laureate medallion upon a very deserving member of our chapter, as well as other awarding, so I highly encourage you to consider attending this special evening.

The day program will be special as well

Fellowship in the College, FACP status, remains the premiere and inviolate mark of distinction of an internist, or medical subspecialist. During this year’s meeting we will offer an advancement to fellowship breakfast. In this breakfast details on how to advance as well as organization of such assistance as you may require for your advancement. In this age of ongoing bureaucracy and public confusion, earning the recognition FACP status provides has never been more valuable.

The American College of Physicians has been very aware and active with the issues of the financial stresses of the last few years. Accordingly, Bob Doherty, SVP of governmental affairs for ACP himself will be presenting his thoughts in person during our afternoon lectures. This will be in addition to the usual and excellent clinical talks to which you have become accustomed. Furthermore, there will be an active poster presentation competition.


ACP Leadership Day

By Dr. Curtis Cary

The Kentucky chapter was well represented at the college’s annual Leadership Day held in May. Our delegation met with staff members from all of the Commonwealth’s Senate and House offices, as well as some Representatives. Foremost on the minds of many of our elected representatives is the financial climate the country is embroiled in and its effects on the nation in the upcoming years. Healthcare (i.e. Medicaid and Medicare) represents one of the largest chunks of financial burden present in the congressional budget. Healthcare has become a prominent issue on the Hill. Of course this recently came to a zenith with the passage of the Affordable Healthcare Act (ACA) during the 111th congressional session. This has positioned many into rather inflexible ethical corners. Putting personal preferences aside, the Kentucky delegation provided impassioned and informed arguments to support further legislation that would strengthen primary care and protect the state’s Medicare population. Key “asks” presented by the delegation to congressional representatives included:

  • permanently eliminating the flawed sustainable growth rate (SGR) reimbursement formula utilized by CMS by means of bipartisan legislation
  • increasing the primary care workforce by supporting and creating programs that enhance graduate medical education in general internal medicine
  • support for the following bills endorsed by the college:

Empowering States to Innovate Act (S. 248, H.R. 844)
Allows states to seek waivers three years earlier than the ACA allows to design their own plans to provide comparable levels of coverage to their residents.

Patients Freedom to Choose Act (S. 312, H.R. 605)
Repeals a provision in the ACA that requires that physicians provide written authorization for over-the-counter drugs reimbursed by a Flexible Spending Account or Health Savings Account.

Help, Efficient, Access, Low-cost, Healthcare (HEALTH) Act of 2011 (S. 218, H.R. 5)
Would lower the costs of defensive medicine by capping awards for non-economic damages at $250,000.

Please visit the ACP’s Leadership Day website for further information on these bills and to find a full description of the college’s current policy stance: http://capwiz.com/acponline/home/LD. If you are interested in attending in future years please consider applying for the ACP Joseph E. Johnson Leadership Day Grants. Funding grants are available for the following membership categories: Young Physician, Associate, and Medical Student.

Kentucky Delagation
Left to right: Clayton Smith, MD – University of Louisville Resident, Phillip Eskew – Medical Student, Curtis Cary, MD, Greg Hood, MD, FACP, Mark Wallingford, MD, FACP


IM 2011

The ACP had a very well attended meeting this April in San Diego. Kentucky was actively represented, including a number of presentations by students and associates. Kentucky also welcomed two new fellows of the College, doctors Mark. V Burns, MD, FACP, and Yogendra Prasad, MBBS, FACP. Additionally, the Kentucky Chapter presented resolutions with the following adoptions.

Promoting Personal and Workplace Safety in Healthcare
RESOLVED, that the Board of Regents develops educational resources on its own or in collaboration with outside entities that educate its members and their staff on safety issues including personal situational awareness, and outpatient and inpatient personal and workplace safety. The Board of Governors recommends that the Board of Regents refer Resolution 2-S11 for study and report back to the BOG.

8-S11. Promoting the Leadership Role of Physicians in the Health Care Team
RESOLVED, that the Board of Regents adopt as College policy that physicians and non-physician health professionals are not interchangeable, and that optimal care for patients is provided by physicians and other health professionals working together in team-based model of care delivery under physician leadership; and be it further RESOLVED, that the Board of Regents vigorously promote the leadership role of physicians in the health care team. The Board of Governors recommends that the Board of Regents adopt Resolution 8-S11 as amended.

These are examples of the membership within Kentucky influencing national organization policy. There are two meetings a year in which policy resolutions are considered. If there are issues that you would like to address, or seek clarification of please contact the governor’s office.


Call for internists to serve as member spokespersons

The American College of Physicians Public Relations Department interacts regularly with the news media about a variety of topics related to internal medicine. The College is seeking internists in the following clinical areas to serve as expert spokespersons for interview requests to help generate awareness about internal medicine and ACP: Allergy
Critical Care
Hospital Medicine
Infectious Diseases
Pulmonary Medicine

For ACP policies and general internal medicine issues, ACP’s President serves as the official spokesperson for the College. However, ACP also receives requests focusing on specific clinical topics where additional expertise is warranted. ACP’s ability to help reporters find physician experts for their stories will help the College raise awareness about ACP and internal medicine.

To submit your name or for more information, please contact Steve Majewski, Senior Public Relations Associate, with your name, e-mail address, and phone number.

Do you want to know more about patient-centered care, or need help becoming a patient-centered medical home The American College of Physicians Presents…
Medical Home Builder®
Medical Home Builder 2.0 is here!

This online tool is designed to help practices improve patient care, organization, and workflow. Medical Home Builder is organized into modules covering all aspects of patient-centered care. A major component of Medical Home Builder is the ACP Practice Biopsy®, a self assessment tool that covers the 2011 NCQA, URAC, and Joint Commission standards. See About section.

Medical Home Builder 2.0 is available in both a Basic and Premium level license, with built-in data management and analysis tools. The Premium license has more in depth analysis capabilities and is intended for larger groups or multi-location practices. See Pricing & Licensing information. For detailed information, please go to the ACP Medical Home Builder.

You may also contact Paula Woodward or 202-261-4556


Kentucky Chapter Member Survey

Please review and complete this survey. Please return your survey by fax to Dr. Greg Hood (859) 276-3189 or email a scanned copy or mail to:
Gregory A. Hood, MD, FACP
2101 Nicholasville Road, Suite 106
Lexington, KY 40503