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July 2011 Garold O. Minns, MD, FACP, Governor

Governor's Welcome

Summer is here and vacations are likely being scheduled and anxiously anticipated. I want to inform you of recent ACP events and alert you of upcoming events.

First and very importantly, I want to congratulate Sue Pingleton, MD, FACP as the ACP Kansas Governor elect. She will become the Governor in April 2012 at the conclusion of the Internal Medicine 2012 meeting in New Orleans. Sue and I have already begun to meet to orient her on the duties and responsibilities of the Governor. She wants to continue to build our Chapter by recruiting new members, strengthening our Chapter meeting and determining how our Chapter can best serve our members.

I also extend thanks to Reggie Voboril, MD, FACP of Overland Park for running on the ballot for Governor. Reggie will continue as a valuable member of our chapter.


Council of Young Physicians

Dr. Segen Chase of Manhattan, Kansas has agreed to form and lead a Council of Young Physicians for our Chapter. She has already conducted a number of planning meetings with other young internists in the state to better define the activities of the Council. At the Chapter Council meeting on September 30 in Kansas City, the Chapter’s Council Committee agreed to provide the Council of Young Physicians with financial support and membership encouragement. Dr. Chase provides the following summary of the Council of Young Physicians activities. Recently, the ACP has been working to enhance the professional and personal development for its young members. Our Kansas chapter has started a young physicians sector that is aimed at creating a networking environment for young physicians in the chapter, especially as individuals are matriculating after residency or fellowship training. The “young physician” is defined (by the ACP’s National Council of Young Physicians) as a physician member of the ACP, who is within 16 years of graduating medical school, and who is not a Student or Associate member of the ACP.

We held an informal reception after the Friday session of last fall’s scientific meeting to discuss ways this organization can assist the young physicians of Kansas. After the first of this year, a Kansas ACP Council of Young Physicians was created in order to represent the interests of these individuals. We have worked for representation in general and subspecialty practice, inpatient and outpatient practice, and varying regions of the state. At the Annual ACP meeting in San Diego we hosted a breakfast to gather with other young physicians attending the meeting from Kansas and had a great time meeting new peers and getting reacquainted with colleagues we had not seen for some time. We hope you will visit our Facebook page “ACP Kansas Young Physicians” and use it as a portal for information to be distributed and reference forums among colleagues to use as a resource in practice. If you have questions, concerns, ideas or things that you would like to see addressed within the young physicians of the Kansas ACP, please email us at ksACPyoungdocs@gmail.com. We hope to see you at the Kansas Chapter Scientific Meeting September 30th and October 1st!


Internal Medicine Meeting

Internal Medicine 2011 met in San Diego, April 7-9. The attendance numbers were the second highest on record. As usual, the meetings were outstanding. Richard Baron, MD, MACP delivered the opening message about studying how we deliver medical care as an important component to improving the health of our patients. His speech was very inspiring. If you wish to read it, check it out at the ACP Web site .

Many members of the Kansas Chapter attended Internal Medicine 2011. In addition, six associates presented posters or podium presentations at the meeting. Please congratulate these associates on their academic efforts: Wichita campus residents, Drs. Samer Alnabhan, Rami Jambeih, Shauna Kern, and Furqan Siddiqi, Kansas City campus residents, Matthew Butler and Laura Frye.

Internal Medicine 2011 Photo Gallery
Drs. Opole and Minns

Drs. Isaac Opole and Garold Minns

Drs. Opole, Minns and Vansaghi

Drs. Garold Minns, Lisa Vansaghi, and Isaac Opole

Drs. Chase and Floersch

Drs. Segen Elizabeth Chase and Matt Floersch, Manhattan, Kansas


Board of Governors Meeting

The Board of Governors met for a day and a half before Internal Medicine 2011. We heard very insightful presentations about the hospitalist movement including predictions about its development in the future by Dr. Jeffrey Wiese, President of the Society of Hospital Medicine. Bob Doherty presented his usual penetrating analysis of recent political activities in Washington. He reviewed the next steps in implementation of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), the likelihood of its repeal, and the great potential for political stalemate in correcting the problems with our health care system if the gridlock in Congress persists. He also reviewed the great financial peril we face if our current system continues unaltered.

The Board of Governors also debated a number of resolutions some of which were referred on to the Board of Regents. One clear message the Board of Governors heard is that we must continue to build our membership to remain strong and to have a place at the table as discussions continue about our health care system. If you have colleagues who have let their membership lapse or have recruited newly graduated associates, please encourage them to renew or become a member. While many are feeling the financial pinch of reduced reimbursements and increased overhead, membership returns to you tremendous educational resources, practice support tools, excellent CME meetings, social networking opportunities with colleagues and an effective powerful voice in Washington, DC.

Visit the ACP Web site for more information about the benefits of ACP membership.


ACP’s Visit to Capitol Hill - Leadership Day 2011

Drs. Donald Hatton, Donna Sweet and Alana Fearey represented the Kansas Chapter at Leadership Day on Capitol Hill, May 24-25 in Washington, DC this year. Dr. Sweet provided the following summary of their activities.

“Leadership Day 2011 in Washington DC was attended by Kansas ACP members, Donna E. Sweet, MD, MACP along with Alana Fearey, DO, Associate and Donald Hatton, MD, FACP. The event began on Tuesday, May 24th, 2011 in Washington, DC with a day full of educational offerings covering advocacy and other issues helpful to those making visits to the legislature on Wednesday, May 25th. Packets of information were handed out to all participants with helpful data for the planned visits on Wednesday.

The day began with an Advocacy Workshop providing tips on making the most of their Hill visits for Medical Students and Associates. Following a luncheon break, the full group convened with opening remarks by Steven Weinberger, MD, FACP, Executive Vice President, Chief Executive Officer, Virginia Hood, MBBS, FACP, President, and David Fleming, MD, FACP.

Following the opening remarks, Bob Doherty, SVP, Governmental Affairs and Public Policy, described the ACP issues and current political environment in Washington. Dr. Mary Wakefield, Administrator Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) then spoke. Her lecture "The Obama Administration: Outlook for the Primary Care Workforce and Other Specialties Facing Shortages", was very helpful to all in understanding the current administrative concerns.

There were then two panel discussions that followed Dr. Wakefield's presentation. The first was a panel discussion on Care Coordination models with information on the new Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation that was held by key ACP administrative staff. The second was a panel discussion on the outlook for health legislation in the 112th Congress and the ramifications for health care reform implementation from key congressional health committee staff.

The day concluded with a reception and awards dinner held with Alex Castellanos, political strategist and analyst for CNN as the keynote speaker.

Wednesday morning, doctors Sweet, Fearey and Hatton attended a discussion on health care issues with the Washington based Healthcare Leadership Council and Kansas Representative Mike Pompeo. Later in the day they met individually with the health aides of all the Kansas legislature of the House of Representatives and the Senate.

Issues of importance to Internists and physicians in general were discussed. The following four issues were discussed with the entire Kansas legislative body:

  • Senate Bill 248, Empowering States to Innovate Act and House of Representatives Bill 844, Empowering States to Innovate Act
    • These bills allow states to seek waivers three years earlier than the Affordable Care Act (ACA) allows designing their own plans to provide comparable levels of coverage to their residents.
  • Senate Bill 218, Help, Efficient, Access, Low-cost, Healthcare (HEALTH) Act and House of Representatives Bill 5, Help, Efficient, Access, Low-cost, Healthcare (HEALTH) Act
    • These bills would lower the costs of defensive medicine by capping awards for non-economic damages at $25,000.
  • Senate Bill 312, Patients Freedom to Choose Act and House of Representatives Bill 604, Patients Freedom to Choose Act
    • These bills repeal a provision in the ACA that requires that physicians provide written authorization for over the counter drugs reimbursed by a Flexible Spending Account or Health Savings Account.
  • Senate Bill 1174 Preserving Patient Access to Primary Care Act (111th Congress) and House of Representatives Bill 2350, Preserving Patient Access to Primary Care Act (111th Congress).
    • These bills were comprehensive legislation introduced in the 111th Congress to reverse the growing primary care shortage by reforming Medicare payments to recognize the value of primary care : authorizing payment for care coordination services; and establishing a new payment model for primary care practices that have demonstrated that they have the capabilities to be qualified patient-centered medical homes. Increases the pipeline of primary care physicians and other providers by providing new scholarship and loan repayment programs for primary care service in critical shortage areas and facilities; creates a grant program to educate students about primary care careers; expands Graduate Medical Education primary care residency positions and reduces barriers to training in office-based primary care; and authorizes higher funding levels for the Title VII health professions programs and the National Health Service Corps.”
Leadership Day on Capitol Hill, May 24-25, 2011
Photo Gallery
Capitol 1

Dr. Donald Hatton, Kansas Representative Mike Pompeo, Dr. Donna Sweet, and Alana Fearey

Capitol 2

Drs. Donald Hatton and Alana Fearey

Capitol 3

Drs. Donna Sweet and Alana Fearey


2011 Chapter Scientific Meeting

The Chapter Meeting for 2011 will be in Wichita, Kansas, September 30 and October 1, 2011 at the Holiday Inn at Rock Road and Kellogg (one mile west of the I-25 exit at East Kellogg). The meeting begins at 8 am on September 30 with the Associates Plenary Session. Subsequent presentations will review how to improve coding for fair and optimal reimbursement; the advantages and frustrations of implementing an EHR; review of the controversies about Vitamin D deficiency; indications and side effects of new psychotropic medications; how to effectively help patients lose weight or quit smoking; and the utility of bedside sonography by general internists.

The meeting is also an opportunity to renew acquaintances with colleagues, congratulate the recipient of the Laureate and Delp awards and listen to the Delp lecture. Dr. Fred Ralston, past president of the American College of Physicians and a practicing internist from Tennessee will present “Looking Back and Forward: US Health Care Delivery and Insurance Coverage.” This should be an excellent program and for over 9 category I CME credits for less than $12 a credit hour which includes refreshments and the noon Delp luncheon. This is an incredible deal, please plan to attend.

ACP Kansas Chapter Meeting, October 1-2, 2010
Dr. Applegate

Dr. William B. Applegate, President, Wake Forest University Health Sciences; Dean, Wake Forest University School of Medicine, Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Drs. Minns and McCarthy

Dr. Garold Minns presenting the 2010 Laureate Award to Dr. Aileen McCarthy

Dr. Minns and Associate Competition winners

Dr. Minns pictured with the Associate Competition winners; Drs. Jessica Newman, Laura Frye, Heather Cunningham, and Anup Kumar Kasi

Delp dinner

Delp Dinner: Pictured left to right; Nancy Minns, Garold Minns, Kim Schrage; Jon Schrage, William Applegate, Donna and George Sweet

Dr. Kempke

Dr. Jeremiah Kempke at the poster session

Poster Session

Poster Session: Dr. Sue Pingleton and Resident, Dr. Dalia Hammoud


Chapter Collaborates with other Organizations on a Grant to Pilot Patient Centered Medical Home practices

Lastly, the chapter has worked with the coalition of other medical organizations in Kansas (Kansas Academy of Family Physicians (KAFP), Kansas Association of Osteopathic Physicians (KAOM), Kansas Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics (KAAP), Kansas Chapter of the American College of Physicians (KACP), and the Kansas Medical society (KMS)) to develop a grant to start pilot Patient Centered Medical Home practices. The collaboration has received over $500,000 from the Kansas Health Foundation, Sunflower Foundation, and The United Methodist Health Ministry Fund to fund the development of this pilot practice. Please see the Web site to learn more about this program. Be sure to review Bob Doherty’s Blog at http://advocacyblog.acponline.org/.


Contact Information

Susan K. Pingleton, MD, FACP
ACP Governor, Kansas Chapter

Kris Rahm
Executive Director
4904 S Sweetbriar Dr
Sioux Falls SD 57108
605-339-9804 - office
605-321-1466 - cell
605-271-9227 - fax
Email: krisrahm@me.com

Laurie Braun
Chapter Administrative Assistant
E-mail: lauriebraun@sio.midco.net