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ACP Honors Japan Chapter with 2008 Evergreen Award

At Internal Medicine Week 2008, ACP presented Evergreen Awards to honor Chapters that created new programs that strengthened the chapter and increased member communication and involvement.

The Japan Chapter received the 2008 Evergreen Award for Translation of Annals of Internal Medicine. Here is a brief description of the chapters' effort.

After starting the translation of the Internist Weekly in November, 2005, there has been continued interest by Japan Chapter members in translating the table of contents and abstracts of the Annals of InternalMedicine.ACP granted permission to start the translations in November 2006. The Japan Chapter used their Publication Committee for this service. Eleven members of the team translate the text, and one member is the editor. The chair or vice-chair supervises the final translations, which are distributed to the members by e-mail and on the chapterís Web site two weeks after the original article is released. The Japanese translations are linked to the original articles in English, which are posted on the College Web site. After posting the Annals translations, chapter Web site hits increased substantially. This activity increased communication with chapter members and greatly enriched the Japan Chapter Web site content. The translation e-mails are also sent to nonmembers (fellows of the Japanese Society of Internal Medicine), who are prospective members. The Japan Chapter believes this additional benefit contributed to the 19% membership growth in one year.

2008 Evergreen Award Winners

Pictured starting from the front left:
Sharon L. Haase, MD, FACP, Nuria M. Tortosa, MD, FACP, John R.. Maese, MD, FACP, Lawrence E. Klein, MD, FACP, Stephen T Miller, MD FACP , Charles Cutler, MD FACP, Michael D. Ammazzalorso, MD, FACP. Herbert S, Diamond, MD. FACP, Fumiaki Ueno, MD, FACP, Japan Governorís Representative, Jacqueline G. Parthemore, MD, FACP, and David A. Fleming, MD, FACP

Pictured starting from the back left:
Robert H. Lohr, MD, FACP, Eric M. Mazur, MD, FACP, Andrew K. Diehl, MD, FACP, Edward A. Stehlik, MD, FACP, Joseph J. Fins, MD, FACP, W. Mark Armstrong, MD, FACP, William Rodriguez-Cintron, MD, FACP, Mark E. Mayer, MD, FACP, Richard J. Simons, MD, FACP, Michael F. Rein, MD, FACP, and Stephen Peterson, MD, FACP

Page updated: 12/3/2008