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November 2012

From the Governor

This edition of the newsletter includes information on our new Masters of the College, news about the recent election of a Council member to lead ISMA, and some items of interest. As always I would like to hear back from ACP members about we can be doing to bring new initiatives to the chapter. I can be contacted at jneal6@iuhealth.org or (765) 747-4350.

J. Matthew Neal, MD, MBA, FACP
Governor, Indiana Chapter


Don't forget to register for the 2012 Indiana Chapter Meeting!

November 9-10, 2012
The Marten House & Lilly Conference Center
Indianapolis, IN

For more information and to register, visit our News & Meetings page.

Congratulations to our new Indiana ACP Masters!

I would like to express congratulations to our newly elected Masters of the College (MACP): David W. Crabb, MD, and Asok C. Antony, MD. Drs. Crabb and Antony have shown exemplary service to ACP and internal medicine and will be honored at Convocation at the ACP National Meeting in San Francisco next spring.

Masters are Fellows who have been selected because of “personal character, positions of honor, contributions toward furthering the purposes of the ACP, eminence in practice or in medical research, or other attainments in science or in the art of medicine.” Masters must be highly accomplished persons distinguished by the excellence and significance of his or her contributions to the field of medicine.


Governor’s Council Member elected President-Elect of ISMA

Congratulations to Dr. Deepak Azad who was recently elected President-Elect of the Indiana State Medical Association (ISMA) at the recent September ISMA convention. Dr. Azad will serve as President-Elect for one year and then will become President of ISMA for a one year term next September. I am certain that he will continue the tradition of fine leadership that has been present in the ISMA.


Get tips to comply with state’s new concussion law

With school sports underway, you may be seeing an increase in concussion evaluations for student athletes. As of July 1, Indiana law now requires players to be pulled from an athletic activity if a head injury or concussion is suspected. They cannot return to play unless they are evaluated and cleared by a health care provider. The full details can be found here.


Items of Interest

House Bill Seeks To "Ease Burden" Placed On Hospitals by Medicare Audits

The Hill (10/19, Kasperowicz) "Floor Action" blog reports, "A bipartisan group of four House members introduced legislation this week that seeks to ease the burden placed on hospitals by the process of investigating possible Medicare fraud." Reps. Sam Graves (R-MO), Todd Akin (R-MO), Billy Long (R-MO), and Adam Schiff (D-CA), introduced the Medicare Audit Improvement Act on Tuesday, which would "put limits on the documentation requests that Medicare contractors can make of hospitals during Medicare recovery audits, which are designed to ferret out improper payments under Medicare." It also would "introduce new penalties against contractors that exhibit a pattern of failure to meet recovery audit requirements, and also calls for more transparency in the performance of recovery auditors themselves."

Appealing Denied Medicare Claims Has High Success Rate

The Wall Street Journal (10/19, Tergesen, Subscription Publication) reports that Medicare beneficiaries have a high rate of success when appealing healthcare claims the program originally denied. Says Doug Goggin-Callahan, director of education at the nonprofit Medicare Rights Center in New York and Washington, DC, "Folks don't appeal as much as they should. If you and your doctor feel you should be entitled to a service, you should go through the process." The article notes, though, that filing an appeal can be confusing and the process differs between programs. They include an infographic to illuminate the process.

HHS OIG Surveys Hospitals Regarding EHRs

The HHS Office of Inspector General (OIG) Oct. 11 sent an 18-page, 54 question survey to hospitals that have attained meaningful use. According to the OIG's annual work plan, the OIG “will also review multiple [evaluation and management] (E/M) services for the same providers and beneficiaries to identify electronic health records (EHR) documentation practices associated with potentially improper payments.

View the complete story.

Hospitals Serving More Fresh, Healthy Meals

The New York Times (10/19, A27, Hartocollis, Subscription Publication) reports on a new trend at hospitals, which are across the country turning to rooftop gardens and local farms to provide their patients with healthy, fresh and ideally tasty food. According to a survey by Health Care Without Harm, an international coalition of healthcare groups, "Hundreds of hospitals across the country host a farmer's market, have a garden on their grounds that supplies fresh produce or buy at least some of their food from local farms, ranches and cooperatives." Doctors who support the trend say that "at the very least...serving fresh food has psychological benefits and sets a good example for patients for when they go home."

Lapses at Drug Factories Lead to Shortages

In the past three years, six of the major manufacturers of sterile injectable drugs have been warned by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration about serious violations of manufacturing rules. (view the full NEW YORK TIMES article)


Contact Information

Indiana Chapter Governor:
J. Matthew Neal, MD, MBA, CPE, FACP, FACE
Email: jneal6@iuhealth.org
(765) 747-4350; Fax (765) 751-1451

Donna Seawards
Executive Director
Email: donnaseawards@gmail.com
Ph: 623-225-5527

Chapter Address:
4319 West Clara Lane, PMB #288
Muncie, Indiana 47304