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March 2012 Michael Sha, MD, FACP, ACP Governor

From the Governor

Dr. Sha

Michael Sha, MD, FACP

Thank you! As my term as your Governor concludes with Internal Medicine 2012, I want to extend my personal gratitude to each of you for the privilege of having served as your Governor for the past 4 years.

Over the past four years, the Chapter has made progress on many fronts. These include:

  • Hiring a Chapter executive director, Donna Seawards. She has brought professional management to the Chapter which was necessary as more responsibilities have shifted appropriately to Chapters.
  • Securing the financial footing of the Chapter. The Chapter’s reserves have increased by roughly 40%. This was accomplished through a combination of dues, cost cutting and improved returns through the Chapter’s investments. These reserves have several purposes including the possibility of having to help defend our appropriate and necessary Indiana malpractice statutes.
  • Helping to administratively enact the expedited partner therapy regulations to “legalize” the current practice of treating the partners of patients with sexually transmitted infections (http://www.in.gov/isdh/files/Fall2011final.pdf ).
  • Helping to develop national ACP policies and services on topics ranging from support of small practices when dealing with accountable care organizations (ACO) to appropriate labeling of foods with genetically modified ingredients.
  • Expanding the Chapter Meeting, whose attendance has increased by almost 50%.
  • Developing collaborations with the Indiana Medical Directors Association.
  • Working on improving the needs of different segments of the Chapter membership through segment-focused Councils such as the Associates Council, Women in Medicine Council, Small Practice Council, and the Young Physicians Council to name a few.

These accomplishments are not mine alone; they represent the combined efforts of individual members of the Chapter, members and chairs of the various Committees and Councils, the Governing Council, our executive assistant Shelly Symmes, and our executive director Donna Seawards. I feel privileged to have worked with so many wonderful people and for an organization that is dedicated to improving the practice of medicine for both patients and physicians.

The Chapter is in very good hands in our next Governor, Matt Neal, MD, FACP, FACE, with IU Health-Ball Memorial in Muncie. He is capable and, well, just terrific. And, we have something special in the works that, if it is successful, will be major news for the Chapter. In the meantime, shhh! (more from Matt!)

Although this will be my last Newsletter as Governor, in the Indiana Chapter, the Governor does not ride off into the proverbial sunset. The success of our Chapter is a collective effort, and I plan to assist Matt with membership (and with “all other duties assigned”).

I will take this last opportunity to again say, “Thank you!”, for the wondrous experience of having served as your Governor.

Michael Sha, MD, FACP, Governor


From the Governor-elect

As I come to the end of my Governor-Elect year and prepare to assume the role of Governor, I reflect on what a great experience it has been and look forward to the next four years. I continue to be impressed with how well ACP is organized and how much they care for what their members think. ACP provides educational offerings and products for many different areas: improving practice, health care advocacy & legislative issues, research, and scholarship. Very few medical specialty societies deal with all these areas in such an exemplary fashion.

I have been most fortunate to have been mentored by our outgoing Governor, Dr. Michael Sha, during this transition year - Dr. Sha will, of course, continue being involved in Chapter activities. Dr. Rich Kohler continues to head up our Awards Committee, and Dr. Brandon Dickey has come on board as our Treasurer. Dr. Bob Crook, who was very involved in the Ohio Chapter, will lend his expertise as our new Indiana ACP Services president; ACP Services is the arm of ACP that deals with health care advocacy. These things could not be accomplished without Donna Seawards (our Executive Director) and Kirsten Kirby (our Chapter Liaison in Philly) who have both been tremendous help.

Please note that the Indiana Chapter address has changed. The new address is:

ACP Indiana Chapter
4319 W. Clara Lane, PMB #288
Muncie, IN 47304
(765) 747-4366; Fax (765) 751-1451

Matt Neal, MD, FACP, FACE, ACP Governor-elect


From the Executive Director

It has been my pleasure working with the leadership of the Indiana Chapter for nearly two years. Dr. Michael Sha cares deeply for the members and the organization. He has worked tirelessly to advance the mission of ACP. Fortunately, for all of us, he plans to remain involved with the Chapter as a Council member and chair of the Membership Committee. We appreciate his dedication and enthusiasm.

Dr. Sha and I have worked diligently to establish essential policies and procedures, refine the financial controls process, and streamline overall operations of the Chapter. We also implemented cost-savings measures in several of the Chapter management areas, allowing the Chapter to budget additional funds for member benefits including a larger delegation at Leadership Day. These cost-savings efforts related to the annual Chapter meeting resulted in a budget-neutral meeting.

Dr. Matthew Neal becomes Governor of the Chapter in just a few short weeks. He will be continuing the excellent work of previous Governors. I look forward to this term, supporting him in his endeavors to achieve his goals for the Chapter as our new Governor.

All of you are invited to attend the Chapter Reception in New Orleans, Friday, April 19th, from 6 to 8 pm at the Red Fish Grill. Please come by as we honor Dr. Michael Sha for his service and welcome Dr. Matthew Neal.

Donna Seawards, Executive Director, Indiana Chapter


Treasurer Report

Brandon Dickey, MD, FACP

I am honored to represent the members of the Indiana ACP as the new treasurer on the Executive Council. I give many thanks to Tom Devine, MD, FACP, for his service to the Chapter and for making it easy for me to ease into the position.

It is my pleasure to inform you that the finances for the Indiana ACP are sound. This is due to good stewardship of the funds provided by dues as well as the registration fees for the Annual Chapter Meeting. We have just finished finalizing the budget for the 2012-2013 fiscal year. In the past three months, we have streamlined the process of financial reimbursement for our associates and members. This will allow for more timely reimbursement. We have also incorporated new financial processes in order to increase financial communication among the members of the Executive Council.

The Associates Council (residents and medical students) have increased their participation in ACP, both administratively as well in the community. Their increased participation has led to a need for more funding. To help support the efforts of our resident and medical student members, we are adding a new item in the annual dues. We have added a voluntary contribution in addition to the annual dues (which will not increase) to help support the efforts of our associates. Any additional donations, however big or small, are greatly appreciated. Thanks!


Indiana ACP Services

Robert Crook, MD, FACP, President

I am grateful to have the opportunity to speak with our members about the recently introduced Indiana HB 1114 sponsored by Representative Tim Brown, M.D. This legislation supports the statewide implementation of POST (Physician Orders for Scope of Treatment), which ensures seriously ill person's wishes regarding life-sustaining treatments are known, communicated, and honored across all health care settings.

This effort is part of a nationwide movement called POLST in which 13 states already have POLST legislation and 19 states are developing programs. Our state effort is supported by the Indiana Patient Preferences Coalition and lead by Susan Hickman, Ph.D., Associate Professor, IU School of Nursing.

As a hospice and palliative care physician I see this legislation as a transformational tool for the care of our seriously ill patients. Unlike advance directives, POST includes physician orders that address the scope of care including whether the patient wants comfort care only, limited life prolonging treatment, or intensive life prolonging treatment. Patient preferences for antibiotics or medically administered nutrition and hydration are also documented.

Another advantage of this form is that it is portable between health care settings. This would represent a major improvement from our current situation involving DNR orders being not portable.

HB 1114 did not make it out of the Public Health Committee this session and is officially “dead.” It is not clear at this point whether there will be a resolution to send this to summer study. I plan to keep you updated on this important legislation and how you can help move it forward in the future.

**The Indiana ACP Services is a separate 501c6 organization which seeks to support and improve the practice of internal medicine and the scientific, economic, social and political aspects of medicine in order to secure and maintain the best patient care and the highest standards of medical practice. All dues paying Members of the Indiana ACP Chapter are also Members of Indiana ACP Services.


Awards Committee

Richard Kohler, MD, MACP, Chair

The Chapter has many individuals who are talented, who have advanced medical knowledge through clinical and basic science research, and who have demonstrated a commitment to excellent patient care.

One of the charges of the Awards Committee is to select exceptional Hoosier physicians who epitomize the ideals of the College and nominate them for Masterships in the College. This year, we are greatly pleased to have selected for Masterships in the College Steven C. Beering, MD, of West Lafayette, Indiana, and Merrill D. Benson, MD, of Indianapolis, Indiana. These two members of the College, who will receive their Masterships at Internal Medicine 2012 in New Orleans, have demonstrated leadership in their fields and are worthy of this esteemed recognition. Dr. Beering’s contribution to education has been exceptional as he is Dean Emeritus of the Indiana University School of Medicine (1974-1983) and President Emeritus of Purdue University (1983-2000). Dr. Benson has achieved world renown for his expertise and continued research in amyloidosis.

This year, the Committee was also pleased to select Thomas F. Imperiale, MD, FACP, and Lee McKinley, MD, FACP, for Laureate Awards. This is the Chapter’s highest award and recognizes established physicians with an acknowledged excellence and peer approval in the field of internal medicine. The awards ceremony was conducted at the 2011 Chapter Meeting.

The Chapter is also pleased to recognize the new Fellows from Indiana. Fellowship is an honorary designation for individuals who have undertaken accomplishments and achievements over and above the routine practice of medicine and is a hallmark of esteem from their colleagues. We are pleased to acknowledge the advancement to Fellowship of:

Bradley L. Allen, MD, FACP
Deepak Bhakta, MD, FACP
Rachel S. Bowles, MD, FACP
Victor E. Collier, MD, FACP
Henry T. Davis, DO, FACP
Thomas D. Devine, MD, FACP
Brandon S. Dickey, MD, FACP
Laurel B. Fick, MD, FACP
Michael J. Fletcher, MD, FACP
Thottathil V. Gopan, MD, FACP
Dona Leslie Gray, MD, FACP
Ahmed R. Ibrahim, MD, FACP
Todd James, MD, FACP
Rosemarie M. Jeffery, MD, FACP
Ryan M. Johnston, MD, FACP
Swetha Kandula, MD, FACP
Mark F. Kevin, MD, FACP
Andrew J. Koon, MD, FACP
Abdus S. Lakhani, MBBS, FACP
Saim Maqsood, MBBS, FACP
Arif Nazir, MD, FACP
Steven W. Orlow, MD, FACP
Rani J. Puthenveetil, MD, FACP
Shoaib H. Rasheed, MBBS, FACP
Gordon D. Reed, MD, FACP
Linas I. Simonaitis, MD, FACP
Amir A. Torshizi, MD, FACP

We commend all of our Chapter Members for their accomplishments and their commitment to the care of the individual patients and the community at-large.


Medicine-Pediatrics Council

Theresa Rohr-Kirchgraber, MD, FACP, Chair

The Fall ACP Indiana Chapter meeting highlighted Med/Peds. Drs. Bohney, Bohnke, DeCesare, and Djuricich represented private practice, academic medicine, and large group practice as they discussed the Challenges and Rewards of the Practice of Medicine/Pediatrics in Indiana.

They answered questions from the audience and discussed how to obtain referrals, billing issues and staying abreast of information. One suggestion from the panel was to utilize social media thru Twitter sites and pod casts. Utilizing Twitter feeds from reputable sites can be a quick easy way to get up to date, fast breaking news in an easy to read format. Referrals into your practice for both medicine and pediatric patients are obtained thru the medical staff at the local hospitals and the panel suggested getting involved with local medical groups and hospital systems and letting your interest in new patients known. Overall it seemed as if referrals into the practice was not a major issue.

Most of the panel agreed that coverage was best when the group was all Med/Peds and they enjoyed the ability to discuss cases and share experiences within their group.

All the physicians were emphatic in their support of Med/Peds and enjoyed their practices. Truly inspirational for the residents and students who plan a career in Med/Peds.


Young Physician's Council

Eric Djenge, MD, Chair

Hello! I would like to take a moment to introduce myself and give some ideas for what I would like to do over the next couple of years as the new chair of the Young Physician's Council, Indiana Chapter. My name is Eric Djenge. I am currently board certified in Internal Medicine and practicing as a Hospitalist at I.U. Health-Methodist Hospital since July 2011. I have been an active member on the Associates Council all three years of my residency. Being a member of the Indiana Associates Council, I have gained valuable knowledge and experience into ACP.

I was born and raised in Cincinnati, OH. I did my undergraduate study at Miami University in Oxford, OH where I obtained a Bachelor's of Science in Health and Sport Studies. I then attended Ross University School of Medicine, graduating from Ross University in 2008. I pursued my interest in Internal Medicine at St. Vincent Indianapolis Hospital where I completed my residency in 2011.

As Chair, I will be organizing SEP Modules to help with recertification. These modules will be hosted during the annual Indiana ACP Chapter Meeting. I would also like to contact those graduating residents and start up a mentoring program. These mentors would be available to answer any questions regarding contract negotiations, job searches, board certification and anything else that comes up along the journey from residency to staff physician. This would be a way to foster retention and even recruit young physician to participate in ACP. Another way to recruit and retain....meet and greets! I hope to organize after work “happy hours” for a relaxed atmosphere where topics can be discussed with other physicians both young and wise. Something else which is a topic everyone could use a refresher on is, billing and coding, both inpatient and outpatient. Finding ways to educate young physicians in this process is something I would like to see happen in the near future. I would also like to keep physicians up to date on all the latest quality measures and legislation coming out of Washington, by updating the website or sending e-mail notifications to members of the Indiana Chapter.

Please feel free to e-mail questions, ideas and/or your interest in becoming a Mentor or becoming involved in the Council to me at edjenge1@iuhealth.org. Thank you and I look forward to serving as Chair of the Young Physician's Council. I hope I hear from you soon!


Indiana Associates Council

Jasmin Chaudhary, MD, Chair

Once again, the ACP Associates Council has been busy this year with a number of exciting activities. In May we had a large delegation of practitioners, residents and students attend Leadership Day in Washington D.C. where we had the opportunity to meet with Indiana Legislators on Capitol Hill and advocate on health issues pertinent not only to Hoosiers but also issues relevant to residents and trainees. It was a great opportunity to exert our abilities as leaders in the community.

In addition, the Associates Council is particularly proud of the numerous community service projects that we have orchestrated this year. In October, we organized a 5K Run at Eagle Creek State Park titled, "Run from Domestic Violence." We raised approximately $3500 dollars for the Julian Center, a local organization which each year meets the needs of approximately 6,000 victims of domestic abuse. It was a great opportunity not only to give back to our community, but also to come together at an event that encourages fitness and health. It is an event that we hope to continue for years to come.

During the holidays, the Associates Council organized an event at a local eatery to raise money for "Hope for the Holidays", a project through St. Vincent's Hospital that donates clothing and other basic necessities for needy families in Indiana. All together, we raised approximately $500. It was a great opportunity for ACP Associates Council members to get together, socialize and network while at the same time giving back to those less fortunate.

This year the ACP Associates Council has participated in a number of events aimed at helping Hoosiers and giving back to our community. We hope to continue to use our leadership skills as physicians to contribute to those around us.

Lastly, we have been busy working on helping to organize the Annual Chapter Meeting, which will be held November 9-10, 2012, at the Marten House Conference Center in Indianapolis. It is a great opportunity to network with health care professionals in the community while at the same time learning about updates in internal medicine. We hope to see you there!


Internal Medicine Student Interest Group

Stephanie Martin, Chair

Indiana University's Internal Medicine Student Interest Group (IMSIG) is an active group in many of our regional centers. Our goals include promoting internal medicine as a career choice and providing guidance for students pursuing internal medicine. We have worked hard this year to promote involvement in the American College of Physicians, and we currently have over 350 members representing every regional IUSM campus.

We promote Internal Medicine as a career choice by hosting monthly lunch talks. These talks include talks given by physicians of various subspecialties where a topic of interest in the field is discussed and students are given a glimpse into the necessary path to the subspecialty. This year we have had talks on gastroenterology, geriatrics, and endocrinology and plan to hold talks on primary care and oncology. IMSIGs have been started at several of our regional centers which has helped to promote interest in Internal Medicine in first and second year medical students throughout the state. We also host annual meetings during which fourth year medical students matching into Internal Medicine provide interested third year students with advice about electives and share experiences from the interview trail. We also have monthly journal clubs during which medical students present and lead discussions on recent journal articles with fellow students.

Every year our group also sponsors the Westside Health Fair in the near westside of Indianapolis in an underserved, disadvantaged community. This event is held each October and brings together all of the student specialty interest groups at IUSM. This year IMSIG provided free blood pressure checks and blood glucose checks to over 300 patients during the fair. Attendees were also offered free flu shots and education by medical students. We hope in the future to add cholesterol checks to the panel of free tests in order to better serve this community.

Through these efforts at better informing medical students of career options in internal medicine and events to promote professionalism, we hope to increase their interest in this specialty. These efforts are possible in significant part from the support provided by the Indiana ACP Chapter.


Women in Medicine Council

Marla Current, MD, Co-Chair

The Women in Medicine (WIM) Council of the Indiana ACP Chapter has continued its efforts to serve and address the needs of women physicians. In the past year, the Council hosted a special interest group session at the Chapter Meeting. It was an effective forum in which women providers were able to discuss their shared experiences and concerns. The Council also hosted a reception at the ACP-PriMed Access Meeting in December. The reception hosted Theresa Rohr-Kirchgraber, MD, FACP, as the guest speaker who spoke on the topic of “Kitchen to Boardroom? Nutrition and Leadership”. The session was extremely well received as it addressed both the role of nutrition in busy schedules and the dual roles that women fulfill as both healthcare providers and family caretakers.

The WIM Council is pleased that Heidi Lakanen, MD, FACP, will be joining the Council as Co-Chair. Her enthusiasm in helping to address the unique needs of women physicians is welcome!

We look forward to grow our group and welcome all women in any part of their career. We are planning to offer networking opportunities, mentoring opportunities, CME, career development as well as leadership training in the future. We are open to new ideas and to new events. Please let us know how we can help you!


Program Committee

Brandon Dickey, MD, FACP, Chair

I am honored to chair the Indiana ACP Annual Meeting Planning Committee. We were elated at the results of the 2011 Meeting. We are currently pouring over your feedback from that meeting in order to improve your experience and learning for next year’s meeting. Some of the most prominent feedback that we have received includes the desire for more generalized subjects as well as less concurrent sessions. We will put your feedback to work for next year.

The arduous planning process for this event begins the day after the cessation of the previous meeting. We have already secured the Martin House for the site of the 2012 meeting. We are also in the process of discussing possible session subjects. We are selecting subjects based on your feedback as well as subjects that will be covered in the Scientific Meeting in New Orleans in April. Some of the subjects that have been decided include “Bedside Ultrasound: the Stethoscope of the 21st Century” as well as “The Anatomy of a Malpractice Suit”.

We hope that you will join us in November as we continue to advance our knowledge and network with fellow internists across the state. The 2012 Chapter Meeting will be hosted on November 9-10 (Friday-Saturday) at the Marten House next to the 86th Street St. Vincent campus) in Indianapolis.


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Contact Information

Indiana Chapter Governor:
J. Matthew Neal, MD, MBA, CPE, FACP, FACE
Email: jneal6@iuhealth.org
(765) 747-4350; Fax (765) 751-1451

Donna Seawards
Executive Director
Email: donnaseawards@gmail.com
Ph: 623-225-5527

Chapter Address:
4319 West Clara Lane, PMB #288
Muncie, Indiana 47304