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Governor's Newsletter Summer 2002

Serafino Garella, MD, FACP
Governor, Northern Region

From the Northern Region Governor - Report on the Annual ACP-ASIM Meeting, Philadelphia

The 2002 Annual Meeting was a big success for the Illinois Chapter. We welcomed 15 new Fellows from Illinois. They are listed on page 5. We wish to congratulate three new College Masters: Drs. Warren Furey and Lewis Landsberg (Northern Region) and James Dove (Downstate Region). The Richard and Hinda Rosenthal Foundation Award was bestowed upon Community Health, a free clinic in Chicago. We had 10 Associates (Jyothishree Rao, MD, Sudhir Kumar, MD, Patrick Fisher, MD, Patrick Quinn, DO, Alex Auseon, MD, Parag Jain, MD, Aniket Sidhaye, MD, Aran Kadar, MD, Chong-xian Pan, MD, PhD, Ayhan Zia, MD) present posters (either in the Research or Clinical Vignette category) as well as two medical students who presented research posters. Both medical students were winners! Brad A. Stoecker of the University of Illinois College of Medicine at Peoria won in the Research Papers category with his presentation "Hospital Discharge Medication Lists Become Inaccurate Shortly After Discharge" and T.J. Madhav of Northwestern University won in the Research Poster category with her presentation "The Effect of Echogenic Liposomes on In Vitro Thrombogenesis and Platelet Aggregation".Three of our Associates were also winners: Parag Jain, MD from Northwestern won in the Research Paper Category with "Atorvastatin Improves an Atherosclerotic and Proliferative Lesion on the Mitral Valve Induced by Emperimental Hypercholesterolemia", Aniket Sidhaye, MD also from Northwestern won in the Research Poster category with "Functional Analysis of Pendrin. A Novel Anion Transporter Expressed in the Inner Ear, the Thyroid and the Kidney" and Patrick W. Fisher, DO from Evanston Hospital won in the same category with "A Novel Twist to the Familial Mediterranean Fever Story". Our Jeopardy Team (Punit Chadha, MD, Tina Chadha, MD, and Lowell Schmeltz, MD) participated in the Doctors' Dilemmacompetition. The Northern Illinois Region received the 2001 Chapter Excellence Award for excellence in chapter management.

The Northern Illinois Region was also the recipient of two Evergreen Awards. The Evergreen Award recognizes and rewards chapters for their hard work and achievements in developing and implementing programs that strengthen the chapter and increase the member communication and involvement. In the category of Advocacy, one Evergreen was awarded for the formation of the Illinois coalition of health care organizations. This is an umbrella organization representing the common interests of all health-related societies or groups in the state. The purpose of this group was to present a unified and powerful voice to the State legislature on legislation related to health issues. The initial and ongoing issue that the organization is directing its attention to is the misuse of the tobacco settlement money. Under the leadership of Dr. David Ansell the "All For Health" Coalition was responsible for convincing the state legislature to increase the amount of tobacco settlement dollars expended on tobacco prevention and health last year. As a result of the efforts of this coalition, Illinois was one of only two states to increase dollars allocated to tobacco prevention in 2001. In addition, Dr. Ansell, as Chair of the All for Health Coalition, had a powerful and pointed Letter to the Editor published in the January 12, 2002 Chicago Tribune on "Cigarette Taxes Will Save Lives".

The other Evergreen was awarded in the Associates category for the Fellowship Informational Workshop. The Workshop was organized by the Illinois Council of Associates for the Internal Medicine Residents in the State of Illinois. Four Fellowship Program Directors (two of them Fellows of the College) and several third-year residents who had recently obtained fellowship slots spoke about their experiences and offered their counsel. The program was a big success with over 80 residents from throughout the state attending the workshop.

Update on Council Elections

The Illinois Chapter has recently completed balloting (4,674 ballots were sent out) for three seats (two for Northern, one for Downstate) on the Illinois Council. For the first time two-year Associate Members have been eligible to vote. Dr. David Ansell and Dr. Arnold Widen (Northern Region) and Dr. Janet Jokela (Downstate Region) are the new elected members of the Illinois Council whose terms will run until the spring, 2004. Dr. Sara Rusch and Dr. John Schneider were re-elected to their positions as Secretary and Treasurer, respectively. In addition, Dr. Patrick Fahey has agreed to be reappointed to his seat on the Council and Dr. Steven Potts has agreed to fill the other appointed seat for the Northern Region. Dr. Goetter will soon be naming the Downstate individual to fill that appointed seat on the Council. The current make-up of the Illinois Council is:

Serafino Garella, MD, FACP-President
Stephen Goetter, MD, FACP-Vice President
Sara Rusch, MD, FACP-Secretary
John Schneider, MD, FACP-Treasurer

Northern Region-

Term expires Spring 2003: Term expires Spring 2004:
Ray Curry, MD, FACP (elected) David Ansell, MD, FACP (elected)
James Foody, MD, FACP (appointed) Patrick Fahey, MD, FACP (appointed)
Joan Mullan, MD, FACP (elected) Steven Potts, DO, FACP (appointed)
Vesna Skul, MD, FACP (appointed) Arnold Widen, MD, FACP (elected)

Downstate Region-

Term expires Spring 2003: Term expires Spring 2004:
Lawrence Jennings, MD, FACP (appointed) To Be Named
Tad Yetter, MD, FACP (elected) Janet Jokela, MD, FACP (elected)

Election process For the Illinois Northern Governor

Speaking of elections, the process has begun for the nomination of a Governor-Elect for the Northern Region. Dr. Joan Mullan has been appointed Chair of the Local Nominations Committee. Serving on her committee will be Drs. Warren Furey, C.A. Hedberg and Vesna Skul. The Committee has solicited nominations from all two-year Associates, Members, Fellows and Masters in the Northern Illinois Region. The Committee will select two of the nominees to run for the position. Ballots will go out in September and the new Governor Elect for the Northern Region will be named in November.

Council Meeting

The Council held a meeting on April 12. Much of the discussion centered on the health care issues in the State of Illinois. Generally it was felt there is a lack of interest or concern by our State Legislatures about health issues, especially regarding the recently proposed cuts in Medicaid spending, which will affect both, individual patients and hospitals and other healthcare facilities. Of particular concern is the growing crisis in malpractice costs and coverage. To this end a Malpractice Committee was formed with Dr. Patrick Fahey serving as Chair and Drs. William Chamberlin and Robert Parker as members, with the charge to investigate the issues of malpractice cost and coverage in the State of Illinois with the objective of developing a strategy to correct this growing crisis. If you are interested in offering suggestions or in participating in this Committee, please contact the office at (312) 435-0484. In addition, the Council members discussed the present ACP-ASIM position on increasing access to healthcare. Please see the notice entitled "Proposed Resolution" for more details.

Leadership Day

The ACP-ASIM 2002 Leadership Day will be held May 21-22, 2002. The group from Illinois will include Drs. Raymond Curry, Anne Dean, C. Anderson Hedberg, John Schneider, and James Webster from the Northern Region and Cinthia Deye and Dr. James Wade from the Downstate Region. We are arranging appointments with both Senators Durbin and Fitzgerald, and with Representatives Davis, Gutierrez, Jackson, Kirk Rush, and Schakowsky. Of course, the purpose of these meetings is to increase the awareness of our legislators regarding healthcare issues that affect patients and internists. The next newsletter should have the details of Illinois Chapter's meetings with the Legislators.

Club Meds

The Illinois Northern Region sponsors "Club Meds" meetings at each Medical School in the region. These clubs are under the supervision of Faculty members at each school and their meetings are structured to offer insights into the world of Internal Medicine to medical students, to increase their understanding of and interest in a potential career in Internal Medicine. All medical schools have been very active and successful in enlisting students in these clubs.

Community Based Teaching Award

Bruce Vesole, MD, FACP is the recipient of the ACP-ASIM Practitioners' Award for Community Based Teaching. This is an award granted to individuals who are Board certified, have been involved in community based teaching for the two of the last three years at the same institution and have a letter of recommendation from their Chairman/Program Director.

Personal Note

Serafino Garella, MD, FACP, Governor, Northern Region

I want to let all my friends and colleagues know that I have resigned my position as Chairman, Department of Medicine at Advocate Lutheran General Hospital. The reasons are multiple, but mainly they relate to a deeply-felt and I hope well-considered need to change the direction of my professional endeavors. In this context, I will take a mini-sabbatical this summer (this sounds better than just saying 'a long vacation') but I expect to be back at work by late September. In the meantime, I do plan to remain in touch with all my friends and colleagues at the ACP-ASIM and at the free clinic, CommunityHealth. Should anyone want to get in touch with me, you can reach me by e-mail (serafino@garella.com) or through Nikki Keil at the Chapter office by phone: (312) 435-0484 or e-mail: (nikkikeil@msn.com).

Downstate Region Governor's Message

Stephen Goetter, MD, FACP, Governor, Downstate Region

On Friday, May 3rd, the Third Annual Downstate Associates Meeting was held at the Hawthorn Suites Conference Center in Champaign, Illinois. Approximately 65 physicians attended and according to their evaluations, enjoyed the day. Dr. Robert Palinkas, Director of McKinley Health Center in Urbana, delivered the keynote address on "Internal Medicine in a Post-9-11-01 World". His remarks centered on physician awareness of bioterrorism and the plans for local response to such acts. Breakout sessions were held on "Obtaining a Fellowship" led by Dr. Paul Rockey; "Heart Sound Simulator" by Dr. Judie Heinschel; and "Applying for Internal Medicine Residency" led by Dr. Palinkas.

Five posters were entered in the poster competition and six residents presented vignettes. Winner of the vignette competition was Kelly Cooke from the University of Illinois, Peoria with the presentation of a case of "Rapidly Progressive Hepatosplenomegaly". The final event prior to the Awards Reception was a stirring Challenge Bowl Competition won for the first time by the team from the University of Illinois in Urbana.

Plans are already underway for the next year's event. We hope to have an earlier date, perhaps in March, to be able to send a Challenge Bowl Team to the Annual ACP-ASIM meeting.

Save The Date

2002 Illinois Chapter Annual Scientific Session
Carle Clinic, Urbana
October 4th and 5th, 2002

The Friday morning meeting will cover Cardiology topics and the afternoon session, titled "General Internal Medicine Updates" will be presented by members of the General Internal Medicine Faculty of the University of Chicago. There will be a session on Patient Safety presented by Dr. John Schneider, the Chapter Representative on Patient Safety. In addition the PIER Project will be described, including a hands-on demonstration. Dr. Mary Herald, MD, FACP, will be the College Representative. For the Town Meeting, Dr. Goetter and his Staff are negotiating to get the Illinois State gubernatorial candidates to discuss their approach to health issues in the State of Illinois. As more details become available we will post them to the chapter website on ACP-ASIM Online. Registration information will be mailed out.

Proposed Resolution For Fall 2002 Board Of Governors Meeting

Many ACP-ASIM members are by now aware that the Board of Regents has recently approved a plan that, if implemented, would result in providing healthcare coverage to all Americans within seven years. The plan involves calling on Congress to enact legislation that would make affordable health insurance available to all people with incomes up to 200% of the poverty level. This would be accomplished by; 1.) Mandating uniform income eligibility throughout the Nation for Medicaid; 2.) Converting the State Children's Health Insurance Program (S-CHIP) to a federal-state entitlement program; and, 3.) Creating premium subsidy programs for people falling between 100% ad 200% of poverty level.

After discussion of the merits of this plan, the Council members unanimously felt that it represented a major retreat for the ACP, and that the Illinois Chapter could not support it. Instead, the Council recommended submitting a Resolution (which we expect would be co-sponsored by many other State Chapters) calling for an unequivocal stance in favor of universal access. The text of the proposed Resolution is still being finalized, but the following draft will give you its flavor. Please let us know what you think about this issue:

Whereas the organization of the present system of delivery of health care to the American people is overly complex, results in unequal quality of care, discriminates against the uninsured (whose numbers are increasing) and forces excessive financial burdens on the employers; and

Whereas despite all efforts at reducing healthcare expenses the cost of health insurance is continuing to increase, with double-digit percentage increases expected this year; and

Whereas the incremental seven-year plan recently accepted by the College would build on this inherently flawed system, perpetuating its complexity and inherent injustice; and

Whereas previous attempts at incremental expansion of healthcare coverage have not resulted in an expansion of the number of insured people; and

Whereas access to decent health care is a right of all Americans; and

Whereas the College has been at the forefront of all medical specialties in promoting the cause of universal access to healthcare, a position that the present plan is severely undermining; be it therefore

Resolved, that the Board of Regents abandon the seven-year plan and return to the College's previous position of unequivocal, explicit, powerful pursuit of universal access to healthcare.

For Your Information

The ACP-ASIM has developed a new College e-newsletter, the ACP-ASIM Advantage, which is published the first Wednesday of each month This e-newsletter will keep you up-to-date on the latest membership benefits, materials and activities that will help you in your internal medicine practice and is a free benefit of your ACP-ASIM membership. The first issue was sent out May 1, 2002. Here are the highlights:

  • New electronic point-of-care decision tool available free to members
  • College works to halt projected Medicare cuts
  • Help for internists coping with new HIPAA regulations
  • Four new books focus on common clinical problems
  • Educate your patients with two new brochures
  • College unveils plan to insure all Americans
  • Receive Annals table of contents via e-mail

ACP-ASIM respects your privacy and will not sell, lease or share your e-mail address with any other organization. The College will only use e-mail for the sole purpose of conducting College business and for communicating with College members. If you have not received your copy of ACP-ASIM Advantage, please contact the College at (800) 523-1546 with your e-mail address. ACP-ASIM Advantage is also available online.

Something You Should See

Please take a moment to check out (http://www.doctorsforadults.com) a website created by the American College of Physicians-American Society of Internal Medicine which provides information about doctors of internal medicine and common health issues they diagnose and treat. This website can be very helpful to you in dealing with your patients. There are "Hot Topics in Internal Medicine" such as adult immunization, headache, menopause, and end-of-life care. In addition there are descriptions of the subspecialties of internal medicine. There is even a link to MEDLINEplus. Many of your patients' questions about internal medicine, its subspecialties and particular aspects of internal medicine can be answered by this website. It can serve as a useful tool for you in giving your patients information.

Welcome To New Fellows Inducted At The 2002 Convocation

Downstate Illinois Region

Brij B. Jamnadas, MBBS, FACP
anet A. Jokela, MD, FACP

Northern Illinois Region

Daniel J. Boken, MD, FACP
Hossein Keivan, MD, FACP
Joan D. Boomsma, MD, FACP
David Kuo, DO, FACP
John E. Butter, MD, FACP
Craig B. Rogers, MD, FACP
Nyambi Ebie, MD, FACP
Simeon A. Sevandal, MD, FACP
David L. Ellens, MD, FACP
Fernando M. Striedinger, MD, FACP
Juan J. Engel, MD, FACP
David N. Zull, MD, FACP
Kenneth F. Horowitz, MD, FACP