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Club Med

Greetings from Iowa City, Iowa! As representatives of the University of Iowa Carver College of Medicine (aka "Club Med"), we would like to convey our warmest regards to our national sponsors, the American College of Physicians and its members.

As members of the premier medical institution in America's heartland, we would like to renew our commitment to increasing awareness and interest in Internal Medicine, Doctors for Adults. One of our first acts as co-presidents of Club Med was to inform incoming first-year medical students about the ACP and to give them an opportunity to register as student members. When asked by incoming first-year students on what "Club Med" does, it was easy to point them to the Club's psat service in organizing blood drives, coordinating mentoring opportunities, and running lectures designed to increase interest in Internal Medicine.

Another important role worth mentioning is the close relationship that Club Med has with our regional Iowa ACP Chapter and its current Governor, Dr. Steven R. Craig, MD, FACP. This relationship cluminates in an annual regional ACP meeting held at the college where specific programs are held for students (who register for free!) to gear them towards Internal Medicine. This conference also allows for ample opportunity for students to meet and mingle with local ACP members.

In addition to our current work, Club Med has some additional ideas for further fostering interest. An example includes organizing clinical workshops where students meet clinicians with the purpose of being acquainted with common medicine procedures. Additionally, we would like to see an expansion of the mentorship program, an increase in philanthropic activity, and diversification of interests into research and biotechnology pertinent to Internal Medicine.

We realize that as Internists, from General Practice to Oncology to Cardiology to Infectious Diseases, we treat the wealth of adult afflications worldwide. This is why we believe strongly in increasing interest in Internists!

Thank you.

Anwer Habib
Chiraag Dharia
Co-Presidents, 2005-2006

Page updated: 08/29/05

Contact Information

Mark W Purtle, MD FACP,
Governor, Iowa Chapter

Denise Floerchinger
Ph: 319-356-2732