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Florida Chapter ACP Services, Inc.
Legislative Report
April 20, 2007
Christopher L. Nuland, Esq.

This week saw action on some of the Chapter's most significant bills, leaving much work to be done in the remaining few weeks.

On Monday the Senate Judiciary Committee passed both the Pharmacist Immunization and Fabre bills by identical 6-5 votes, with Chairman Villalobos casting the deciding vote on each issue. The first bill was amended to provide for extra physician supervision, which evidently was just enough to make it palatable to the six members who voted for it, allowing the bill to proceed to the Senate floor. On the Fabre bill, the Committee decided that it was more important to ensure that a plaintiff received his or her full damages than it was to ensure that a defendant's liability only matched their culpability. Despite the setbacks, we will continue our efforts to defeat these bad bills.

Fortunately, other news was very good. The Florida Health Information Network bill that we expected not to pass until next year cleared the House floor unanimously on Wednesday, while its Senate companion passed the Government Operations Committee and now heads to its last committee stop, the Health and Human Services Appropriations Committee. Likewise, a bill designed to allow physicians and patients to review a patient's prescription history passed the House Health Council, while its Senate companion also passed the Government Operations Committee and now awaits action in the Health and Human Services Appropriations Committee.

With all House committees having ended meetings, the Chapter may rest assured that ARNP prescribing and the licensing of Naturopathic physicians no longer pose a realistic threat of passing this Session.

Only two weeks remain in the Session, so stay tuned for more frequent updates in the final, frantic days that are to follow.

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Page updated: 04/24/07