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2006 Legislative Session Report
Christopher L. Nuland
Chapter General Counsel
April 14, 2006

Despite the Senate taking the entire week off for the religious holidays, much has been done in and around Tallahassee.

For instance, the Expert Witness Certificate Bill (HB 1561) passed the Health and Families Council by a single vote and is now on the House Calendar, where it joins the Extender Supervision Bill (HB 699), which is on Special Order Calendar for Tuesday. The House Health Appropriations Committee also passed Representative Harrell's Cancer Drug Donation bill (HB 371), leaving just one more stop for that bill before it reaches the House floor. That same committee also passed a Brain Tumor Research Bill (HB 1449) that includes funding for additional internal medicine residencies. We are working with Representative Gannon on this fine bill.

We also were represented at the Board of Medicine Rules, Legislative, and Surgical Care Committees last weekend, where the respective committees were receptive to our testimony regarding our legislative agenda. The Surgical Care Committee did approve changes to the Office Surgery Rule requiring all monitors to be capable of using the medications in the crash cart but resisted proposals to reevaluate some fundamental portions of the law. The SCC also promulgated language to clarify and tighten the criteria by which, new office accreditation agencies would be evaluated.

With Legislators rested from the Passover/Easter Recess, get ready for an eventful final push to begin on Monday.

Page updated: 4/20/06