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Florida Chapter ACP Services, Inc.
Legislative Report
April 13, 2007
Christopher L. Nuland, Esq.

Despite movement on several significant bills supported by Chapter, this week in the Legislature will be remembered more for what did happen.

The Senate Judiciary Committee on Tuesday promised to be a donnybrook, as the Trial Bar and Medicine prepared to square off on the bill to eliminate the Fabre Doctrine and Medicine was attempting to beat back an attempt by pharmacists to gain the right to provide immunizations. However, both issues were tabled when the debate on whether to allow employees to bring guns to work exhausted all available time. The issues are now scheduled for a hearing next Tuesday in the same committee.

Several bills supported by the Chapter did advance. HB 1121, which would establish a Florida Health Information Network, advanced to Third Reading in the House, while a Senate compromise on SB 2348 passed the Health Regulation Committee and brought the Senate version closer to that of the House. Meanwhile, SB 518, which would establish a prescription database, passed the Senate Criminal Justice Committee and now heads to the Health Appropriations Committee; the House companion should be considered Tuesday in the House Health Council.

Nor was the Chapter's advocacy effort limited to Tallahassee. As many of you know, First Coast Service Options recently announced stringent new home visit regulations that would severely limit payment for such services. After being informed of the strenuous objection of the Chapter and the Family Physicians (who were wonderful "teammates" on this), FCSO has announced that it will delay implementation of the new LCD until further notice.

With next week being the final week for committees and councils to meet, the Legislative session truly has entered into its final, frenzied push. Stay tuned for frequent updates and urgent VoterVoice requests on our most important issues.

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Page updated: 04/24/07