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2006 Legislative Session Report
Christopher L. Nuland
Chapter General Counsel
April 6, 2006

We just passed the halfway point of the 2006 Legislative Session, and are in a very strong position.

With the House Health Regulation Committee not scheduled to meet again, several of our "oppose" bills appear virtually dead, including ARNP Prescribing, Naturopathic Physicians, and Mandatory Insurance. I cannot begin to describe the elation of defeating these bad bills. Nice work, everyone!!

On the other hand, the major bills on our "Proactive" agenda are still very much alive. HB 699, which mandates the responsible supervision of physician extenders, is on Special Order in the House, and its companion is also on the Senate Calendar. This great bill also reduces mandatory CME requirements. HB 587, which requires disclosure of one's licensure, is on the House Floor and needs only to pass the Senate Health Care Committee to be placed on the Senate floor. And, of course, HB 145, which eliminates the doctrine of joint and several liability has passed both chambers and is headed for the Governor's Desk.

Our work, however, is far from finished. The Expert Witness Certification Bill, which appeared to be a "nonstarter" a month ago, is still very much alive, as it has advanced to the Health and Families Council in the House and to the Senate Judiciary Committee. Representative Harrell's Cancer Donation Bill is still alive, notwithstanding a slight funding issue on which we worked this week.

Special Thanks goes to Stuart Himmelstein, M.D, FACP, who this week took time away from his patients to travel to Tallahassee on behalf of the Chapter. He met with several of his district legislators, as well as, with key healthcare legislators as part of the Chapter's Legislative Visitation Program.

Page updated: 4/10/06