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Florida Chapter ACP Services, Inc.
Legislative Update
March 8, 2007
Christopher L. Nuland, Esq.

The first week of Session was highlighted by two pitched battles, both of which ended in draws that will require rematches in the coming weeks. On Tuesday, pharmacists and physicians crowded the House Health Innovation Committee to debate whether pharmacists should be allowed to administer the full range of vaccinations. Sensing the volatility of the issue, the chairman opted to temporarily pass the bill for at least a week.

The next day physicians and trial lawyers took part in a two-hour debate on whether to repeal the Fabre doctrine. Under current law, which we are attempting to retain, a defendant can ask that a portion of the damages be attributed to an unnamed defendant. The Trial Bar, on the other hand, would like only named parties to be responsible for the full amount of damages, even if the culpability of the named parties is minimal; this would restore the inequity of joint and several-liability in which a defendant's liability does not necessarily match their culpability. The debate ran into overtime, meaning that the Committee's final vote will be postponed until next week.

During the week we also spent a considerable amount of time lobbying our major issues, such as increased Medicaid reimbursement, prompt payment of insurance claims, and other scope of practice issues.

Special thanks go to this week's Chapter delegation, consisting of ACP Governor Malcolm T. Foster, Jr., M.D., FACP; Glen F. Davis, M.D., FACP; ORMC residents; Christopher S. Manganaris, M.D., and Chris Newcomb, M.D.

Kudos to the hundreds of physicians, who responded to our VoterVoice request to contact their legislators this week. Keep up the good work!!

Page updated: 03/09/07