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Florida Chapter ACP Services, Inc.
Legislative Report
March 30, 2007
Christopher L. Nuland, Esq.

With the 2007 Session's halfway point looming, the House and Senate this week each picked up the legislative pace by addressing a plethora of bills impacting the Chapter and its members.

In Tuesday's action, the House Innovation Committee indefinitely tabled a bill (HB 1513) that would require all health care providers to give uninsured patients the benefits of the provider's negotiated insurance discounts (a similar proposal met the same fate in the Senate last week). Likewise, the Senate Judiciary Committee, faced with vehement opposition from Medicine and its allies (including hundreds of Chapter member's e-mails), declined to consider a repeal of the Fabre doctrine (SB 1518). Unless that committee takes the highly unusual step of reconsidering the bill, physician defendants will continue to be liable only to the extent of their culpability.

Meeting later in the day, the House Health Care Council passed Chapter-supported bills establishing a Florida Health Information Network (HB 1121) and creating a State Surgeon General whose duties now include promotion of public health initiatives. The Council did not take up the Pharmacist Immunization Bill, but our sources indicate that the Council likely will hear that bill the week of April 9. Watch for a VoterVoice alert that will be sent 48 hours before the vote.

Special thanks goes to this week's ACP Tallahassee delegation, led by ACP Governor Kay M. Mitchell, M.D., FACP, Mary T. Busowski, M.D., Cleveland Clinic resident Leanne Artigas, M.D., University of Miami residents Tai Hunte, M.D., and Deanna Mullis, and University of South Florida resident Sumeeta S. Mazzarolo, M.D.

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Page updated: 03/30/07