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Florida Chapter ACP Services, Inc.
Legislative Update
March 16, 2007
Christopher L. Nuland, Esq.

This week in Tallahassee saw two serious setbacks, as the two House Committees passed out bills opposed by Organized Medicine.

In the first, the House Constitution and Civil Law Committee passed HB 733, which would again make named defendants solely liable for 100% of all damages suffered by the plaintiff, regardless of the defendant's true liability. This would restore the essential unfairness of joint and several liability, and we will continue to fight it in future committees and in the Senate. Special thanks go to Representatives Flores, Hukill and Mealor for voting against this bad bill.

In the second, the House Health Innovation Committee passed HB 543, which would allow pharmacists to administer the full range of vaccinations. Special thanks go to Representatives Frische, Homan and Porth, all of whom saw the inherent danger of this legislation.

The week was not a total loss, as HB 1121, which will establish a statewide EMR platform, passed the Health Quality Committee. In the Senate, Senator Atwater amended SB 770 to include a study of the Physician Workforce, which has long been needed to combat Trial Bar claims that no physician access crisis is brewing.

Page updated: 03/19/07