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2007 Chapter Legislative Agenda

Mission: To enhance the quality and effectiveness of health care by fostering excellence and professionalism in the practice of medicine.

Medicare/Medicaid Reform

Support: modernizing Medicare through better use of prudent purchasing authority, modernized benefits, coverage for catastrophic expenses and innovative delivery of services

Support: Medicare as a defined benefit program

Support: adequate funding of Medicare and revising the flawed Sustainable Growth Rate (SGR) Formula to assure access to care

Support: Updating the Medicaid Physician Fee Schedule to a level comparable to the Medicare physician fee schedule

Support: the Medicare RUC proposal to fairly weight the undervalued E/M codes

Tort Reform

Support: expert witness must hold a Florida License or Florida Witness certificate

Support: clear and convincing standard for medical liability cases

Oppose:legislative efforts to weaken the Amendment # 3

Oppose: legislative efforts to mandate commercial insurance and/or raise mandatory coverage limits

Oppose: legislative efforts to weaken the Fabre doctrine

Health Care Market Reform

Support: allowing providers to bring legal action against health insurers who violate the prompt pay statute. Any pay-for-performance credentialing should be transparent and based on quality measures.

Opposes: health plan "hold harmless" clauses

End of Life

Support: The continued ability of terminally ill patients and their families to make responsible end of life decisions.

Access to Care

Support: proposals that are consistent with the ACP plan to provide health insurance coverage for all Americans within seven years

Support: guaranteed patient choice of physician and access to specialty care

Support: programs to address disparities in health care among racial and ethnic minorities.

Medical Education

Support: increased financial support of internal medicine graduate medical education

Support: reduction in debt burdens carried by medical students and internal medicine trainees

Support: increased CHEC funding for internal medicine residencies

Patient Safety Improvement Support

Support: Confidential non-punitive reporting system for medical errors

Scope of Practice

Oppose: Efforts to weaken ARNP supervision requirements in primary care clinics

Oppose: expansion of allied health care professional's scope of practice such as prescribing authority for pharmacists, ARNPs, and psychologists

Regulatory Reform

Support: reducing and eliminating unnecessary bureaucratic intrusions into the practice of medicine

Oppose: public disclosure of complaints prior to a finding of probable cause

Medical Professionalism

Support: Primacy of Patient Welfare, Patient Autonomy, and Social Justice

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