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2006 Evergreen Award Winner

The Florida Chapter received two 2006 Evergreen Awards for the following programs:

Grassroots Participation in College Resolution Process
The Florida Chapter wanted to provide a mechanism to allow their membership to have input into College policymaking, specifically by offering feedback on resolutions. The chapter modified its VoterVoice Legislative alert program to allow proposed resolutions to be distributed to the membership, with an opportunity to send comments back to the Governors in advance of the Fall Board of Governors meeting. The Governors received 105 comments in response to their message, providing valuable input for the Governors. The program resulted in higher quality communication between the members and Governors, increased grassroots participation in the development of College policy, and allowed for the identification of members who have specific areas of interest and expertise. These previously anonymous members can now be utilized as a source of information and potential new leaders of the organization.

What Works In Your Office Session
The Florida Chapter held a program at its Chapter Meeting entitled, "What Works in Your Office." Instead of relying upon outside experts, the Chapter called upon its own members to actively describe what works in their practices to increase efficiency, such as electronic medical records, chart documentation, and managed care strategies. The program was intended as a practical peer-to-peer discussion of methods to improve office efficiency. The Chapter solicited among their members to participate through a blast email. The response was impressive with over 50 members volunteering to contribute. The Chapter chose six of the best practice submissions for this session. The "What Works in Your Office" session was a successful with over 100 attendees. Other positive outcomes of the session included increased member participation at the chapter meeting, the identification of members eligible to advance to Fellowship, and communication to nonmembers about the benefits of being a part of the ACP.

Picture of the 2006 Evergreen Winners

2006 Evergreen Winners

Representatives from 11 ACP Chapters accepted the Evergreen Awards at Annual Session. The awards honor chapter efforts that ranged from developing programs for students to increasing membership.

Pictured starting from the front left: Stephen T. Miller, MD, FACP, Sandra Abadie Kemmerly, MD, FACP, David L. Bronson, MD, FACP, Anthony J. Grieco, MD, FACP, Eric M. Mazur, MD, FACP, Kay M. Mitchell, MD, FACP, Michael D. Ammazzalorso, MD, FACP, Harry W. Edstrom, MD, FACP, Guillermo L. Acuna, MD, FACP.

Starting from the back right: Stephen Peterson, MD, FACP, Steven J. Walerstein, MD, FACP, David B. Duggan, MD, FACP, Craig S. Kitchens, MD, FACP, Paul F. Howard, MD, FACP, Philip A. Mackowiak, MD, FACP, William Rodriguez-Cintron, MD, FACP.

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