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2002 Evergreen Award Winner

The Florida Chapter received the 2002 Evergreen Award for the following program:

In Defense of Dr. X

The Florida Chapter developed the scientific program "In Defense of Dr. X" to identify and discuss potential malpractice situations and to teach methods for improving a medical malpractice situation. The program, which was presented during the 2000 Chapter meeting, began with a short didactic session where the four elements of malpractice were described to the audience of physicians and physicians in training. A physician then played the part of Dr. X and was questioned by two practicing attorneys with one attorney playing the role of defense council, and the other playing the role of the plaintiff's attorney. After a short mock trial the audience was asked to predict the outcome of the case, and the size of the settlement. The audience received the verdict and settlement and discussed the outcome. The program has been presented three times and has elicited both praise and high ratings from participants and attendees.