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January 2012 John H. O'Neill, Jr., DO, FACP, ACP Governor

From the Governor

Dr. O'Neill

Happy New Year to my friends and colleagues in the Delaware Internal Medicine community – well, for the first two months, anyway. As of 3/1/2012 there may be a different kind of March Madness – the emotion brought on by a scheduled 27% reduction in reimbursement for physicians who provide much needed medical care to Medicare beneficiaries. In 2002, we experienced a 5% reduction in Medicare reimbursement. This was the first cut associated with the flawed and maligned SGR formula, and since then we have experienced 10 years of 0-to-1% increases in reimbursement, with the annual threat of ever-deepening cuts in reimbursement for the following year. ACP’s Washington DC Office, along with the policy committees of the College and the grass roots ACP membership through the Advocates for Internal Medicine Network (AIMn) (formerly the Key Contact Program), have dedicated considerable time, effort and passion to assisting our congress in making a legislative solution to this unfair statute, which came into being in 1997. Each year in May, our chapters have sent delegations of physicians, residents and medical students to Capitol Hill to directly address this issue as part of Leadership Day. Senators and congressmen/women generally agree on the need to retire the SGR formula and reform the physician payment system, but can’t agree on how to do this, despite considerable guidance from the College and other physician organizations.

It is time for all of us to act. A phone call to your senator or congressman takes 7-8 minutes of your time. Make some time during the next week to make these calls. Tell your elected representatives how you feel about this issue. Explain the impact of SGR related pay-cuts on your ability to sustain your medical practice, and the potential effect on access to care for Medicare patients. This message has significant impact if it comes from you, the physician/voter. Here are the numbers:

Senator Tom Carper: (202) 224-2441
Senator Chris Coons: (202) 224-5042
Representative John Carney: (202) 225-4165

If you prefer email contact, check out the College’s Legislative Action Center. It is a cool website that gives ACP members easy access to all of the right information about hot legislative issues that affect physicians and our patients, and all of the necessary contact information is right there. Become an AIMn member of the College and participate in the membership’s grassroots efforts to make our priorities heard loud and clear by our congressmen. Don’t wait until March - that’d be way too late.

This year, ACP’s Annual Leadership Day will be held in early June, on the 6th and 7th (a Wed and Thurs) when both the Senate and the House of Representatives will be in town in DC. The Delaware Chapter plans to send 3 attending physicians, an internal medicine resident and a medical student member to DC for the 2 day event, to meet with our congressmen, senators and their legislative staff. If you have an interest in being a part of this delegation, please send me an email. I can guarantee you it will be an educational and memorable experience.

Our annual DE Chapter Scientific Meeting is coming up on Saturday, February 25th, at Clayton Hall, on the University of Delaware campus in Newark. Our program planning committee has, once again, put together a stimulating CME program and opportunity to network with internists from throughout our State and region. I hope that you will take the time to register for this meeting which consistently receives excellent reviews regarding the quality of the experience. I have listed the program later in this newsletter. This year, we have the privilege to host Dr. Charles Cutler, a Regent of the College, and immediate past Chair of the Board of Governors of ACP. He will be delivering a message to the membership from the College at the lunch hour, and will be interested in hearing from our members throughout the meeting. Dr. Cutler is an Internist in private practice in Norristown, Pa.

This Spring will conclude my term as Governor of the DE Chapter, following our annual Internal Medicine 2012 meeting in New Orleans, Louisiana. To serve in the role of Chapter Governor has truly been a privilege for me, and I would like to thank the members of our Chapter for this opportunity. The past 5 years have been tumultuous, both professionally and personally for many of us and for myself. In the midst of this, I have met and worked with many spirited and passionate physicians throughout our State, the Nation, and from many foreign countries that have ACP Chapters. At times the work has been hard but the benefits have been many, especially the relationships that I hope last well into the future.

Our Chapter has been very active thanks to the assistance of many Delaware Internists from throughout the State who have been gracious to serve on the Chapter’s Governor’s Advisory Council and Programming Planning Committees, who have done much good work on behalf of the Chapter. We are well-regarded by the national ACP organization. I would also like to thank our Chapter Administrative Assistant, Cindy Chiudian, for her efforts on behalf of the Chapter, and also Debbie Brown, Jeanette Wade, Paula Barnes and Kathy Hrycak for their essential support of our annual Scientific Meetings.

I offer a special thanks to my mentor and predecessor, Dr. Mansour Saberi and his office manager Ethel, for their extraordinary work in continuing the Lower Shore Symposium each year in the Fall.

132,000 members strong in 2012, the ACP provides a professional home for all of internal medicine: generalists, hospitalists and subspecialists alike. As we look to solving the considerable challenges that our health system faces in the future, such unity will be necessary for success. I inherited a well-run and successful Chapter, and I hope to pass the baton to our Governor-elect, Dr. Brad Slease, with the Chapter in as good or better shape. I know that Brad is eager to move forward as Governor and I wish him the best of experiences in this role. I look forward to seeing many of you at our upcoming meeting in February, and in New Orleans this April for a very special Internal Medicine 2012 meeting.

John H. O’Neill, Jr. D.O., FACP


From the Governor-Elect

Dr. Brad Slease
R. Bradley Slease, MD, FACP

This publication of the Delaware ACP Newsletter marks the last stretch of John O’Neill’s tenure as Governor. Let me take this opportunity to thank John for his leadership and congratulate him on the chapter’s success.

During the past four years, the Delaware Chapter has repeatedly won the ACP Chapter Excellence Award. We have the highest ACP membership percentage of state internists in the nation and have two successful scientific meetings annually. Our Council of Young Physicians, headed by Edmondo Robinson, meets regularly, hosting guest speakers of special interest to our younger colleagues. Dan Elliott has spearheaded the chapter’s ACP advocacy efforts; several members participate in the annual ACP Leadership Day in Washington, DC. They meet with Delaware’s congressional delegation to articulate our positions regarding health care legislation. The International Committee, led by Javed Gilani, has encouraged Christiana Care medicine residents to pursue meaningful medical experiences abroad. Our chapter provides financial support for these international rotations with the Parag Bakshi Fellowship Award.

The achievements during John’s governorship follow the successful terms of Jim Newman, Skip Kuhn, Ginger Collier, and Mansour Saberi. Each has left the chapter stronger than it was when he/she began. We owe them each a debt of gratitude. Thankfully, John has agreed to continue in the chapter leadership as treasurer after stepping down as Governor in April. This will help ensure the continued financial foundation and stability of our group.

The next four years will bring new and daunting challenges in medicine, some of which we cannot accurately predict now. We physicians need a strong organization to advocate for us, and to provide education and research that strengthens us professionally. In my view, the ACP is that organization. Our group must be a voice, not just for primary care internists, but also for subspecialists. I look forward to leading these efforts in Delaware, and hope to have your help and support.

R. Bradley Slease, M.D., FACP


Our Chapter is in…Jeopardy

By Matthew Burday, D.O., FACP

Dr. Burday
Matthew Burday, D.O., FACP

“And the answer is for 200: the enzyme inhibited by acyclovir. What is DNA polymerase?”“And the answer is for 400: “the Marfan gene. What is fibrillin-1?”

These were a few of the questions and answers faced by the Jeopardy team from Christiana Care Health System recently. October 15, 2011, dawned cool and crisp as three members of Christiana’s first Jeopardy team headed to the regional meeting at Lankenau Medical Center. Officially titled the ” Pennsylvania Chapter of the American College of Physicians/Southeast Region-Annual Poster Competition and Medical Jeopardy Tournament,” there were a number of other hospitals represented: Abington, Einstein, Crozer-Chester, Drexel, Lankenau, Mercy Catholic, Pennsylvania Hospital, Temple, Jefferson, and Penn. Christiana was the only team invited to participate outside Pennsylvania and was honored to compete. Members of the team were Heather Ragozine-Bush, Amratash Malodiya, and Donald Slack with Sandra Schwarcz (see photo of the team below!) as alternate. Don was post call and got stuck in traffic on the way up, but arrived and competed nonetheless.

The team was successful in moving on to the second of three rounds and jumped for joy upon getting past the first round. All participants had hands on buzzers and questions and answers flew quickly. There were many ooh’s and aahs, and sighs and clapping from the engaged onlookers. At the end of the day, Einstein won as its team faced off in a rapid fire series of questions and answers against Lankenau. They move on to the state competition in Hershey. The winner of that moves on to the national meeting in New Orleans in April.

A great time was had by all and Christiana will be gearing up to participate again this fall, hoping to be the national Jeopardy champ!

Medical Jeopardy Competition Team
Christiana Care’s Medical Jeopardy Team at the Competition in Hershey


Delaware Chapter News

Here are some of the activities of our Chapter and its members since the last Chapter Newsletter in July:

July 2011: The Council of Young Physicians (CYP) hosted Delaware State Attorney General Beau Biden for an intimate discussion about problems and legislation pertaining to Physicians and Health Care in Delaware, at Buckley’s Tavern in Centerville, DE
September 2011: 4 resident physicians are selected this year for the Parag Bakshi International Medicine Rotation Grant from the DE Chapter . These included Vikram Marocha (November, 2011), Hana Choy (Mexico, March 2012), Karla Testa (Nepal, 2012) and Dan Hess (Botswana, May 2012)
October 2011: The 13th Annual Lower Shores Symposium was held at the Boardwalk Plaza Hotel in Rehoboth Beach, DE on 10/15/11. It was hosted by Mansour Saberi, MACP and Bandu Palekhar, FACP. This CME event was well attended and it was a beautiful Fall weekend by the ocean.
October 2011: the DE Chapter provided some funding for a Community Health Fair. This volunteer event for the internal medicine residents (Associate Members) and other health care professionals from Christiana Care and Connections involved providing food and health screening and education services for homeless persons at the Homeless Café in Wilmington.
November 2011: The CYP sponsored a lecture by clinical psychologist Lani Nelson-Zlupko, Ph.D., on “Managing Difficult Patients/People.” This was also an ACP Fellowship promotion event, held at the Iron Hill Brewery, in Wilmington.
December 2011: DE Chapter sponsored a special lecture on “ACO’s, what Physicians need to know,” by Neil Kirschner, Ph.D., Senior Associate in Insurance and Regulatory Affairs from ACP’s Washington D.C. Office. This was held at the magnificent Dover Downs Hotel/Restaurant/Casino facility in Dover and was the first ever DE Chapter Kent County Event.

New Members: DE Chapter ACP wishes to welcome the following new Members of ACP that have joined during the past 6 months.

William M Chasanov, II DO, Wilmington
Christian Coletti, MD, Wilmington
Kathleen Fanjoy Eldridge, MD, Newark
Nancy Fleurancois, MD, Wilmington
Vamshi Kaveti, MD, Dover
Thomas F Kelly, MD, RehobothBeach
Jose J Marte-Santana, MD, Magnolia
Elizabeth H Muth, MD, Wilmington
Jason E Nace, MD, Wilmington
Francisco Padilla, MD, Seaford
Lakshminarayana Potakamuri, MBBS, Newark
Erin E Watson, MD, Newark


New Fellow Elected

DE Chapter ACP would like to congratulate:

Ajike Ogunsulire Etumadu, MBBS, FACP (Wilmington), who has been elected to Fellowship in the College during the past 6 months. Fellowship in ACP is an achievement that recognizes clinical and academic excellence of internal medicine physicians. There are 4 pathways to Fellowship in the College.

For information on how you can become a Fellow in the College, check here! .


New Master of the College

Dr. Collier
Virginia U. Collier, MD, MACP

The Delaware Chapter of ACP is proud to announce that we have a new Master of the College in our midst.

Virginia U. Collier, MACP, has been chosen by the Awards Committee of ACP to receive this recognition of outstanding achievement and demonstrated impact on her medical community as an internist, nephrologist, medical educator, and leader.

Dr. Collier is the Hugh R. Sharp Chair of the Department of Medicine at Christiana Care Health System. She is a past-Governor of the Delaware Chapter (2000-2004) and served as a Regent of the College from 2004-2010. She has received the Chapter Laureate Award from the DE Chapter in 2009.

She was the Program Director for Christiana Care's Internal Medicine Residency from 1993-2005.

The Delaware Chapter has had 4 members honored with the Mastership Award in the history of the College. These include Dr. Lewis Flinn (1973), Dr. William Holloway (1997), Dr. Mansour Saberi (2009), and now Dr. Virginia Collier (2011). She will officially receive her award at the convocation ceremony on Thursday evening, April 19th, 2012, at the Internal Medicine '12 meeting in New Orleans, Louisiana. I hope that you will consider joining us in New Orleans to celebrate Dr. Collier's achievement with us.


Annual DE Chapter ACP Scientific Meeting

Saturday, February 25th, 2012
Clayton Hall, University of Delaware Campus, Newark

We sincerely hope that you will join us for our Annual Scientific Meeting, coming up Saturday, February 25th. There is still time to register and walk-in registration will also be possible. (see our brochure for information.

Our Program Planning Committee has worked hard to bring you a high quality CME program for which 5 category 1 credits are available. Come on out and catch up with your colleagues from around the State! Here is a snapshot of the program:

7:00 am - Registration and Continental Breakfast

7:50 - Opening Remarks and Welcome: John H. O’Neill, Jr., DO, FACP, Governor, DE Chapter

8:00 - The “Ins” and “Outs” of General Medicine: An Update for Primary Care Physicians and Hospitalists. Daniel J. Elliott, MD, MSCE, FACP and Edmondo J. Robinson, MD, MBA, FACP

9:00 - Doctors, Death, and Dignity: Using Your Heart as Well as Your Head in Medicine Steven A. Levy, MD, FACP

10:00 - Break: Exhibits/View posters/poster judging

10:15 - Fatty Liver: Current Concepts in Pathogenesis and Management, Victor Navarro, MD

11:15 - ACP Resident and Student Abstract Winner Presentations

11:45 - Break: Exhibits/View posters/poster judging

Noon - Lupus: What the Internist Needs to Know, Sharon L. Kolasinski, MD, FACR, FACP

1:00 pm - Lunch: Announcement of Chapter Awards Recipients, John O'Neill, DO, FACP, Governor and Brad Slease, MD, FACP, Governor-Elect, Announcement of Student and Associate Abstract and Poster Award Recipients Neeta Milasincic, MD, FACP, and Marci Drees, MD, FACP

1:30 - College Representative Presentation: Charles Cutler, MD, FACP, ACP Regent

2:00 - Mastering the Behavioral Method: A Toolkit for Managing Difficult Patients. Glenn J. Treisman, MD, PhD (Join us for coffee and dessert!)

3:00 - Adjourn

Other Upcoming Events:

February 4th (Saturday):

Global Health Symposium, sponsored by the Delaware Health Sciences Alliance, held at the Ammon Education Center on the Christiana
Hospital Campus, from 8 am to 3 pm. More information.

March 6th (Tuesday):

Resident Journal Club, sponsored by the Delaware Chapter of ACP, held at the Washington Street Ale House, Wilmington. Details will be announced soon.

April 19th-21st

ACP Internal Medicine 2012 Annual Meeting, at the Convention Center in New Orleans, Louisiana. Please plan to join us for this premiere internal medicine CME Meeting. The Convocation Ceremony for new Fellows and Masters occurs Thursday evening, and the DE Chapter will be co-hosting a Chapter Reception with the Pennsylvania Chapter on Friday evening of that week.

June 6th and 7th (Wed and Thurs):

ACP Annual Leadership Day on Capitol Hill in Washington DC.


College Targets Emerging Leaders at Internal Medicine 2012

If you are planning to attend IM 2012 in New Orleans this year, consider going early so you can attend the leadership development pre-course offered on Wednesday, April 18th. "Beyond the Basics: Advanced Leadership Thinking " combines plenary presentations with small group discussions to explore strategic thinking, empowering others, managing change, and developing a shared vision. Go here to find out more, or to register.

You can also register by phone at 1-(800)523-1546, ext. 2600. Member cost is $229 before February 15 and $309 after that date.

Other leadership topics covered during Internal Medicine Week include: Teamwork and Group Effectiveness, Building an Effective Inpatient Ward Team, Embracing Conflict, Case Studies in Leading Effective Change, and Presentation Skills for Physicians.

All of these courses count towards earning a LEAD (Leadership Enhancement and Development) Certificate. For more information on this award go to website.

To find out how you can get more involved in our own chapter's leadership, go to LEAD website, and click on Chapter Activities or contact me John O'Neill, DO, FACP, Governor, Delaware Chapter