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Chapter Awards

The Chapter is pleased to honor the following chapter award recipients for their dedication, demonstration of excellence, and support of the chapter and the science and humanity of medicine.

John F. Maher Memorial Laureate Award

The John F. Maher Memorial Laureate Award is the highest award that the DC Chapter can bestow on any of its members. It was begun in 1993 in memory of a superb physician, friend, teacher and writer who had developed an international reputation in renal disease.

1993 W. Proctor Harvey, MD, MACP
1993 Sol Katz, FACP
1994 Walter Lester Henry Jr., MD, MACP
1994 Stephen N. Jones MD, FACP
1994 Jack J. Rheingold, MD, FACP
1994 John F. Stapleton, MD, FACP
1995 Thomas E. Curtin, MD, FACP
1995 Wesley M. Oler, III, MD, FACP
1995 Raymond Scalettar, MD, FACP
1995 George E. Schreiner, MD, MACP
1996 James A. Curtin, MD, MACP
1996 Martin G. Dillard, MD, MACP
1996 Vincent F. Garagusi, MD, FACP
1996 Eugene P. Libre, MD, FACP
1997 James J. Leonard, MD, MACP
1997 Richard B. Perry, MD, MACP
1998 John M. Eisenberg, MD, MACP
1998 W. Tabb Moore, MD, FACP
1999 Harold Weiss, MD, FACP
1999 Robert S. Wilkinson, MD, FACP
2000 N. Thomas Connally, MD, FACP
2000 Gary L. Simon, MD, FACP
2000 Werner F. Barth, MD, FACP
2000 Charles P. Duvall, MD, FACP
2001 Lawrence E. Klein, MD, FACP
2001 Stephen Ray Mitchell, MD, FACP
2002 Michael S. Gold, MD, FACP
2002 Jerry F. Meyer, MD, FACP
2003 Robert E. Goldstein, MD, MACP
2004 Paul Schlein, MD, MACP
2005 David G. Borenstein, MD, FACP and Victor F. Scott, MD, FACP
2006 Leonard Wartofsky, MD, MACP
2007 Geraldine P. Schechter, MD, MACP
2008 Alan G. Wasserman, MD, MACP
2009 Andrew N. Umhau, MD, FACP
2010 Alice L. Fuisz, MD, FACP
2011 Lawrence Lessin, MD, MACP
2012 Louis Pangaro, MD, MACP
2013 Henry Masur, MD, MACP

Sol Katz Teaching Award

1998 Debra L. White-Coleman, MD
1998 Charles P. Duvall, MD, FACP
1998 Steven Kariya, MD, Member
1999 Allen M. Monzac, MD
1999 Lewis Suskiewicz, MD, Member
2000 Prudence P. Kline, MD, FACP
2000 Randi C. Abramson, MD
2001 Karen R. Myers, MD, Member
2001 Paul Schlein, MD, FACP
2002 Melvin W. Gaskins, MD
2002 Beth Horowitz, MD, FACP
2003 Ramin Oskoui, MD
2003 Jack D. Summer, MD, Member
2006 Prashant K. Rohatgi, MD
2007 Carmella Cole, MD, MBA, FACP and Virginia Kan, MD, FACP
2008 Jehan El-Bayoumi, MD, FACP and Deborah A. Topol, MD, FACP
2009 Matthew L. Mintz, MD, FACP and Dragica K. Mrkoci, MD, FACP
2010 Leonard B. Seeff, MD
2011 Burton Lee, MD and April Barber, MD
2012 Robert Jablonover, MD and Sean Whelton, MD
2013 Charles Faselis, MD, FACP and LCDR Todd Gleeson MC

Volunteerism and Community Service Award

2000 Elmer Huerta, MD
2002 John J. Lynch, MD, FACP
2004 N. Thomas Connally, MD, MACP
2006 Burton W. Lee, MD
2007 Richard B. Perry, MD, MACP
2008 Amy D. Kossoff, MD
2009 Joseph P. Swift, MD, FACP
2010 Katalin E. Roth, MD, FACP
2011 Raymond L. Martins, MD
2012 Elise Riley, MD
2013 A. Janelle Goetcheus, MD


2005 Sharyn S. Horwitz, MD, FACP
2006 Steven J. Durning, MD, FACP
2007 A. Kaldun Nossuli, MD, FACP, FASN
2008 Alice L. Fuisz, MD, FACP
2009 Jeffrey S. La Rochelle, MD, FACP
2010 Laurie E. Duncan, MBBS, FACP
2011 Shmuel Shoham, MD
2012 Jerry Meyer, MD, FACP
2013 Ashesh Patel, MD, FACP

Community Based Teaching

2008 Stuart I. Henochowicz, MD, FACP

Walter Lester Henry, Jr. Memorial Award for a Lifetime of Excellent Teaching

2009 James T. Williams, MD, FACP
2009 Joseph Lindsay, Jr., MD, FACP
2010 Vinod Mody, MD
2010 Charles E. Rath, MD, FACP
2011 John Bennett, MD, MACP and Charles Curry, MD
2012 Martin Dillard, MD, MACP and Margo Smith, MD, FACP
2013 Kenneth Burman, MD, MACP and Edward Tsou, MD


Page updated: 12/05/13

Contact Information

Alice L. Fuisz, MD, FACP
Governor, DC Chapter

Chapter Support Staff
Ann Tennett
Executive Director
Phone: 540-631-0426