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Public Policy & Advocacy

Liaison for EMR Information and Help via Regional Extension Center
By Stephen O’Mahony, MD, CT ACP Chapter liaison to the local Regional Extension Center

There are two exciting resources available to Connecticut practitioners interested in implementing an Electronic Health Record (EHR) system: e-HealthCT and American EHR Partners.

E-HealthCT is a Regional Extension Center (REC) supported by governmental grant to help Connecticut's providers select, implement, and achieve meaningful use EHR systems in order to enhance health care quality, safety and efficiency. For a small fee, e-HealthCT will subsidize and arrange expert technical assistance and consultation for individual providers and groups.

This will include:

  • Education
  • EHR Vendor Selection
  • Implementation Support
  • Practice Workflow Design
  • Quality Improvement
  • Meaningful Use Achievement
  • Privacy and Security, Health Information Exchange

AmericanEHR Partners is a coalition between the ACP and Cientis technology that provides free access to tools necessary to identify, implement and effectively use EHRs. AmericanEHR achieves this through identifying EHR Vendor capabilities, posting verified user ratings, and allowing side by side comparisons on their website.

Although complimentary to eHealthCT and also unbiased, AmericanEHR Partners do not provide a practice with individualized consultative services to recommend an EHR. Their goal is to provide the data necessary for informed decisions.

More information can be obtained on their websites at www.ehealthconnecticut.org and www.americanehr.com.

Page updated: 8/2/10

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