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Health & Public Policy Committee

Call to Chapter membership for input

In trying to represent the interests of the physicians of the state at the political level, the Health & Public Policy Committee recognizes the crucial need to have more physician voices heard. We Need Your Help. A major goal we have established is to make it much easier for our ACP colleagues to express our important viewpoints to our politicians on the multiple issues which affect our patients and our medical practices.

What can you do to make a difference?

  1. Join our e-mail contact office - we will use this to ask chapter members to write/call representatives on specific issues and to keep members alerted on legislative issues.
  2. Express an interest in our Committee, which meets approximately quarterly. Contact Keith Vom Eigen, MD at vomeigen@adp.uchc.edu.
  3. Watch for legislative news elsewhere on sites like csms.org (which has excellent links to all state representatives). We will try to pass on such information as well via our e-mail contact list.
  4. Use this site regularly! We will be placing sample skeleton letters on various topics which you can modify as appropriate and mail to your state rep and senator on your professional letterhead. Come back soon to see what we have made easy for you!

HPPC Chair
Dr. Keith Vom Eigen

Contact Information

Robert Nardino, MD, FACP
ACP Governor, Connecticut Chapter

Nancy Sullivan
30 Dwight Drive, Middlefield, CT 06455
Phone: (860) 349-8995
Fax: (860) 349-3004 or
E-mail: ctacp@comcast.net

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