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Chapter Leadership Information

Access the list of the Governor's Advisory Council, officers and committee members and how to communicate with them.


Robert McLean, MD, FACP

Governor's Council:

Young Physicians Co-Chairs

Rebecca A Andrews, MD and Jeanette M Tetrault, MD

Diversity Committee Chairs

Naseema B Merchant, MBBS, FACP and Joshua G San Vicente, MD

Associates Activities

Jason Ouellette, MD, FACP

Medical Student Activities

Barry J Wu, MD FACP and Ellen Nestler, MD


Steven V Angus, MD FACP

Membership Committee Chair

David Miner, MD, FACP

Chapter Meeting Program Committee Co-Chairs

Robert J Nardino, MD FACP and George Abdelsayed, MD FACP

Health Information Technology Liaison

Stephen O'Mahony, MD

Past Governor

Joseph P Cleary, MD MACP and Eric Mazur, MD FACP

Medicare CAC Liaison

Fizhugh C Pannill, III MD FACP

Health & Public Policy

Keith A Vom Eigen, MD

State Medical Society Liaison

Claudia B Gruss, MD FACP

Other Council Members
John F D'Avella, MD FACP
Rosemarie L Fisher, MD FACP
Ruth E Weissberger, MD

Contact Information

Robert Nardino, MD, FACP
ACP Governor, Connecticut Chapter

Nancy Sullivan
30 Dwight Drive, Middlefield, CT 06455
Phone: (860) 349-8995
Fax: (860) 349-3004 or
E-mail: ctacp@comcast.net

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