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Governor's Newsletter, Summer 2000

New Governor for ACP-ASIM'S Affiliate Chile Chapter

Dr. Jose A. Rodriguez-Portales, MD, FACP took office as fifth Governor of the Chile Chapter of the ACP-ASIM's affiliate Chapter during the 2000 Annual Session in Philadelphia. Dr. Rodriguez' election took place in November 1998. In April 1999 he became Governor Elect and spent time becoming acquainted with his future governance issues.

Message from the New Governor

Internal Medicine is a discipline that faces challenges both at a global and at a local level. The ACP-ASIM has a vast experience on problems that are shaping today's Internal Medicine and can contributea great deal to topics that are being debated among us in Chile. Some of these topics are Clinical Ethics, patient advocacy, what are the pros and cons of managed care, universal access to medical care, community-based teaching of medicine, just to name a few. The College also has valuable resources for teaching, for autoevaluation, for continuing medical education, and publishes books and brochures of great practical help, in addition to the Annals of Internal Medicine and the Journal Club, well-known to all. I believe participating in the ACP-ASIM is very important to access the world of today's global Internal Medicine. Therefore, I shall strive to increase participation in College activities of existing and new members.

The College's mission is to increase the quality and efficacy of medical care through the promotion of excellence and professionalism in the practice of medicine. That is why we are appealing to the most qualified internists and subpecialists, so that they can exercise leadership roles to set and promote the highest clinical and ethical standards. We are fortunate to have a strong Medical Society in Chile, with a solid and prestigious record. Therefore, the activity of the College among us must be one of enhancement and synergism with our Society, while at the same time keeping its own identity and earmarking its contibutions.

Our College Chapter currently has a little more that 100 members in different categories (Associates, Members, Fellows and one Master). This is a low figure for a country where over 5000 physicians work in Internal Medicine or one of its subspecialties.

Unquestionably, many more physicians should share with us the commitment we undertook when joining the ACP-ASIM. How to convey to them this global view of Medicine, how should they be encouraged to "think big"? I do not have an answer yet, but I will try hard to move forward on this point. It is clear that this task cannot be accomplished by the Governor alone. The help of all ACP-ASIM members is needed. Perhaps we should start working with medical students and residents, creating a Medical Student chapter and streghthening the participation of associates, while at the same time promoting the advancement of these to Members and of Members to Fellows.

In the past, the ACP has influenced several important aspects of Medicine in Chile. I hope it can continue to contribute with those topics in which it has a large experience and thus help us all to strengthen our practice and understanding of Medicine, for the benefit of our patients.

Successful Annual Meeting Last May

For more than 30 years, the ACP has sponsored a brief Course in Internal Medicine in partnership with the Santiago Medical Society. Since the establishment of a local ACP Chapter, this event has also served as the ACP-ASIM Annual Meeting. The Course and Annual Meeting this year took place from May 13 to May 15 and had an attendance of almost 300 physicians. We were fortunate to have a distinguished group of guest lecturers headed by Dr. Harold Sox, as College Representative. He and Drs. Normal Wilder from Alaska, Leonard Kielsen from Maine and Matthew Goetz from California gave superb lectures on topics of clinical epidemiology, respiratory diseases, lipid abnormalities, and infectious diseases. They were joined by a team of eminent local physicians who covered a wide array of current topics in Internal Medicine. The Course Director was Carlos Pérez, MD, FACP.

Fellows' Annual Dinner

The Chapter Meeting also had a social program, that culminated with a Fellows' Dinner at the Polo Club. This first-time event was intended to provide an instance of friendly conviviality among those called to have leadership roles in Chilean Medicine and, at the same time, enhance the willingness of Members to become Fellows. We were honored with the attendance of the US Ambassador to Chile, Mr. John O'Leary, a distinguished lawyer from Portland, Maine and a long-time friend of Dr. Len Keilson, the ACP-ASIM Governor for Maine.

ACP-ASIM Chapteral Council

The current members of the local ACP-ASIM Council are Jose A. Rodriguez-Portales, MD, FACP, Governor; Drs. Enrique López-Caffarena, MACP, Rodolfo Armas-Merino, Eduardo Rosselot, and Manuel García de los Ríos, all of them FACPs; Gloria López Stewart as President of the Santiago Medical Society (Chilean Society of Internal Medicine); Guillermo Acuña, Member representative, and Arnoldo Riquelme, representing the Associates.

2001 Annual Meeting & Course in Preparation

The 2001 Annual Meeting & Internal Medicine Course will take place on May 7, 8, and 9, 2001 at the Centro de Eventos Manquehue. Dr. Jorge Valenzuela, FACP, is the Course Director. The program is being worked out with the Council, and we expect to meet all the expectations of our membership. One innovation is that we plan to have a Learning Center where hands-on teaching of procedures for internists will be carried on.

Promotion of Members to Fellowship

We need to stimulate the access of Members to Fellowship to help the local Chapter perform better. The requirements for promotion can be found on the Membership Information Booklet, whose Spanish translation can be requested from the Governor.

Medical Students to Join the Chilean Chapter

The Chapter is interested in the creation of a Medical Students' Committee. Please contact the Governor at jrodrigu@med.puc.cl for further information.

College International Activities

One important news is that the ACP-ASIM is studying a proposal for mini-fellowships available for Latin American and US College members to spend short periods of time at selected centers in the US or in Latin America.

Spanish Translations

A very good news for our constituency is that some of the College's written resources are being translated into Spanish. Among these special mention goes to the ACP-ASIM's Ethics Manual, whose translation can be accessed on the College's web page, acponline.org. Other materials being translated include the videotapes on Arthrocentesis and some brochures such as the Membership Information Booklet and others.

Chapter Leaders Nominated

The Chapter Council met on Aug. 2 and nominated the following persons as Chapter Leaders: Chair, Program Committee Jorge Valenzuela, MD, FACP; Chair, Associates Activities:Arnoldo Riquelme, MD; CBT Liaison, Joaquín Montero, MD, FACP; Chair, Awards Committee Rodolfo Armas Merino, MD, FACP; Chair, Credentials/Membership Committee Rodolfo Armas Merino, MD, FACP; Editor, Chapter Newsletter Jose A. Rodriguez-Portales, MD, FACP; Chapter Webmaster, Joan Murdoch (staff); Chapter Treasurer , Jose A. Rodriguez-Portales, MD, FACP; Medical Ethics Liaison, Eduardo Rosselot, MD, FACP; Chapter Archivist/Secretary, Joan Murdoch (Staff); Other: International Counselor, Rodolfo Armas Merino, MD, FACP.

Next Newletter

There will be two newsletters per year. A printed version in Spanish will be distributed by mail to all the local membership, and an electronic version in English and Spanish will be posted on ACP-ASIM Online.

Please Send Your Comments, Ideas, Contributions!

The Governor

Fellows' Annual Dinner
The Ambassador of the United States to Chile, Mr. John O'Leary, addresses the audience at the Fellows' Annual Dinner.
ACP-ASIM Fellows at their Annual Dinner
ACP-ASIM Fellows at their Annual Dinner pose with the US Ambassador to Chile, Mr. John O'Leary.

Contact Information

Guillermo Conte, MD, FACP
Governor, Chile Chapter

Joan Murdoch
Chapter Coordinator
Sociedad Medica de Santiago
Bernarda Morin 488
Santiago, Chile
Phone: 562-753-5501
Fax: 562-753-5599