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2006 Evergreen Award Winner

The Chile Chapter received the 2006 Evergreen Award for the following program:

Colloquy with the Professor
The Chile Chapter began successfully hosting "Colloquy with the Professor" sessions in 2004 to foster careers in Internal Medicine, provide mentoring opportunities for students, offer them opportunities to network with their peers, and become more involved in the ACP. With the assistance of the International Federation of Medical Students and the Chilean Society of Medical Students, the chapter was able to promote the program via email and various web sites. In addition, the Chilean Society of Internal Medicine donated their facilities for the meetings. The meetings began with a talk from a Master or Fellow of the College about having a career in Internal Medicine and how they visualized the future of Internal Medicine. Also, a Young Physician member also spoke about these topics. In addition to the lectures, the meetings provided students an opportunity to network with other students and Fellows of the College which created mentoring relationships for the future. The meetings were well received by the medical students and the medical schools. The Colloquiums were so beneficial that after only one year of hosting the meetings, the number of Medical Student members in Chile increased by over 208%.

Picture of the 2006 Evergreen Winners

2006 Evergreen Winners

Representatives from 11 ACP Chapters accepted the Evergreen Awards at Annual Session. The awards honor chapter efforts that ranged from developing programs for students to increasing membership.

Pictured starting from the front left: Stephen T. Miller, MD, FACP, Sandra Abadie Kemmerly, MD, FACP, David L. Bronson, MD, FACP, Anthony J. Grieco, MD, FACP, Eric M. Mazur, MD, FACP, Kay M. Mitchell, MD, FACP, Michael D. Ammazzalorso, MD, FACP, Harry W. Edstrom, MD, FACP, Guillermo L. Acuna, MD, FACP.

Starting from the back right: Stephen Peterson, MD, FACP, Steven J. Walerstein, MD, FACP, David B. Duggan, MD, FACP, Craig S. Kitchens, MD, FACP, Paul F. Howard, MD, FACP, Philip A. Mackowiak, MD, FACP, William Rodriguez-Cintron, MD, FACP.

Contact Information

Guillermo Conte, MD, FACP
Governor, Chile Chapter

Joan Murdoch
Chapter Coordinator
Sociedad Medica de Santiago
Bernarda Morin 488
Santiago, Chile
Phone: 562-753-5501
Fax: 562-753-5599