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ACP Honors Chile Chapter with an Evergreen Award

At the 2010 Internal Medicine Meeting, ACP presented ten Evergreen Awards and two Special Recognition Awards to honor Chapters that created new programs that strengthened the chapter and increased member communication and involvement.

The Chile Chapter received the 2010 Evergreen Award for their Increasing Medical Student Recruitment. Here is a brief description of the chapter's effort.

Beginning in 2007, the Chile Chapter organized an Internal Medicine Session during the Congress of the National Scientific Association of Medical Students. This presented a great opportunity for the Chapter and its students to establish a network with their peers and inviting them to be involved in the American College of Physicians. Over the past three years this activity has been planned by the Studentīs Council and has succeeded in promoting the College and all of the resources available to medical students. As well, it provided an opportunity for students to listen to the talks of ACP Masters, Fellows and Members. With at least 100 medical students in attendance each year, these sessions have been very successful and covered a wide range of topics including: Medical Professionalism, Why Be an Internist and Values of ACP Membership. The chapter has experienced an increase in medical student membership since the program began, from 373 to 458 currently. It has also proved effective in enhancing communication between chapter leadership and medical students, as well as build a strong network of support for the student membership.

Picture of the 2010 Evergreen Winners

2010 Evergreen Winners

Pictured starting from the front left:
Ann Tennett , Maria E. Pinto, MD, FACP , Mark E. Mayer, MD, FACP

Pictured starting from the back left:
Julie A. Blehm, MD, FACP , Kiyoshi Kurokawa, MD, MACP , Haiko Nellen Hummell, MD, FACP , Ana Maria Lopez, MD, FACP , G. Waldon Garriss, MD, FACP , S. Kalani Brady, MD, FACP , Nitin S. Damle, MD, FACP , Carla Biggert , Eileen Moser, MD, FACP , Michael Rein, MD, FACP , Richard K. Kasama, MD, FACP

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Page updated: 06/17/10

Contact Information

Guillermo Conte, MD, FACP
Governor, Chile Chapter

Joan Murdoch
Chapter Coordinator
Sociedad Medica de Santiago
Bernarda Morin 488
Santiago, Chile
Phone: 562-753-5501
Fax: 562-753-5599