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April 2012 Ross D. Feldman, MD, FACP, ACP Governor

Governors’ Report

Dr. Feldman

Spring starts when a heartbeat’s poundin’- Poets, Tragically Hip

The premature arrival of spring across most of Ontario seemed like a propitious time to take the opportunity to outline new developments for the Ontario Chapter of the American College of Physicians.

I am now beginning to appreciate that much of the focus of the “national organization” is on the position/working conditions of community internists in the US- primarily in primary practice, and of an increasing cadre of hospitalists. Although I am grateful for the insights I have gotten about the face of internal medicine health care delivery in the US, I am mindful that most of the learnings from my get-togethers with the other Governors of the ACP do not apply to the practice of Medicine in Ontario.

Notwithstanding, I continue to believe in the important role of the ACP in support of the spectrum of medical education- that supports physicians from first year medical student to well-seasoned community specialist. I would hope that through my mandate as Governor I can help to support and enhance those efforts in Ontario.


The Medical School ACP Club Initiative

Our goal over the next year is to establish ACP “clubs” in each of the medical schools in Ontario. These would serve as forums to bring together ACP medical students, residents and members/Fellows in each of Ontario’s main medical school centres. These clubs will be an important vehicle by which to keep members abreast of what is happening in the College as well as serving as an educational forum. I would also hope this structure would help to build support for trainee-related activities both for our chapter meeting and the “National meeting”. I would also hope that the clubs would help raise the visibility of the ACP for prospective members at all stages of their careers.

To date, a club has been formed in London under the leadership of Drs. Shruti Tandon, Umjeet Jolly and Hassan Mir. Further the ACP will be showcased both at the Schulich Leadership workshop as well as a medical student forum hosted by the ACP-Ontario Chapter, March 30. In Kingston, Dr. Ross Morton has volunteered to take a leadership role at Queen’s. Dr. Peter Bolli has agreed to mentor the group at McMaster with the help of first year medical student Samantha Feldman. Additionally Hassan Mir will be joining the Hamilton team in July as he starts his residency at Mc.

There are opportunities for development of ACP club leadership teams in Toronto, Ottawa, Windsor and Thunder Bay/Sudbury. If you would like to be involved, let me know. We would be glad to have you on-board.


The Ontario Chapter Annual Meeting

As you may have noticed (by its absence), the Chapter meeting has moved from its “traditional” slot in February. The 2012 Session will be held Friday-Sunday September 14-16 at the Nottawasaga Resort in Alliston (just north of Toronto). The program is still under development but hopefully will have some appeal across the range of medical specialties and of training levels. We would also hope to offer an enriched program for trainee support to come and participate in the meeting. In addition, will be a Hypertension Canada has agreed to partner with us and will be holding a “train-the-trainer” session on Friday September 14, just before the beginning of our sessions. This very effective CHE program covers the management of hypertension from “soup to nuts”. Details of the program will be forthcoming over the next several months…check the Chapter website. However, in the interim, Hold the Date!


The Governor’s Council

In keeping with our hope for broader representation from the medical schools and to assist in the development of the ACP clubs we welcome 2 new members to the Council. They are Dr. George Dresser from Western University (we are no longer UWO!) and Dr. Ross Morton, Queen’s University. They join the pre-existing council members: Drs. Peter Bolli, Eric Leith, Janet Roscoe and Jay Silverberg. We will be looking to further expand this group with the further growth of our medical school initiative. Stay tuned.

Congratulations to the recently elected Fellows:

Khalid H Alghamdi, MD, FACP – London, ON
Muhammad U Chaudhry, MD, FACP – Waterloo, ON
Samuel C Siu, MD, FACP - London, ON
Zahi N Touma, MD, FACP – Toronto, ON

Welcome New Members (as of last 6 months):

Simona Abid, MD, – Oakville, ON
Mujahid Al-Busaidi, MD, – Toronto, ON
Jacqueline Fabian, MD, – Toronto, ON
Valery N Saningong, MD, – Toronto, ON
Gul Nawaz Sheikh, MBBS, – Toronto, ON
Larry J Sokolic, MD, – Kirkland Lake, ON

Total Membership (as of March 2012)

Masters 6
Fellows 289
Members 396
Associates 279
Honorary Fellows 4
Medical Student Members 348
Affiliates 0
Physician Affiliates 1
Total 1323