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Canadian Newsletter, Spring 2000

Update from Alberta

The major ACP event in Alberta in 1999 was the 15th biennial course, "Advances in Internal Medicine," jointly organized by the University of Calgary and the University of Alberta, and co-sponsored by the ACP and the Canadian Society of Internal Medicine (CSIM). This course took place in Banff, from June 7 to 11 1999, co-directed by Dr T. K. Lee, Clinical Professor of Medicine, University of Alberta, and Dr. Norman Campbell, Professor of Medicine, University of Calgary, with faculty mainly drawn from these two medical schools. Approximately 70 persons attended. The course comprised a mixture of plenary session presentations, workshops and "short snapper" updates. Major topics ranged from "Clinical Decision Making" to "The Difficult Patient." Perhaps the high point of the course was the plenary lecture "Newer Concepts in the Pathogenesis of Hypertension," followed by a workshop on management of hypertension, both presented by Dr. Norman Kaplan of the University of Texas. Other notable guest speaker presentations were by Dr. Jim Nishikawa of McMaster University on, "The Clinical Examination as a Diagnostic Tool," and by Dr. Robert McNeill of the University of Saskatchewan on, "Alternative Medicine."

The next biennial course will be held in 2001. The planning group is giving consideration to holding it in conjunction with the annual meeting of CSIM, and is also exploring the expansion of the meeting to a Western Canada event involving all medical schools in BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

I attended the Fall Meeting of the Board of Governors in Asheville, NC, September 30 to October 2, 1999 - my first meeting as Governor rather than Governor-Elect. At the meeting, I participated in an interesting panel presentation and discussion on collective bargaining by physicians. Our US colleagues, including practicing physicians and housestaff, are coming to grips with the issues of negotiations with third party payers and hospitals, and there is great interest on the subject among the Governors. I was invited to bring a Canadian perspective to the panel, since of course provincial medical associations and housestaff associations in this country have considerable experience with collective bargaining.

The year 2000 will mark a major change in my own career. I am stepping down from my position as Director of the Cross Cancer Institute at the end of March, after twelve years in this office. Come April, I will be half time in academic medical oncology practice and half time in provincial administration with the Alberta Cancer Board. The good news, I hope, for our chapter is that I will have more time to devote to ACP affairs. Priorities for this year include a drive to attract new Members and Associates and encouragement of advancement to Fellowship. I plan to follow through, as promised, in establishing a Council for our chapter. I also plan to work with our Associate members to develop activities to enhance their experience and participation in chapter affairs.

Anthony Fields, MD, FACP
ACP Governor, Alberta Chapter

Update from Atlantic Provinces

We in Atlantic Canada are known for our laid-back lifestyle. Changes here do not occur fast as we realize that too many good things don't stay the same forever. It, however, does not mean that a drive to make things better in the medical field is not there. We have two excellent medical schools. Graduates from these schools and the faculty members have demonstrated excellence in both clinical and academic medicine. Leadership is all around and it is evident.

We have a history of excellence having implemented a variety of programs within the field of Medical Education (whether it is in the form of telecommunication as was initiated in Newfoundland, holding community hospital education sessions, special events at the University campuses or publication of periodicals, Journals or Newsletters.) Various specialty groups and enthusiastic individuals have been able to organize first class educational fora. Canadian Society of Internal Medicine, Atlantic Chapter is an evolving group and has been able to hold CME events in cooperation with ACP Atlantic Chapter during the past two years. It will also join the ACP (Atlantic) when the latter holds its educational event at Halifax, this year.

In keeping with its tradition, ACP (Atlantic) will organize a program on October 21, 2000, at Prince George Hotel, Halifax, to acquaint the membership, associates and the invited internists, with the activities of the College including benefits they can avail. In addition, obviously, the Chapteral Advisory Committee has planned a day-long CME on the subject of infectious etiology of certain medical disorders. Leading experts based in Atlantic Canada are being approached to speak on three to four topics. I hope the College head office will also help in finding one or two additional speakers. Please stay tuned.

As your representative, I have served on the International Subcommittee of the College. This Committee has engaged in intense deliberations on the subject "How can the College participate in International Education for Internists." We are considering many mechanisms which will foster our Association with other National Medical Societies in other countries. This will promote working partnerships that in turn will lead to various joint programs. More will be learned in the coming months. The readers of this Newsletter should attend the Annual Meeting of the College in April, at Philadelphia, please look for information on the International Society of Internal Medicine, an umbrella organization to which ACP is also affiliated. This Society shall be holding its meeting in Cancun, Mexico during June of this year.

Atlantic Chapter of ACP is actively inviting postgraduates to become Associate members. Dr. Adam Clarke from Halifax is contributing his administrative skills to the affairs of Associateship in the College. He is being recommended to have a seat at the Council of Associates. Relevant information and application forms have been distributed. Recognizing the success of student activities spearheaded by Dr. Ronald at the University of Manitoba, we are in the process of approaching students through our Medcomm at Dalhousie and a similar vehicle at Memorial University. It is hoped that students may either seek further information from the College or may make inquiries directly to the Governor's office.

To help support future Chapter activities, such as our scientific meeting, and to take advantage of funding from the national office, a $10 (US) chapter dues is being implemented for FY 2000-2001.

I look forward to watching our membership and Chapteral activities grow!

S. Paul Handa, MD, FACP
ACP Governor, Atlantic Provinces Chapter

Update from British Columbia


Dr. Noel Adams Buskard, FACP, was elected the next governor to represent British Columbia beginning 2001. Dr. Buskard was educated at the Royal Military College and Queen's University. His post-graduate training was at Queen's, the University of British Columbia, the Post Graduate Medical School, London University and the University of Washington, Seattle. He is certified in Internal Medicine and Hematology/Oncology. He has served in the Royal Canadian Navy from 1954 to 1977. He has been the President of the International Society of Hematology, President of the Canadian Society for Transfusion Medicine and Past-President of the Canadian Hematology Society. He is also the Medical Director of Phototherapeutics; Chair of ISH World Congress 2000; and Chair of Int'l Society of Blood Transfusion World Congress 2000. Dr. Buskard practices at the Vancouver General Hospital. He is active in the residency program in Internal Medicine at the University of British Columbia.

H.C. George Wong, MD, FACP, is the winner of the First Annual ACP International Poster Competition in conjunction with the International Society of Internal Medicine. His paper "Cardiac adverse reaction from Chinese herbal medicine containing Fu Zi, Radix Aconiti Praeparata, used in allergic rhinitis and asthma in a patient with rheumatic valvular heart disease," will be displayed during Annual Session, April 13-16. Look for it during the International Poster Session. Please join us in congratulating Dr. Wong at the Canadian Governors' reception on Saturday, April 15.

Fellows invited to the 2000 convocation are:

  • David E Chandler, MB, ChB
  • Lawrence Winkler, MD
  • HC George Wong, MD

I will be pleased to march in the annual procession with my colleagues.

Internal Medicine for Medical Students

Taking a cue from our colleagues in Manitoba and Saskatchewan, we will be having a reception for undergraduate medical students in the Student Alumni Center across the street from the Vancouver General Hospital. The event will be this spring and will be an informal pizza and refreshments with attendance by prominent local internists who can talk about the College, Internal Medicine in general and perhaps offer career guidance.

Advances in Internal Medicine - An Update Course

This Biennial Internal Medicine Review course is scheduled for June 21-23, 2000, in Vancouver. Co-sponsored by the University of British Columbia Department of Medicine, this course offers 21 hours in category 1 credits towards the AMA Physician's Recognition Award. If you are interested in attending this meeting, phone the College's customer service number, 800-523-1546, ext. 2600 and ask for information on course number L04.

David Ostrow, MD, FACP
ACP Governor, British Columbia Chapter

Update from Manitoba/ Saskatchewa

Report from the Governor

We had an excellent ACP student meeting in early January - 40 present and I sense continuing enthusiasm for joining, submitting abstracts, and hearing about opportunities in Internal Medicine, and becoming more involved. Dr. Davinder, a resident now, won two competitions as a student and is a real fan of the ACP.

As usual, ACP is the first choice for our house staff for their annual meeting with almost half planning to be in Philadelphia.

My December stint as an attending physician on a busy medical service at the height of the flu season again reinforced for me the wonderful privilege of serving society and individuals as an internist. Shared concern with caring competent housestaff and wonderful nursing staff enabled the load to be carried without dropping important pieces. Assisting individuals struggling with dyspnea, pain, or impending death and at least for some, enabling them to enjoy renewed health, has to be one of the most rewarding experiences in life. Unfortunately, the hospital experience is only a few frames in the reel of life and ensuring continuing care and learning experiences within appropriate structures is an ongoing challenge within our Canadian healthcare system. I have enjoyed my 4 years as the Governor for Saskatchewan and Manitoba and I am excited with the new initiatives that the new Governor, Jim Fenton, will be taking to strengthen Internal Medicine in our Chapter. The College is an organization that repays in spades any investment you make in it. Please give him encouragement and feedback on what you want to see happen.

Dr. R. Marvin Bala, previous Governor of the chapter and former chairman of the Department of Medicine at the University of Saskatchewan, passed away January 4, 2000. Prior to coming to the U of S, Marvin was Head of Endocrinology on the Faculty of Medicine in Calgary.

Governor-Elect Report

I am excited and somewhat intimidated by this involvement with the College. The fall Board of Governor's meeting gave me a wealth of information that I am still trying to get a handle on. There are significant challenges ahead, but I look forward to meeting them.

The biggest challenge is to establish an effective chapter organization that links our two provinces well, no matter where the Governor resides. Allan and I discussed this at the fall BOG meeting. We will endeavor to set up a parallel organization in each province and use electronic means to make connection.

A more active chapter will work towards four goals:

  1. Provide local high quality MOC activities.
  2. Foster collegiality within the community of Internists.
  3. Improve the profile of Internal medicine within the profession and the community.
  4. Draw residents and medical students into the IM community.

Dr. Ronald has established an active IM student activity at the U of M. This fall I held the first session at the U of S. The response of the students was very enthusiastic. Sixty-two students signed on as student members of the ACP. Students receive their own newsletter called IMpact. It features information about the discipline of IM and is well done. The students had lots of questions for the three Internists and one IM resident that attended the meeting.

A Chapter Meeting is scheduled for October 27 -29, 2000, at the Temple Gardens Mineral Spa in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan. The Spa has a wonderful pool and is a pleasant place to stay. We hope to mix education with fun. We hope to have an active involvement by the residents from each program. Please mark the dates on your calendar. Details about the program will follow in a few weeks.

Allan Ronald, MD, FACP
ACP Governor, Manitoba/Saskatchewan Chapter

W. James Fenton, MD, FACP
ACP Governor-elect, Manitoba/Saskatchewan Chapter

Update from Ontario

It is a pleasure to participate in this second all new Canada-wide newsletter. I hope that you enjoy reading about the other five Canadian Chapters. The six Canadian Governors will try to provide you with some different perspectives on the College as well as our Chapteral items, so that you can find something of interest in each of our reports. For example, in this issue I will speak to the Nominations Committee, a process in which I have been actively involved.

Governor's Council

A sincere thank you to those who volunteered to participate in the Ontario Governor's Council. I have tried hard to ensure Chapteral representation and a mix of individuals with academic and community practice: Larry Bate, Brantford; Anne Kenshole, Toronto; Eric Leith, Ottawa; Mary Moore, London; and Ryuta Nagai, St. Catherines. The Immediate Past Governor, Dr. J. Silverberg of Toronto, and the Chapteral program director, Dr. Ted Toffelmire of Kingston, are both ex-officio members of the Council, as is the Canadian Associates Representative, Dr. Anil Gupta of London. Please feel free to contact myself or any of these Council members to provide us with input on College affairs. This new Governor's Council will have its first face to face meeting over breakfast at the beginning of our Annual Chapteral Meeting on February 25.

Annual Scientific Meeting of Ontario Chapter, February 25-26, 2000

At last year's Ontario Chapteral Meeting, we agreed that the best date for future meetings was the last weekend in February, hence the meeting dates of Friday, February 25 and Saturday, February 26, 2000. Unfortunately, the Marriott Hotel was not available, but I am delighted with the interest and attention shown by the Metropolitan Hotel on Chestnut Street in hosting our meeting. We hope the Metropolitan will serve us well and will become the long term host of the Chapteral Meeting. It has an extremely convenient downtown location, close to the color and charm of Chinatown, within easy access of the Toronto hospitals (a mixed blessing!) and has two fine Four Diamond restaurants - Hemispheres with its fine continental cuisine and Lia Wah Heem, considered by some the best Chinese restaurant in Toronto.

Our meeting was held in the elegant Mandarin ballroom and there is ample space for registration, booths for industry sponsors and nutrition breaks in the spacious foyer of the ballroom. And now to the best part! Ted Toffelmire and his Program Committee put together an outstanding program. We are delighted that all five Program Directors in Internal Medicine at the Western, McMaster, Toronto, Ottawa and Queen's residency programs will be speakers. Our Associates really appreciate this opportunity to get to know the other Program Directors better.

We had two very special guests at this year's meeting, Pierre Larochelle of Université de Montréal and CHUM, a long time friend and colleague in the area of Clinical Pharmacology/ Hypertension. Dr. Larochelle was recently elected the first Francophone Governor for Quebec, in succession to Dr. Peter McLeod of McGill and the Montreal General. Pierre hopes to activate Chapteral meetings in Quebec and is particularly interested in our Associates Program and Medical Trivia competition.

The representative of the ACP President to each Chapter's Annual Meeting is known as the College Representative or CR. This person is a member of the Board of Regents, the overall trustees of ACP. We are most fortunate to have Dr. Mary Herald, an Endocrinologist in private practice in New Jersey and an associate of Columbia University, as the official CR.

ACP Nominations Committee

Individual Governors are encouraged to participate in other College activities and I am privileged to sit for a two year term on the Nominations Committee. The Committee is chaired by another Canadian, Dr. Jock Murray, former Chair of the Board of Regents and my former boss as Dean of the Faculty of Medicine at Dalhousie University Medical School. This Committee is charged with preparing slates for national leadership positions including President-Elect, Chair-Elect of Board of Regents, Chair-Elect of Board of Governors. There are Regent nominees in two separate categories, namely former governors and those who have not been governors. The Regent nominees included a veritable "Who's Who of North American Medicine."

My personal experience was of two opposing emotional pulls, the first of elation at the extraordinary quality of individuals coming forward to lead our organization and the second of disappointment as the list was reduced to the final nominees who will go to the electorate shortly. It is unfortunate that only half of the final slate will be elected! North America medicine is indeed blessed to have such an outstanding cadre of highly qualified leaders in Internal Medicine that are truly committed to improving the quality of health care.

All of this will be important for Ontario members and Fellows next year. We begin our own process of electing my successor who officially becomes Governor-Elect in 2001 and then succeeds me following the Annual Meeting of 2002, for a four year term. The Immediate Past Governor, Dr. Jay Silverberg, has kindly agreed to chair the Nominations Committee.

Governor's Research Awards for Internal Medicine Residents

Congratulations to the 1999 recipients of a new Governor's Research Award to Associates in the core (PGY 1-3) years of training were as follows:

  • Queen's University - Mark Goldszmidt and Karen Doucette
  • University of Western Ontario - Rob Myers and Richard Townley

These awards are open to the residents at all five Medical Schools and I hope that there will be two nominees from each of the Schools in 2000. To qualify the recipients must be in their first 3 years of Internal Medicine training, have successfully competed at their Annual Resident Research Competition and be willing to submit their work to a National Competition such as the Fall Royal College or the Spring National ACP meeting. Inquiries are welcome for further information.

Recruitment of new Members and Fellows

There has never been a better time to join ACP given our new fees structure and the needs of Maintenance of Certification of the Royal College. The six Canadian Governors will be encouraging new members among the certificants in Internal Medicine of the RCPSC. You can do your bit in recommending ACP to colleagues and by bring forward names for advancement to Fellowship.

New Dean of Medicine at University of Toronto

It is with great pleasure that I note the continued presence of a Fellow of the American College of Physicians-American Society of Internal Medicine in the Deanery of Medicine at the University of Toronto. Dr. David Naylor, FACP, former director of ICES at Sunnybrook and Women's College Hospital, succeeded Dr. Arnie Aberman on July 1, 1999. David is a recent Fellow of ACP and I hope we can involve him in College affairs despite his extremely busy schedule. Congratulations, David!

Challenges and Opportunities for Ontario

I shall be bringing several items before our new Governor's Council. They include an investment in Student members, the development of Associates Council, greater activity in the area of awards for individuals, steps to regain our Chapter Administration Award and consideration of an Evergreen Application for chapter development. I am encouraged by opportunities for greater collaboration among Canadian chapters and I hope that we might even have our first all Canadian Associates Medical Trivia competition in 2001. On a grander scale, I would like to see us build on the globalization issues initiated by Jay Silverberg by working more closely with our colleagues in Central and South America and by enabling the ACP to establish a stronger relationship with organizations such as RCPSC and other Colleges and National Societies representing Internal Medicine and its subspecialities.

S. George Carruthers MD FACP
ACP Governor, Ontario Chapter

Congratulations to Our New Members

Kefaya Abulmalek, MD, Montreal, PQ
Sharon S Allan, MD, Victoria, BC
Khalid Al-Mekhaizeem, MD, Montreal, PQ
Raviqubal S Basi, MD, North Battleford, SK
Luc Michel Beauchesne, MD, Ottawa, ON
Mary C Bohn, MD, Southey, SK
Sanjeev Chander, MD,Nepean, ON
Yves Clouatre, MD, Rimouski, PQ
Kaberi Dasgupta, MD, CM, Amos, PQ
Badri Debay, MD, La Tuque, PQ
L Jonathan Eisenstat, MD, Toronto, ON
Nahid D Elyas, MD, Windsor, ON
David G Gamble, MD, CM, North Bay, ON
Paul S Gibson, MD, Winnipeg, MB
Gail Goldman, MD, Montreal, PQ
Shariq Haider, MD Windsor, ON
Marek J Jakubowski, MD, Parry Sound, ON
Richard M Jay, MD, Toronto, ON
Chrisostomos Kouroukis, MD, Hamilton, ON
Marc C Laroche, MD, Montreal, PQ
Lawrence Lim, MD, Edmonton, AB
Catherine A Link, MD, Calgary, AB
Andrew L MacDiarmid, MD, Winnipeg, MB
Rajesh R Mainra, MD, N Vancouver, BC
David Michael Meyrowitz, MD, Winnipeg, MB
Louise Moist, MD, London, ON
Bharat C Nathoo, MD,Unionville, ON
Dang Minh Nguyen, MD, Toronto, ON
Mireille Norris, MD, North York, ON
Rajbir S Pahil, MD, Sydney, NS
Janos Pataki, MD, Toronto, ON
John C Peterson, MD, Thornhill, ON
Dalton E Sholter, MD,Edmonton, AB
Catherine St-Pierre, MD, Outremont, PQ
Ananda Walaliyadda, MD, S Esk, NB
Tarun Wasil, MD, St Johns, NF
Kim Louise Wiebe, MD, Winnipeg, MB
Rita Wittmann, MD, Vancouver, BC
Anna Woo, MD, Toronto, ON
John C Yang, MD, Toronto, ON
Kenneth W Yuen, MD, Toronto, ON
Patrick A Zaidel, MD, Vancouver, BC
Khawar-Uz Zaman, MB, BS, Stephenville, NF

Congratulations to Our New Fellows

Eleanor Elstein, MD, Cote St. Luc, PQ
John M. Embil, MD, Winnipeg, MB
Talaat I. Farag, MBBCh, Halifax, NS
John D. Harnett, MBBCh, BAO, St. Johns, NF
Susan D. Huan, MD, Nepean, ON
Aly B. Khalil, MD, Mississauga, ON
Christopher S. Kovacs, MD, Paradise, NF
Yazdan Mirzanejad, MD, Winnipeg, MB
Ryuta Nagai, MD, St. Catharines, ON
Yogesh C. Patel, MD, Montreal, PQ
Sarkis Santikyan, MD, Laval, PQ
Maria Rosalia B. Tria Tirona, MD, Regina, SK
Lawrence H. Winkler, MD, Nanaimo, BC
H. C. George Wong, MD, Vancouver, BC

Connect With Members Through ACP's New Online Directory

Do you need to correspond with a member of the College, but find that you don't have his/her current mailing address? Use Member Connection, the College's new online membership directory, which is accessible to members-only via ACP Online.

Updated daily, the information in Member Connection is taken directly from the College's main membership database and can be used to search for colleagues by name, state, city, zip or postal code, country, Chapter or specialty.

Members who wish to be excluded from Member Connection must notify the College in writing. Members can obtain a Directory Exclusion Form on ACP Online, or by calling Customer Service at (800) 523-1546, ext. 2600, or (215) 351-2600 (9 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST.)

Maintenance of Certification of RCPSC

Canadian Members, Fellows and Masters who require ongoing Maintenance of Certification will be pleased to know that the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada has acknowledged that all Category 1 Credits approved for ACP educational activities, including actual hours engaged in MKSAP, will be acceptable to the Royal College. All Governors have been copied on this important communication.

Annual Session and the Canadian Governors' Reception for Canadian Members, Associates and Guests

The ACP invites you to celebrate the new millennium in the Birthplace of America, at Internal Medicine's premier educational event - Annual Session 2000, from April 13-16. From recertification courses to a history of medicine series, computer workshops to subspecialty updates, Annual Session 2000 guarantees you an abundance of educational and professional opportunities.

For the first time ever, the College's governing Boards have chosen a Clinical Theme for special emphasis in ACP educational programs - Emerging Antibiotic Resistance. Since antibiotic resistance is now a major threat to the health of people worldwide, numerous sessions will provide up-to-date information on this topic, strategies on how to reduce this threat and skills to enable physicians to resist the importuning of patients for inappropriate antibiotics for self-limited non-bacterial infections.

With the first set of time-limited internal medicine certificates due to expire in 2000, recertification will be the theme of a two-day Pre-Session Course. By providing an intensive review of core topics in internal medicine, this session will allow you to tailor your own curriculum to meet the upcoming examinations.

Other Annual Session highlights include a four-part series on the history of medicine, the ever-popular "Multiple Small Feedings of the Mind," Clinical Skills workshops and the Learning Center, as well as over 250 educational sessions.

Members are encouraged to register now for Annual Session 2000 to have the best selection of sessions requiring advance reservations, including workshops and the new "Meet and Eat with the Professor" sessions (informal breakfast and lunch sessions with distinguished faculty that provide opportunities to discuss recent advances and new developments in selected topics.) Requests are filled on a first-come, first-serve basis. For more information on Annual Session 2000, or to register, visit ACP Online or contact Customer Service at 800-523-1546, ext. 2600.

The reception this year will be held on Saturday, April 15, 6-8 p.m., at the Philadelphia Marriott - Salon K&L. The reception last year was highly successful and we are looking forward to seeing all our friends and colleagues from across the country and from our international associates who have trained in Canada. Again we are pleased to acknowledge the support from Bayer Canada to help us host this event.

Contact Us

S. George Carruthers, MD, FACP
ACP Governor, Ontario Chapter
The University of Western Ontario
Victoria Campus
375 South Street
London, ON M6A 4G5
Phone: (519) 667-6847; Fax (519) 667-6626
E-mail: medsgc@julian.uwo.ca

W. James Fenton, MD, FACP
ACP Governor-elect, Manitoba/Saskatchewan Chapter
Ste 203 Lakeview Place
3502 Taylor St East
Saskatoon, SK S7H 5H9
Phone: (306) 955-1818; Fax: (306) 955-0909
E-mail: jdfenton@home.com

Anthony (Tony) Fields, MD, FACP
ACP Governor, Alberta Chapter
11560 University Ave
Edmonton, AB T6G 1Z2
Phone: (780) 432-8763; Fax: (780) 432-8886
E-mail: alaf@cancerboard.ab.ca

Paul J. Handa, MD, FACP
ACP Governor, Atlantic Provinces Chapter
Dalhousie University
PO Box 5200
Saint John, NB E2L 4L4
Phone: (506) 648-6843; Fax: (506) 648-6841
E-mail: phanda@nbnet.nb.ca

Pierre LaRochelle, MD, FACP
ACP Governor, Quebec Chapter
Centre Hosp de'Univ Monreal
Campus Hotel-Dieu
3850 St. Urbain Street
Montreal, PQ H2W 1T8
Phone: (514) 843-2752; Fax: (514) 843-2741
E-mail: pierre.larochelle@umontreal.ca

David Ostrow, MD, FACP
ACP Governor, British Columbia Chapter
Vice President Clinical Services
Vancouver Hosp & Hlth
855 W. 12th Avenue
Vancouver, BC V5Z 1M9
Phone: (604) 875-5851; Fax: (604) 875-4550
E-mail: dostrow@vanhosp.bc.ca