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Manitoba/Saskatchewan Chapter

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May 2012 Karen L. McClean, MD, FRCPC, FACP, ACP Past Governor

From the Past Governor's Desk

Dr. McClean

At last, spring is just around the corner and with it, we recently completed the ACP meeting in New Orleans April 19-21. At the close of the meeting, I completed my term as Governor for the region, I would like to acknowledge with my thanks, the dedicated ACP staff for their support and all the day to day work that keeps everything working. I have enjoyed working with the student members, particularly the Manitoba student group which has been especially enthusiastic and creative. They will benefit from having a governor a little ‘closer to home’ for the next term. The dispersed nature of our membership does create a number of challenges, especially in terms of chapter meetings but the Rocky Mountain Internal Medicine meeting continues to be great meeting place for many members and a superb educational opportunity. In case you have not already marked your calendar for this event, it is scheduled for November 22 -25, 2012 at Banff Park Lodge.

I would like to remind those of you who have been members for at least two years to consider advancement to fellowship. Here is more information: If you have questions about advancement or need assistance in identifying fellows in your area who can propose and second your application, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Please join me in welcoming Dr. John Embil as Governor for the Manitoba – Saskatchewan Chapter.

Dr. Embil

John M. Embil, MD, FRCPC, FACP, ACP Governor,
Manitoba/Saskatchewan Chapter


Chapter News

Chapter membership (as of April 30, 2012)

Masters - 1
Fellows - 38
Members - 66
Associates - 57
Honorary Fellows - 0
Medical Student Members - 121
Physician Affiliates - 0
Total 283

The MBSK Chapter would like to welcome and congratulate the following:

New Fellows elected in the last 6 months:

Catherine Moltzan, MD, FACP - Winnipeg

New Members elected in the last 6 months:

Trevor Hutchison, MD – Winnipeg
Michael J Semus, MD – Winnipeg



We encourage all of our chapter members to recommend ACP Membership through ACP’s Recruit-a-Colleague Chapters Program. As you know, the College offers valuable membership benefits and services that enable us to stay at the forefront of our profession while uniting us with the worldwide internal medicine community.

Your colleagues can apply for Membership easily online at www.acponline.org/racc. If they enter your name on the recruiter line using this application, you will receive credit toward your 2012-2013 dues and have a chance to win a trip to Internal Medicine 2013 -- and our chapter will be recognized for your efforts with rewards. Just ask your colleagues to include your name on the recruiter line when you send them to the above link.

I hope you will strengthen our chapter by recommending ACP Membership today.


College News

New ACP Officers Assumed Positions on April 21, 2012

David L. Bronson, MD, FACP, ACP President
Pyllis A. Guze, MD, FACP, Chair, Board of Regents

Meet the 2012-13 ACP Leadership.


Governance Committee Seeks Regent and Treasurer Candidates for 2013. Nominations are due August 1, 2012. For more information, go here.


Submit Clinical Skills Proposals for Internal Medicine 2013

The Clinical Skills Subcommittee (CSC) is now accepting proposals for Internal Medicine 2013, April 11-13, 2013. The CSC welcomes all proposals but places a priority on interactive workshops that focus on the acquisition or improvement of physical examination skills, communication skills, and procedural skills. The CSC is most interested in workshops that have a high likelihood of changing physician behavior using proven teaching techniques or new and innovative teaching strategies that have yet to be tested.

To submit a proposal to the committee, please complete the Proposal for Internal Medicine 2013 application[PDF]. The deadline for proposals is May 21, 2012.


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