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May 2012 Neil E. Gibson, MSc, MD, FRCPC, FACP, ACP Governor

Governor's Forum

Dr. Gibson

Internal Medicine 2012 is over, and for those that attended, I think that you would agree that the sessions were generally excellent and applicable.

I am looking forward to Internal Medicine 2013 which will be in San Francisco in April of next year. I have included a calendar of pertinent meetings later in this newsletter.

My main reason for distributing this newsletter is to bring you up to date with some of the exciting changes and potential opportunities that are developing within ACP and have a potential Canadian context. The ACP remains a source of excellent educational materials and provides a forum within Canada to get together and discuss issues of mutual interest. I regularly communicate with my fellow Canadian chapter Governors and it is interesting to see what Internists across the country are doing in their clinical practices. The outcome of one of these discussions is to revitalize a Canadian Chapter reception at the San Francisco meeting of the ACP next year. More information will follow about this as we put together the details.

I received excellent input concerning the resolutions that were put before the Board of Governors. Many had limited relevance to the Canadian environment, but a number did have direct impact. In particular, the resolution calling for the designation of subspecialist internist (ie Cardiologist-Internist) was not approved by the Board and will not progress further. I will continue to circulate these resolutions to you for comment. In addition, if there are any resolutions that you would like to see considered by the ACP we can forward these for consideration. The deadline for these are four months before the Board of Governor meetings held twice yearly in September and April.

As always I would like to hear back from ACP members about we can be doing to bring a Canadian context to the chapter and to develop new initiatives within the chapter. I can be contacted at neil.gibson@ualberta.ca.


Call for Volunteers

One of the building blocks to having a successful chapter is to have a receptive leadership group. Until now we have maintained the Chapter with a minimum of involvement, but I would like to get more input to develop the Chapter to become more representative and responsive. Dr. Chris Mody has consented to remain involved after his term of Governor as the Treasurer, but I would like to get more involvement and input. The time requirement is less than onerous and would involve brief electronic or teleconference meetings every couple of months and once a year in person at the Rocky Mountain Meeting. The immediate requirements would be for a Membership representative, a Member or Fellow from the University of Alberta and University of Calgary to act as local liaison; as well as a student or Associate representative from each institution. In addition, I would appreciate Ex Officio representation from the community settings across the Chapter such as Red Deer, Fort McMurray, Grande Prairie, Lethbridge, Medicine Hat, etc.

If there is interest, let me know and I can go over the position details in more depth. I guarantee that the time and effort will be minimal but worthwhile!


Save The Date

Upcoming Internal Medicine meetings of interest:

Canadian Society of Internal Medicine (CSIM) Annual Meeting 17 – 20 Oct 2012 Quebec City www.csimonline.com

Rocky Mountain Internal Medicine (RMIM) Conference 22-25 Nov 2012 ACP Chapter meeting included, discount for Students and Associates Banff, AB www.rockymountaininternalmed.com

American College of Physicians (ACP) Internal Medicine 2013 9 – 13 Apr 2013 San Francisco, CA www.acponline.org


ACP International Fellowship Exchange Program

The ACP has established an International Fellowship that will consist of the subsidization of an International student to participate in a one month observership in the USA or Canada. The focus of this Fellowship is in Women’s Health. Currently there are no Canadian sites for this Fellowship, and I can think of a number of sites that might be appropriate for this endeavour. If you might be interested, the full details of the program can be found here.


New Membership Category

ACP is working on a new Affiliate Member category that would allow non-Internist MD’s to join the ACP to access the ACP suite of educational materials. This category of membership would be non-voting and could not hold office in the organization, but would allow access to all the ACP educational materials including the Annals. I do believe that Family Physicians may find this useful, and I have contacted the Canadian College of Family Practice to see whether MAINPRO credits could be accumulated accordingly. Please distribute this information to your Family Practice colleagues and let me know if there is any interest.


Progression to Fellowship

One of the benefits of ACP membership is to progress within the organization and have your expertise validated and recognized by progressing to the Fellowship level. This allows you to use the post-nominals FACP and is recognized across the world as a marker of your expertise. If you are interested in becoming a Fellow, please refer to the ACP website for further information, or contact me directly. I will be contacting current members about this opportunity in the near future.


Request for Master Nominations

At the time of writing the Alberta chapter has only one Master within the chapter despite having numerous individuals that would qualify for this honour. I would request that you think about deserving members that you think would be appropriate for this designation and let me know in order to begin the process of nomination. The details of the requirements and nomination for this award are listed here.

I sincerely believe that there are numerous deserving individuals within the Alberta Chapter and we should propose these candidates accordingly.


Parting Thoughts

I have had a number of ideas that I would request your input for. Please let me know if these are way off base or if they have some validity:

  1. Chapter subsidization for travel and accommodation of Student or Associate members presenting posters at ACP meetings in Banff or ACP annual meetings
  2. Establishment of Student/Associate sub chapters at U of A and U of C with meetings subsidized by the Chapter
  3. A social get together +/- scientific session outside of the RMIM meeting
  4. Closer liaison with CSIM and the AMA Internal Medicine Section
  5. A survey to determine the reasons that Canadian Internists join the ACP

The summer is soon upon us, and I hope that you have time to vacation and enjoy the good weather. I will commit to producing this newsletter on a regular basis in the ensuing years, usually prior to, or after a Board of Governor’s meeting to update you on happenings within ACP.

Have a good summer!

Neil E. Gibson MSc, MD, FACP, FRCPC neil.gibson@ualberta.ca