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Vaccine Payment Bill May Be Vetoed - Take Action NOW

September 24, 2010

AB 2093 (M. Pérez), was approved by the Legislature and is on the Governor's desk awaiting his signature. Write to him TODAY and let him know the importance of adequate vaccine payment by personalizing this letter and faxing or mailing in your support for AB 2093. The Governor needs to hear from EVERY Internist in the state about the importance of maintaining access to vaccines.

Letters can be faxed to 916-558-3177 or mailed to:

The Honorable Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger
State Capitol Building
Sacramento, CA 95814

Dear Governor Schwarzenegger,

AB 2093 (M. Perez), a bill co-sponsored by the California Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics, the California Medical Association and the California Association of Physician Groups, has recentely been approved by the legislature. It would require a health care service plan or health insurer providing coverage for childhood immunizations to adequately pay a physician or physician group for the cost of administering a vaccine. Since vaccines are an important and routinely provided public service, it is essential that physicians/physician groups be reimbursed for this cost. As you know, vaccines play an important role in maintaining public health and averting costly healthcare services/hospitization. Administering vaccines without adequate physician reimbursement causes financial hardship and could lead to a decreased number of physicians able to continue to provide this essential service to their patients.

The California Chapter of the American College of Physicians supports AB 2093 and we respectfully request your support by approving this bill.

Page updated: 09-27-10

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