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California Medical Associate House of Delegates

Dear California ACP Member,

There are still two spots available for anyone wanting to serve as an alternate delegate to the California Medical Association House of Delegates on behalf of the California ACP (CalACP) Specialty Delegation to the CMA. The meeting is October 2-4 in Sacramento, CA. CalACP will reimburse reasonable travel and accommodation expenses. NOTE: You must be a CMA member to participate.

The business of the House of Delegates consists primarily of resolutions and recommendations submitted by the delegations that comprise the House or by individual members thereof. Each item of business is assigned to a "reference committee," consisting of six members of the House, which conducts a hearing to receive testimony for or against the proposal from other CMA members and delegates/alternates. The committee then formulates recommendations for action by the full House, which votes to adopt, reject, amend or refer (for further study or for decision by the Board of Trustees) each recommendation. The House of Delegates exemplifies CMA's truly democratic governance.

If you are interested in participating as an alternate delegate, please contact me ASAP at CalifACP@aol.com or 760-747-0014.

Natalie Kaczur
Executive Director

Page updated: 10-25-10

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