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Cal-ACP News and Views

November 9, 2010

Dear California ACP Members,

The California Chapter of the American College of Physicians Services (Cal-ACP) is please to introduce "Cal-ACP News and Views," the first in a series of quarterly newsletters published by Cal-ACP. Our goal with this publication is to provide our members with news relating to our statewide advocacy efforts. We plan on including key information discussed at our quarterly Board of Directors meetings as well as other information that will keep our members apprised of important/timely issues. We want this to be a member-driven publication. As such, we look forward to any feedback, comments or suggestions from you on the content of this newsletter. You may email me.

You can access this newsletter on our California ACP Web site.


Natalie K. Kaczur
Executive Director

Page updated: 11-19-10

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