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Governor's Newsletter - May 2000

From the Governor

The ACP-ASIM Brazil Chapter, with its Members and Fellows, received the most profound congratulations from the ACP-ASIM by being awarded both the 2000 Chapter Management Award and the ACP-ASIM Special Recognition Award during Annual Session, in Philadelphia, April 12, 2000. These awards are the results of the successful efforts and accomplishments of our Council, Committees and Membership. Our work and endeavors have been recognized by the USA leadership, with the endorsement of all other Latin American and Canadian Chapters. Brazil has continuously gained respect and recognition for the results of its constructive and cooperative medical and scientific activities. We should continue not to fear the fear and to believe that our work will bring progressive medical development to our Chapter. Those achievements have not been unnoticed here and abroad.

Philadelphia 2000 Spring Board of Governors Meeting and Annual Session

The new millennium meetings in Philadelphia were involved with the spirit of the American Independence. Every year, more attendees register for the Annual Session and last month, over 2,200 members became new Fellows of the ACP-ASIM during the prestigious and pompous Convocation Ceremony. They were from all over the world.

The Brazil Chapter participated in the Official Program and the Board of Governors meetings, which included discussion of themes pertinent to the Latin American Governors. College products such as the Clinical Practice Guidelines, the Ethics Manual and the Clinical Skills Modules, were translated into Spanish and will soon be available to interested members. There are efforts to establish a joint Web site for Latin America Chapters and to post online the Annals of Internal Medicine in Spanish. The Mini-Fellowships are becoming a reality and within a year, ways of implementing them will be delineated as financial resources consolidate. This project will restore the Latin American and North American Exchange Programs in Internal Medicine.

John Noble, MD, FACP, coordinated the International Activities Sessions, where important cooperative world programs in medicine were discussed. There is a growing desire of the International Societies of Internal Medicine to work more closely with the ACP-ASIM. The Human Genome Project and its implications for health and research was debated in depth leading to many yet unsolved questions and to a great hope for solving, in the years to come, several of the current medical problems. Research on medical errors and the scope of this problem, with tips to help preventing them, were also discussed and new ideas might be implemented soon. Emerging antibiotic resistance, adult immunization and new treatment options for Type II Diabetes were some of the highlights of this Annual Session. As usual, the scientific quality of the meeting was superb and it was very up-to-date with presentations on the latest research developments.

ACP-ASIM Brazil Chapter 2000 Annual Session

The Brazil Chapter will hold its 9th Annual Scientific Session, August 11-12, 2000, in the Convention Center of the Sofitel Rio Palace Hotel, in Rio de Janeiro. This meeting will be preceded on August 10 by a whole day of a Pre-Congress Course. This year's theme is "Gastroenterology for the Internists." From the ACP-ASIM headquarters in the USA, we will have strong support with the presence of two eminent Professors of Medicine with major skills in GI related diseases, including the elderly. The Professors are:

Rowen K. Zetterman, MD, FACP, President-Elect of the American College of Gastroenterology; Chairman of the ACP-ASIM Board of Regents; and Head of the Liver Transplant Unit and Professor of Internal Medicine and Gastroenterology of the University of Nebraska.

William J. Hall, MD, FACP, ACP-ASIM President-Elect; and Head of the Geriatrics Unit and Professor of Internal Medicine of the University of Rochester, NY.

Dr. Zetterman will attend as the College Representative and Dr. Hall as the International Guest Speaker. The Scientific Program Chair is Prof. Adolpho Milech, MD and the Meeting Coordinator is Prof. Marcus Tulio Haddad, MD, both from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro. The Scientific Committee is composed of Sergio E. Allan, MD, FACP; Luiz Lamy, MD; Jorge R. Spitz, MD; Mauro Geller, MD, FACP; Isaac Benchimol, MD; Elias Knobel, MD, FACP; and Morton A. Scheinberg, MD, FACP.

The following ACP-ASIM Fellows and Member will be granted the year 2000 awards:

ACP-ASIM Laureate Award - Nelson Albuquerque de Souza e Silva, MD, FACP, Chair of Cardiology of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro.

ACP-ASIM Distinguished Internist Award - Jorge Luis Gross, MD, FACP, Chair of Internal Medicine and Head of Endocrinology of the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul.

ACP-ASIM Merit Award - Joao Ferreira de Mello, MD, Head of the Department of Allergy and Immunology of the Hospital do Servidor Publico de São Paulo.

Several eminent Professors of Gastroenterology and Internal Medicine and its subspecialties from various Brazilian states, will also participate in this Annual Session. We invite you all to come. Soon the preliminary program will be sent to the Membership.

ACP-ASIM Mission, Goals and Core Values


To enhance the quality and effectiveness of health care by fostering excellence and professionalism in the practice of medicine.


I. To establish and promote the highest clinical standards and ethical ideals;

II. To be the foremost comprehensive education and information resource for all internists;

III. To advocate responsible positions on individual health and on public policy relating to health care for the benefit of the public, our patients, the medical profession, and our members;

IV. To serve the professional needs of the membership and advance internal medicine as a career;

V. To promote and conduct research to enhance the quality of practice, the education and continuing education of internists, and the attractiveness of internal medicine to physicians and the public; and

VI. To recognize individual excellence and distinguished contributions to internal medicine.

Core Values

Leadership - We provide guidance and inspiration through education, information, policy development, and advocacy for patients.

Excellence - We set and maintain the highest ethical and professional standards for ourselves and our programs.

Respect - We embrace the dignity and uniqueness of every human being.

Compassion - We are sensitive and empathetic to the needs of others.

Professionalism - We work with expertise, commitment, and diligence, serving others before ourselves.

New Brazil Chapter Members

Congratulations and best wishes to the following new ACP-ASIM Members of our Chapter:

  • Thomas H. Reif, MD, Belo Horizonte, MG
  • Cesar Prinzac, MD, Rio de Janeiro, RJ
  • Herlon S. Martins, MD, São Paulo, SP
  • Mendel Schumacher Neto, MD, Niteroi, RJ

Governor's Memorandum

To: ACP-ASIM Brazil Chapter Membership
From: Mario Geller, MD, FACP/Governor
Subject: New Elections

As you know, my term as Governor for the College of your Chapter will expire in April, 2002. There are no re-elections in the ACP-ASIM. A Governor-elect will need to be named in 2001, to take office as Governor at the conclusion of the USA Annual Business Meeting in 2002. Therefore we are now starting the democratic process for electing my successor. I am soliciting our Members and Fellows (Associates and Students are not eligible) to forward in June of this year, confidential potential names of Fellows or Masters (Members cannot be candidates) for this position to the Chair of the Local Nominations Committee:

Sergio E. Allan, MD, FACP
Rua Siqueira Campos 93 - 9° andar. Copacabana.
Rio de Janeiro. RJ. 22031-070
Phone: (021) 548-5445
Fax: (021) 256-8982
E-mail: allan@esquadro.com.br

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