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Governor's Newsletter June/July 2002

Richard W. Carlson, MD, PhD, FACP
Governor, Arizona Chapter

Fall Chapter Meeting a Success

The 2001 Fall Arizona Chapter Meeting was held at the Sheraton El Conquistador in Tucson on November 16-18. Dr. Ana Maria Lopez was Program Director. A highlight of the meeting was a presentation on "Bioterrorism" by Peter Kelly, MD, FACP. Raymond Woosley, MD, PhD, FACP, the new Vice President for Health Sciences at the University of Arizona, in an impromptu appearance, gave his vision for the University of Arizona.

More than 40 Associate posters were displayed from Arizona internal medicine residency programs. The Poster Winner was Kent Meredith, MD, University Medical Center with "Diastolic Dysfunction as a Determinant for Increased Left Atrial Diameter and Atrial Fibrillation." The Vignette Winner was Cheryl W. O'Malley, MD, of Good Samaritan Regional Medical Center, with "A Case From Out of the Blue." The first recipient of the PGY-1 Poster Award was Robert Thomas, MD, from Mayo Clinic Scottsdale, with "Turtles, Frogs, Snakes, and an Ice-Cold Glass of Raw Milk."

A special "track" for Associates featured Brian Sabowitz, MD, Member and Gail Barker, as well as the College Representative, Rowen Zetterman, MD, MACP. Other presentations included "Recertification, An Insider's Perspective," Arizona Telemedicine Experience, Inequalities in Health Care, Tuberculosis, and updates on Chemotherapy, Hepatitis C and Cardiology. Immediate Past Governor, Michael Grossman, MD, FACP, received the Chapter's Laureate Award.

Community Based Teaching Program

During the summer of 2001, in cooperation with the University of Arizona College of Medicine, the Chapter sponsored five first year students in rural health settings. Outstanding internists throughout the state have participated in this program and during 2001 the following students were mentored:

Student Mentors Location
Faridy Cocco Bill Firth, MD Wickenburg
Jessica Chodos Devin Mikles, MD Sedona
Ruth Franks Brian Sabowitz, MD Lake Havasu City
Ben Martel Steve Savoia, MD Cibecue/Whiteriver
Mahmood Vahedian Yull Arriaga, MD Douglas
  Gilmer Rodriguez, MD Douglas


We are grateful for the dedication and talent of these physicians. Students who have completed these externships have given glowing reports of their experiences, and may have rededicated themselves to a career in internal medicine.

For 2002, the program has been expanded, and the Arizona Chapter is sponsoring six students. The students and mentors participating are: Yamini Banerjee and Dr. William Firth (Wickenburg), Connie Funk and Dr. Ismail Bokhari (Kingman), Regina Ross and Dr. Steve Savoia (Whiteriver/Cibecue), Chip Schmier and Dr. William Merrell (Prescott), Anna Woodruff-Humphreys and Dr. Devin Mikles (Sedona), and Wendy Kulin and Dr. Scott Hamlin (Springerville). At a luncheon on April 5 the below pictured student recipients of 2002 externships were honored:

ACP-ASIM Annual Meeting: Philadelphia, April 2002

A number of physicians from Arizona participated in the Annual Symposium held in Philadelphia. Drs.O'Malley and Meredith presented at the Associates' competition, and Dr. O'Malley won the Clinical Vignette Category with a certificate and cash prize from the College. Congratulations! Dr. Michael Grossman, FACP, Immediate Past Governor, Arizona Chapter was recognized for his Laureate Award and the Chapter was cited for a Chapter Management Award.

Several physicians were inducted as Fellows at the Convocation, including Drs. Bernadette Arnecke, Farrell Lloyd, John Post, and Daniel Walton. In addition, Dr. Cynthia McNamara was to have participated, but was unable to attend. Also marching with the Arizona party as a newly honored Fellow was Dr. Allan Markus, who joined the faculty at St. Joseph's Medical Center recently from Massachusetts.

Dr. Seymour Reichlin of Tucson was honored by the College for outstanding work in science as related to medicine for his pioneering work in neuroendocrinology. Dr. George Sarosi, currently in Indianapolis, but former Chairman of Medicine at Maricopa Medical Center, was honored as a Master of the College and the Distinguished Teacher Award by the College.

Many physicians, medical students and guests attended the reception hosted by the Chapter at the Philadelphia Marriott. In addition, the Chapter helped sponsor David Zamara, second year medical student at the University of Arizona College of Medicine, to attend the Annual Session. Mr. Zamara has been very active in the Internal Medicine Club at the university, and is a member of the Governor's Council. He was recently elected to the National Council of Student Members for ACP-ASIM.

Governors and Regents Address Recertification Issues with ABIM - College to Expand Recertification Negotiations

Taken from the April 2002 Observer article by Phyllis Maguire

The Board of Regents decided that the College will expand the scope of its recertification negotiations with the American Board of Internal Medicine. The Regents approved a package of recertification resolutions sent by the Board of Governors. Those recommendations call for the College to endorse multiple pathways for recertification and to advocate for less onerous requirements for dual certification.

The Regents sent a clear signal that negotiations with the ABIM need to continue. The ABIM has already modified its proposed recertification format to include the possibility of substituting MKSAP and other educational materials from subspecialty organizations for its own self-evaluation modules. The approved recommendations will continue to build on those changes.

Many of the approved recommendations now go directly to the negotiating team for implementation in ABIM negotiations. Among other provisions, the Regents approved the following recommendations:

  • The College will work with the ABIM to establish multiple pathways to recertification, one of which would include a secure exam;

  • ACP-ASIM will encourage subspecialists to recertify both in their subspecialty and general internal medicine and work to remove cost and time barriers in multiple recertification;

  • The College will advocate that internists be allowed to substitute other educational resources—MKSAP or materials prepared by subspecialty societies—for all ABIM self-evaluation modules. ACP-ASIM will also work to make ABIM's proposed continuous professional development program and patient evaluation module optional;

  • The College will work to ensure that recertification is relevant to physicians in a variety of practice settings;

  • To ensure member representation, the College's negotiating team with the ABIM will include the Chair of the Board of Governors, as well as a Governor who serves on the Education Committee;

  • The College will work to make sure that all recertification components are tested for value.

Furthermore, the Regents approved a separate recommendation that endorses developing accountable, literature-based continuous medical education, which could be presented as a possible recertification pathway. That recommendation will be forwarded to the Education Committee for further study.

Recertification in internal medicine became mandatory for all internists and subspecialists who originally certified in 1990 or after. ACP-ASIM members began voicing strong concerns about the program when the College began negotiating with the ABIM for changes.

Governors Vote For Name Change

The Board of Governors recommended that the College revert to its pre-merger name of the American College of Physicians (ACP). Governors also adopted recommendations to minimize costs associated with a name change.

Arizona Governor's Associate Council Formed/Governor's Council Expanded

In cooperation with the Program Directors of the six Arizona internal medicine residency programs, a Council of Associates has been formed for Arizona. Representatives from each of the residency programs will serve on the Council, which is designed to give the Associate members of the state a greater voice in Chapter activities and to ensure that the Chapter is meeting their needs. Representatives selected from each of the internal medicine programs include:

Program Council Representative
Good Samaritan Cheryl O'Malley, MD
Maricopa Medical Center Chad Hammad, MD and Dat Tran, MD
Mayo Clinic Scottsdale Daniel Roberts, MD
St. Joseph's Lindley Bliss, MD
THMEP Prabhdeep "DP" Sethi, MD
University Medical Center Ashish Sadhu, MD


The Governor's Council has also been expanded. New members include: Drs. Robert Aaronson (Program Director, THMEP), Philip Fracica (St. Joseph's), Richard Gross (University of Arizona), Alan Leibowitz (Program Director, Good Samaritan), Philip Lyng (Program Director, Mayo Clinic), Brian Sabowitz (Private Practice, Lake Havasu), Dave Wisinger (Program Director, Maricopa Medical Center). We welcome these members to the Council with the hope that they will bring new focus and augmented representation to the Council.

Fall Chapter Meeting

The Fall 2002 Arizona Chapter Meeting will be held October 25-26-27, 2002, at the Mayo Clinic Scottsdale with Dr. Ray Keate as Program Chairman. Arrangements have been made to utilize the Clinic facility for the scientific sessions. The Courtyard Marriott located at the entrance of the Mayo Clinic property has agreed to a room rate of $99 per night. This year's meeting will again feature an "Associates Track" as well as a full program for students, Associates, Members, Fellows, and Masters beginning Friday afternoon October 25 through noon on Sunday October 27. The Program Committee is currently planning the meeting. Please reserve these dates and plan to attend!

Annual Session- 2003

Mark your calendars now for Annual Session in San Diego: April 3-6, 2003. For more information contact the Philadelphia office at 1-800-523-1546.

E-newsletter For Members

A new monthly electronic newsletter for College members will debut on May 1, 2002. The newsletter will cover new College programs, products and services, and will also keep members updated on ACP-ASIM's advocacy efforts on behalf of internists. The nearly 50,000 members who have provided the College with their email addresses will receive the newsletter the first Wednesday of each month; recipients will have the opportunity to opt-out of receiving the publication at any time.

The newsletter will provide brief articles (two to three paragraphs) about College activities and services that directly affect members. Readers who wish to learn more about a particular topic will be referred to more information on the Web (when available). Members who do not have email may also access the newsletter on ACP-ASIM Online. For more information please contact Allison Ewing at (800-523-1546, ext. 2649) or (aewing@acponline.org).

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