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July 2012

Message from the Governor

Dr. Lopez

Dear Colleagues,

Temperatures in the 100s, smell of sunscreen in the air and thoughts of beaches and cooler climes fill our night-time and daytime dreams, yes, it is summer in Arizona. IM 2012 is behind us, Leadership Day 2012 is behind us, half the year is behind us and the last year of my Governorship is ahead. I want to start by thanking you for the tremendous privilege and honor of being your Governor and being of service to you, the American College of Physicians Arizona Chapter. Since my first introduction to the College as a resident, I have been committed to its principles simply because of you, the members. Your intelligence, thoughtfulness, caring and compassion engaged me then and has engaged me ever since. Thank you!

The time has passed quickly. Like all aspects of medicine, the Chapter is committed to continuous quality improvement. We can always be better and so we strive always to be better. This continuous process of self-reflection and goal setting has served our committee structure well. The committees have set goals, made progress towards those goals and have achieved! I am personally grateful to all of you who have volunteered your time on behalf of the Chapter. Your contributions are appreciated. Thank you!

The Chapter’s biggest inspiration is our students because, as I often tell them, they are our future. The students have their own committee, have representation on the Governor’s Council, have created a virtual community of students across all of Arizona’s institutions, have developed Facebook communication and have most recently had their work recognized nationally with the statewide medical student journal club being the recipient of a 2012 John Tooker Evergreen Award. Two of our students serve on national ACP Committees: Lindsay Merritt, OS III (A.T. Still School of Osteopathic Medicine) is Chair of the Council of Students and Salma Patel MSIII (UA COM-Phoenix) is regional representative to the Council of Associates. Thank-you!

But “there are miles to go” – what lies ahead?

A potpourri of goals remains. ACP Arizona will go on the road. We want to hear what is important to you. If you have thoughts, suggestions on how this process can succeed or what pitfalls may lay ahead, please let me know. ACP Arizona will reach out to every graduating resident and medical student to wish you well on this next phase of your journey and to facilitate your transition into the next phase of College membership. ACP Arizona will nurture our members by providing a state of the art educational program at the annual chapter meeting, leadership opportunities through the LEAD program, guidance through the FACP application process and mentorship across all membership categories. ACP Arizona will continue its patient-centered advocacy efforts by building bridges with other professional societies and serving as a voice of sound science and reason. ACP Arizona will continue to strive to be your professional home by promoting collegiality and being both a good listener and voice to your goals and interests.

In this, my last year, Dr. James Felicetta, will begin his Governor-Elect year, Dixie Swan is our new Executive Director and Teri Harnish is doing an excellent job preparing for our annual Chapter Meeting in November. I am committed to a smooth transition. Chapter records are housed electronically whenever possible and include checklists, calendars and templates so that the Chapter’s institutional memory is safe and accessible. Orientation efforts are underway and you may be assured that the Chapter will be in excellent hands.

2012-2013 promises to be another fruitful year for you, the Chapter, our members. Please be in touch with your thoughts and ideas. There is more work to be done and your insights, perspectives and efforts are invaluable to the Chapter as we continue to move forward/

Thank you!

Ana Maria Lopez, MD, MPH, FACP
Governor, ACP Arizona


Internal Medicine 2012 in New Orleans

It was wonderful to see so many of you in New Orleans at Internal Medicine 2012 in New Orleans on April 18 – 20, 2012. Many congratulations are in order!

The Chapter recognizes and congratulates our newest Master, James Dalen MD, MPH, MACP. Dr. Dalen is Dean Emeritus and Professor Emeritus at the University of Arizona College of Medicine. He is now the Executive Director of the Weil Foundation and is the 11th Master in the state of Arizona. The Chapter warmly recognizes him, his accomplishments and all that he has done for ACP Arizona! For more information about Dr. Dalen please visit the Chapter’s “Celebrating the Masters” website.

Several Arizona physicians were elected to ACP Fellowship. Fellowship is an honor achieved by those recognized by their peers for personal integrity, superior competence in internal medicine, professional accomplishment, and demonstrated scholarship.

Congratulations to Fellows elected in the past year:

Shaghayegh Hakemi Abdollahi, MD, FACP
Rosemary S. Browne, MD, FACP
William Gordon Elliott, DO, FACP
Janet L. Funk, MD, FACP
Kathleen E. Gibson, MD, FACP
Stewart M. Hamilton, MD, FACP
Lokesh K. Jha, MBBS, FACP
Shireen Jindani, MD, FACP
Ravitharan Krishnadasan, MD, FACP
Johnny Y. Mei, MD, FACP
Rufina Pamela Mae T. Miel, MD, FACP
Denise M. Millstine, MD, FACP
Jyoti R. Patel, MD, FACP
Daniel L. Roberts, MD, FACP
Marie A. Russell, MD, FACP
Mark R. Wallace, MD, FACP
Ying Wang, MD, FACP
Gordon K. Watson, MD, FACP
Kevin W. Wilson, DO, FACP

new fellows
ACP-Arizona Fellows who marched in IM 2012 Convocation with Dr. Lopez

ACP Arizona was well-represented in the Associates Poster and Abstracts competition. In the ACP Arizona competition, Dr. Nicolas Sparacino, DO, was the AZ Chapter First Place Oral Vignette Winner, and Nduka-Obi F. Ossai, MBBS, Physicians Hospital was the AZ Chapter First Place Research Poster Winner.

We were honored to have Chapter Members represent our Chapter for the Associate and Medical Student Abstract Competition in New Orleans. They were:

Onyee Chan, Medical Student - Clinical Research Poster Participant
Peter V. Cherian, MD, Associate - Clinical Vignette Poster Participant

ACP Arizona was honored with the John Tooker Evergreen Award in recognition of the medical student statewide journal club. The award was accepted by Ana Maria Lopez, MD, MPH, FACP, ACP Arizona Governor, and Lindsey Merritt, OS III, ATSU-SOMA.


Lindsey Merritt is the new Chair of the ACP Council of Students!

Lindsey Merritt
Lindsey Merritt

Lindsey is originally from southern California and now attends Medical School at A. T. Still University-School of Osteopathic Medicine in Mesa, Arizona. Lindsey plans to enter an Internal Medicine residency and hopes to go on to Sub-specialize in Gastroenterology.

When asked how she became involved in ACP Medical School student activities, Lindsey said that she thought there is “…no better way to be introduced to and become involved in medicine than to get involved in your school's Internal Medicine Interest Group (IMIG).” Consequently, she co-founded the IMIG at her school and became its co-President.

It was a logical progression for Lindsey to become interested in national activities which led her to her recent position as Chair of the Council of Students Members (CSM)! As the Chair, Lindsey will lend her enthusiasm to support the CSM's goal for the year which is to increase student membership and involvement in ACP, at the local, state and national levels.


Board of Governors Update

ACP Arizona submitted 3 resolutions for consideration at the Board of Governors (BOG) meeting in April.

The International Medical Graduates submitted Resolution 5-S11. Investigating Possible Work-Related Abuses for Physicians Working Under the Conrad-30 Program. After vigorous discussion, the BOG voted to adopt the resolution and recommended that the resolution be presented by the ACP delegation to the AMA for further implementation. Congratulations!

Although ACP Arizona resolutions: 2-S12, Exploring the Expansion of the Federal Tort Claims Act to Include all Primary Care Physicians, and 3-S12, Exploring the Benefits and Risks of Recognizing all Valid State Medical Licenses and Adopting a National Licensure for Primary Care Physicians were not adopted, the topics were timely, the discussion was thoughtful and several Governors commented that they were topics that needed to be raised and were glad that YOU raised them.

Well Done!


Call for Spring 2013 Board of Governor’s Resolutions due by September 20

Are you concerned about a practice or clinical issue or have an idea you'd like to suggest? Please consider submitting a resolution! Resolutions are the way your voice is heard at the national level and allows you to shape College policy.

Not sure where to begin? Contact ACP Arizona. Research ACP’s positions. Consider how well your idea fits ACP's Mission and Goals. Review the College's Strategic Plan for guidance. Visit the ACP Online homepage and click the "Advocacy" link in the right-hand, top margin to access ACP policy positions, read about recent ACP advocacy activities, or search the ACP's Public Policy Virtual Library (PPVL). Visit your chapter website and click the link under "Advocacy" to access Electronic Resolutions System (ERS) where you can search past or proposed resolutions. A copy of the resolutions process is available on the ERS which furnishes more details on formatting resolutions, as well the process for submission, review, and approval.

Once drafted, the resolution will be reviewed by the Governor’s Council. To be heard at the Spring 2013 Board of Governors’ Meeting, please contact ACP Arizona by August 15, 2012. Look forward to your outstanding ideas!


“Choosing Wisely” Campaign

Ripples of the College’s high value cost conscious care are everywhere! The ABIM Foundation, in cooperation with nine specialty societies including the ACP, recently announced the “Choosing Wisely” campaign. Each specialty society has created a ‘Top 5’ list of studies/interventions which although often commonly practiced do not have the evidence-base to demonstrate efficacy. The list is on the ABIM Foundation website and can be accessed here.


ACP-AZ Committee Reports

Medical Students:

Chair: Salma Patel Co-chair: Mateja Lekic

The first A.T. Still Kansas College of Medicine (KCOM) hosted Internal Medicine Interest Group Journal Club was held on April 11 on the topic of “Acute Coronary Syndromes.” Discussion was lively and enjoyed by all participants. Our next journal club will be hosted in the Fall. If you would like to participate in the student Journal Club, please contact Dixie.

The Internal Medicine Student Association (IMSA) (Tucson Chapter) is working together with the IM Department at the University of Arizona Health Network Medical Center in a pilot Resident-Medical Student Mentoring program. The goal of the program is to expose students to various settings with a broader understanding of internal medicine. The mentors are an invaluable resource to learning about the IM clerkship, residency, and USMLE preparation.

Each student committee on each campus is planning lunch talks next year with case-based with the lecturer explaining clinical relevance. If you would like to work with our terrific students, please contact Dixie Swan, ACP Arizona Executive Director.

Each school has been encouraged to post their events on the Chapter’s Facebook page, so keep your eyes open for interesting items there.



Chair: Mohan Kumar, MD

Congratulations to all graduating internal medicine residents! ACP Arizona is proud of you and looks forward to facilitating your transition to fellow or practicing physician. Keep up the excellent work!!

2012 Arizona Internal Medicine Resident Graduates

Resident Graduates
From the University of Arizona, University Physician Hospital, Left to right – Shubh Preet Kaur (Chief), Nalini Tirumalasetty, Naktal Hamoud, Billy Hour, Ishna Poojary, Stephen Njoroge, Nduka-Obi Ossai, Sunitha Rao, Sadik Sharef.

University Physician Hospital

Naktal Hamoud, MBChB
Billy Hour, MD
Stephen Njoroge, MBChB
Nduka-obi Ossai, MBBS
Ishna Poojary, MD
Sunitha Rao, MD
Sadik Sharef, MBBCh
Nalini Tirumalasetty, MBBS

Maricopa Integrated Health Systems

Ali Al-Yaqoobi, MBChB
Dilip Anmangandla, MD
Rasheedat Arojojoye, MBBS
Suha Ayoub, MBBS
Morvarid Ebrahimi, MD
Scott Haferkamp, MD
Waddah Hajja, MD
Marilyne Hepie, MD
Jonathan Jarvina, MD
Lac Le, MD
Masoom Modi, MD
Muzna Naqvi, MBBS
Depinder Singh, MD
Matthew Skinner, MD
Dharmashree Sreedhar, MBBS
Suhair Stipho, MBChB
James Thomson, MD
Carmen Torres, MD

Banner Good Samaritan Medical Center

Hamed Abbaszadegan, MD
Gordon Beh, MD
David Beutler, DO
Brian Cooper, DO
James Deer, MD
Angela Felix, DO
Michael Foley, DO
Nilda Franco,MD
John Kim, MD
Michelle Kim, DO
Kristin Lane, DO
Gerard Leahy, MD
Michael Mortensen, DO
Abdul Nuristani, MD
Che Ornelas, MD
Elijah Poulos, MD
Sandra Till, DO
Yolanda Villalvazo, MD, MPH
Sara Wordingham, MD
Jay Yuan, MD
Rebecca Zaner, DO
Melissa Del Castillo, MD
Benjamin Hendrickson, MD
Roni Jacobsen, MD
Albert Lai, MD
Raegan Vanderput, MD
Corina Veatch, MD

Mayo Clinic Arizona

Kathryn Bollin, MD
Mark Campbell, MD
Benjamin Dangerfield, DO
Matthew Dopp, MD
Michael Kidd, MD
Kanae Mukai, MD
Sharad Patel, MD
Yessica Ramos, MD
Kenneth Sakata, MD
Christine Swanson, MD

St. Joseph’s Medical Center

Kranthi Andhavarapu, MD
Kariappa Appachu, MBBS
Chris Flannery, MD
Paula Kiesner, DO
Roberto Molina, MD
Lisa Ngo, MD
Punal Patel, MD
Allison Rosenthal, DO
Yousef Usta, MD

University of Arizona College of Medicine

Kalid Adab, MD Yasmin Akhunji, MD
Wisam Alfay, MD
Fatima Alnaimat, MBBS
Alejandro Asencio, MD
Mohammad Dalabih, MBBS
Mercy Edionwe, MD
Abdalla Fadda, MBBS
Lena Rydberg Freese, DO
Jennifer Gabbard, MD
Barry Gorlitsky, MD
Moh’d Jibreel, MBBS
Mahmoud Kamel, MBBS
Mark Kim, MD
Eias Murad, MBBS
Tam Nguyen, MD
Dave Plumb, MD
Chad Prior, MD
Nathaniel Rial, MD
Justin Roesch, MD
Jamiah Shubeilat, MBBS
Siddharth Singhal, MBBS
Branden Snyder, MD
Mark Weisberg, MD

Sierra Vista Regional Health Center

Jonathon Mahn, DO
Anthony Letizio, DO

The Associates’ Transition newsletter is found here. If you have contributions, please forward to Dr. Jewel Kling, Transitions, Editor.


Fellows in Training

Co-Chairs: Vijay Doraiswamy, MD & Bijin Thajudeen, MBBS

Newly formed at the 2011 Chapter Meeting, in response to subspecialty fellow interest, the FIT committee successfully competed for ACP Chapter Development Fund nationally for their project entitled, 'Education by Simulation'.

The FIT members, in association with ASTEC (Arizona Simulation Technology and Educational Center) at the University of Arizona College of Medicine, were involved in simulation training for procedural and non-procedural skills (scenario-based) at Collaborating Across Borders, 3rd Biennial Inter-professional Educational Conference held in Tucson in November 2011.

Two simulation sessions have been organized to date.

  1. October 2, 2011: This session was purely procedural simulation with four stations. As a pilot activity, attendance was limited to 12 medical students. Attendees were primarily 2nd year medical students.
  2. April 14, 2012: This session was a mix of procedural and non procedural simulation of two stations each. The target for this session was the more senior student including incoming IM interns for July 2012.

For additional information on this project, please visit this website.

The other option is to follow the steps below:

  1. Go the to the following website.
  2. Select the tab' Archived programs'
  3. Select 'Grand rounds' under the University of Arizona College of Medicine
  4. Choose 'Medicine grand rounds'
  5. The event on 6/20/12 was 'Education by simulation'

The Co-chairs of the FIT committee propose continuing the combination of procedural and non-procedural skills for future sessions. Dr. Bijin Thajudeen (Renal Fellow) was nominated as the new Co-chair for the ACP-AZ FIT Committee replacing Dr. Vivek Nagaraja (Geriatrics Fellow), when he leaves for the University of Michigan in July for a Rheumatology fellowship. Dr. Vijay Doraiswamy (Cardiology Fellow) will remain as Co-chair of the Committee.

FIT co-chairs
Former FIT Co-Chair Vivek Nagaraja, MD & Co-Chair Vijay Doraiswamy, MD


Young Physicians

Co-Chairs: Shaghayegh Abdollahi, MD, FACP, FAAP & Sireen Jindani, MD, FACP
Offered Free Educational Webinar with CME

The Young Physician's committee, with the help of the Chapter, offered a webinar on building a patient centered medical home on May 30 at 5:00 pm, which was accredited for one hour of CME and was presented by Michael Barr, MD.

They are planning on a future event for the second half of the year and the tentative speaker is a certified financial planner, Mr. Richard Beckley. Look for more about this event soon!

In addition, currently the committee sent a letter of congratulations with a small gift, a handsome glass ACP coffee MUG to all graduating internal medicine residents throughout the state of Arizona, encouraging them to continue to be active participating members in their local chapter and at the national level.

Graduates from IM residency
Graduates from the Internal Medicine Residency Mayo Clinic Arizona with their Mugs!! Left to right: Yessica Ramos, MD; Kanae Mukai, MD; Christine Swanson, MD


Membership Committee

Chair: Howard Shulman, DO, FACP, FACOI

“Do You Want Free Dues for 2013?”

The ACP is offering YOU a very exciting opportunity. Ask your colleagues to join ACP today and when they do, the College will thank you for your time and effort! Between now and March 15, 2013:

  • Recruit one colleague and receive a $100 credit toward your 2013-14 annual dues
  • Recruit two colleagues and receive a $200 credit toward your 2013-14 annual dues
  • Recruit three colleagues and receive a $300 credit toward your 2013-14 annual dues
  • Recruit four colleagues and enjoy free annual dues in 2013-14
  • Plus, for every Member recruited within the promotional period, you will receive an entry into a grand-prize drawing for a trip to Internal Medicine 2014 in Orlando, Florida that includes registration, airfare (up to $500), and four days of hotel accommodations.

For more information, please visit Recruit a Colleague.



Chair: Ismail Jibrin, MBBS, FACP Co-Chair: Ariana Peters, DO

Drs. Ismail Jibrin and Ariana Peters head this new committee. There are many concerns and challenges that face hospitalists, and they are excited about this opportunity to address these issues in the ACP community. The Hospitalists will be electing officers soon.

For more information about Hospitalists, check this ACP link: http://www.acponline.org/medical_students/career_paths/hospitalist/


International Medical Graduate

Chair: Muhammad Fahad Khan, MD, Co-Chair: Mohan Kumar, MD

Congratulations to our award recipients at the 2nd Annual Mentorship/IMG Awards Dinner which was held on Friday, March 23 in Tucson.

Suresh Anand, MD, FACP, Outstanding Practicing IMG
Mohan Kumar, MD, Outstanding Rising Star IMG
Maheen Sheikh, MD, Outstanding Rising Star IMG
Muhammad Khan, MD, Outstanding Academic IMG
Ibrahim Qaqish, MBBS, FACP, Outstanding Academic IMG

The IMG Committee submitted two resolutions. Please see the Board of Governor’s Report in this Newsletter.

Advocacy Committee

Chair: Anita Murcko, MD, FACP

The Advocacy Committee engages legislators and stakeholders on both the national and local fronts. Most recently, Anita C. Murcko, MD, FACP, Ana Maria Lopez, MD, MPH, FACP, Mohhan Kumar, MD, Sadia F. Moinuddin, MD, Shaghayegh Hakemi Abdollahi, MD, FACP, Muzakeer A Shaik, MBBS, students Salma Imran Patel and Lindsey Merritt represented ACP Arizona at the 2012 Leadership Day, Washington, DC, June 6-7, 2012.

The Hill visitations were preceded by a day-long briefing from national experts about SGR repeal, liability reform/health courts, preservation of essential health funding, workforce and GME funding. ACP Arizona’s delegation visited the offices of Senators Mc Cain and Kyl, and Representatives Flake, Schweikert, Franks, Gosar, Quayle and Grijalva to meet with heath liaison staff. ( Rep. Quayle and Rep. Grijalva greeted us personally.) We thank the members of the ACP Arizona delegation for taking the time to represent us in Washington DC.

Arizona Delegation
ACP Arizona Delegation with Rep. Raul Grijalva: Left to right: Dr. Murcko, Dr. Moinuddin, MS S. Patel, Rep. Grijalva, Dr. Lopez, Dr. Shaik, Dr. Abdollahi, Brandon Bragato (Representative Grijalva’s staff), Dr. Mohan.

Earlier this year, the Advocacy Committee organized the third annual Doctor’s Day at the Arizona Capitol. ACP members met with legislators and lobbyists from professional associations. We continued our ongoing advocacy for health information infrastructure improvement by supporting HB 2369. This bill and last year’s HB 2620 helps streamline point of care access to electronic health records and improve e-prescribing process.

Graduate medical education (GME) advocacy continues to be a prime focus for the committee. We are collaborating with the Arizona Chamber –led stakeholder group that is spearheading efforts to increase GME funding in Arizona. ACP Arizona also participates in the Healthcare Professional Association Representatives committee, coordinating state-level advocacy efforts with AzOMA, AAFP, APA, AACHC, AzHHA, AHA, and others.

And thanks to ACP Arizona representation at this year’s ArMA Annual Meeting, the group affirmed its support for patient-centered medical home (PCMH) initiatives and agreed to facilitate solutions to improving barriers to seamless transition of care.

Want to learn more? To stay on top of national issues, join ACP’s “Advocates in Internal Medicine network” (AIMn) at http://capwiz.com/acponline/mlm/signup and for more local information, contact Dr. Murcko at acmurcko@cambiare.us or Dixie Swan @ dswan@azmed.org.


ACP Leadership Day 2012
Reflections from a member: Muzakeer Shaik MD, Internal Medicine, West Valley area, Arizona

I wanted to share my thoughts on the Leadership Day experience. This was my first Leadership Day meeting. ACP arranged the orientation in an excellent manner. The day 1 training and sessions really helped prepare us for the legislative meetings on the Hill.

I work in a medically underserved area (MUA) in the West Valley for over 6 years as an inpatient medicine specialist (hospitalist) and have seen the chaos and crisis that face our patients, the real victims, in this health care reform drama. This is why I chose to visit Capitol Hill and meet with our elected officials to see if they really care about their constituents. To my surprise, everyone was really concerned and wanted to listen to our concerns irrespective of their political party. They were also open to our suggestions and ideas for effective and efficient changes such as repealing the SGR and supporting novel models of care such as patient centered medical home. This meeting really helped me understand the perspective of our elected officials. ACP helped us focus on the most important issues that affect our profession, patients and families.

After this experience, I would definitely like to follow up with our elected officials on these issues. I would like to thank the ACP-Arizona chapter for giving me the opportunity to participate in this meeting and to participate in a bipartisan dialogue of change that may literally reframe our approach to health care.

If you are interested in writing a Perspective for the Newsletter, please contact Dixie Swan, ACP Arizona Executive Director at dswan@azmed.org.


Education Committee

Chair: Jayne Peterson, MD, FACP

The Chapter is looking forward to the ACP Arizona Chapter Annual Meeting and Scientific Session to be held at Midwestern University in Glendale, Arizona on November 16- 18, 2012. Save the date!

Our Meeting theme is Update! Innovate! Advocate! Celebrate!

Update! We will learning and participating in discussions on challenges implementing updated guidelines on many clinical areas such as anticoagulation management, depression, opioid therapy, management of special patient populations to name a few.

Innovate! We will once again be hearing from our many associate members on their interesting cases and research projects through poster presentations as well as from fellows-in-training and medical faculty on innovated projects at their training programs. There will be a special Friday faculty development program featuring Dr. William Iobst from the ABIM leadership.

Advocate! Our meeting will be just after our national elections so we will be hearing the response to the election results from our National ACP leadership as well as Arizona legislators and payers.

Celebrate! We will again be honoring our local chapter award winners. Also new this year be offering a Arizona social event on Saturday evening for members to reconnect with their colleagues from medical school, residency, or previous practice partnerships.

Check the ACP Arizona Chapter website for news and updates relating ACP Arizona Annual meeting. Any further questions? Please contact Teri Harnisch, ACP Arizona Chapter 2012 Meeting Coordinator at teri@azmed.org or 602 347-6903.


Become an “Advocates in Internal Medicine Network” (AIMn) Member

Formerly as the “Key Contact” Program, this is a great way to get involved in advocacy efforts. Sign up today!

See you @ ACP Arizona Chapter Meeting!!!

November 16-18, 2012
Midwestern University Campus, Glendale, AZ

Contact Teri Harnisch, ACP Arizona 2012 Meeting Coordinator at teri@azmed.org or (602 347-6903), with questions or to register for this important event!


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