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News & Meetings

2014 Arizona Chapter Scientific Meeting-Online registration is closed but walk-in registrations are welcome!

October 24-26, 2014
Memorial Union, Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ
Download the Meeting Program

If you have any questions, please contact Dixie at Dswan@azmed.org or 602-347-6916

2014 Meeting Presentations

Michael Grossman, MD, MACP, Friday, Recent Developments in GME, 1:30-2:45pm, Anatomy of a CLER Visit

Shaikab U. Rehman, MD, FACP, FAACH, Saturday, Clinical Practice Guidelines, 3:30-4:00pm, JNC 8 Hypertension Guidelines: Presentation 1 and Presentation 2

Jack Ende, MD, MACP, Friday: Faculty Development Keynote, 12:15-1:15pm, Those Who Understand: Characteristics of Effective Teachers

Jack Ende, MD, MACP, Saturday, 1:00-1:30pm, Fostering Excellence in Internal Medicine

Charles Cutler, MD, MACP, Saturday: 9:30-10:15pm, The ABC’s of the ACA

Abstracts Being Presented at 2014 AZ Chapter Meeting

Download the booklet of all abstracts being presented
Download the alphabetical index list of abstracts (includes dates/times abstracts will be presented)
Download the index of abstracts listed by display number (includes dates/times abstracts will be presented)
Information for presenters

Parking and Location Information

The meeting rooms are all on the second floor of the Memorial Union (MU) at Arizona State University. The Student MU is located at 301 E. Orange St., on the Tempe Campus. Visitor parking is available at the Apache Blvd. Parking Structure. Clickhere for directions on how to get to the MU, or for more information on parking, please visit A map to the Apache Blvd. Parking Structure is here (located North of Apache Boulevard, with Normal Avenue to the East and College Avenue to the West). If visitor parking is limited in any way because it is a weekday, there is also a street parking lot on Apache at College Avenue on the South side of the street. From either parking structure, proceed directly North on campus, pass the W.P. Carey School of Business, to the Student MU. Registration and check-in are just outside of the Arizona Ballroom. There is not a home football game over the weekend, so parking on each of Saturday and Sunday should be easily accessible. Please plan some additional time for parking on Friday due to classes being in session.

Instructions for Accepted Abstract Authors
Download the Poster Guidelines
Download the Oral Vignette Guidelines

Did you miss the ACP Arizona webinar on "How to Write an Abstract and Make a Great Poster"?


The webinar recording is available for viewing online at:https://azmed.adobeconnect.com/p76t0yt4a5b/
Please note: You can control the slide advance in the playback by using the Forward and Rewind Icons in the presentation slide view. To enlarge the slide view and remove the side notes, click the layout icon in the presentation view. In addition, a pdf of the presentation is posted here for your reference. If you have any trouble downloading the document, you may also request the same by e-mail to Teri@azmed.org

Call for Awards Nominations for 2014 AZ Chapter Meeting

Download the Call for Awards Nominations and Descriptions of Awards
Download information about nominating a candidate for the Laureate Award

2013 AZ Chapter Meeting Handouts

View or print copies of handout material for most sessions.

Resident/Student Award Winners from 2013 Abstract Competition

Download the list of winners

The Arizona Chapter of the American College of Physicians celebrates the excellence in internal medicine reflected in the poster abstracts and theoral clinical vignette abstracts from the 2013 ACP Arizona Chapter Annual Scientific Meeting with its fourth annual publication of ¡Salud!. To cite an abstract in this publication, please note the following format: Author Last Name, Author First Name, (2012) Title of Abstract, ¡Salud!, 4:1, Abstract Number.

Download the 2013 Edition of ¡Salud!

Download the 2012 Edition of ¡Salud!

Meet the Masters Series

Masters comprise a small group of highly distinguished physicians, selected from among Fellows, who have achieved recognition in medicine by exhibiting preeminence in practice or medical research, holding positions of high honor, or making significant contributions to medical science or the art of medicine.

January 2011 - Jorge L. Rakela, MD, MACP
July 2011 - Joseph S. Alpert, MD, MACP
July 2011 - Eric P. Gall, MD, MACP
July 2011 - Robert H. Moser, MD, MACP
August 2011 - Alan L. Gordon, MS, MD, MACP
September 2011 - William F. Denny, MD, MACP
September 2011 - Michael Grossman, MD, MACP
September 2011 - Pasquale J. Palumbo, MD, MACP, MACE
September 2011 - Seymour Reichlin, MD, PhD, MACP
October 2011 - David J. Gullen, MD, MACP
December 2011 - James E. Dalen, MD, MACP

Additional CME Opportunities
Search Additional CME Opportunities

Governor's Newsletters & Communications

Governor's Newsletters

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Transitions - Resident/Fellows' Newsletter

May 2014 Edition
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Chapter Communications

10-3-14: ACP AZ Invitation for Faculty Medical Education Innovation Poster Presentations
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5-9-14: ACP May Chapter Chat!!
5-6-14: ACP Identity Theft, Tax Fraud and Arizona Doctors!!
3-13-14: ACP ACA Deadline approaches...Message from ACP President
3-13-14: ACP Excitement and AWARDS!!
3-7-14: ACP Development of Prescribing Guidelines for Controlled Substances-March 15 Summit Registration
3-5-14: ACP Call Your Representatives TODAY!!!!
2-19-14: ACP DOT Certified Medical Examiner Training - March 8, 2014
2-18-14: ACP Leadership Day in DC - Grants Available!!
2-12-14: ACP February Chapter Chat
1-29-14: ACP Durable Medical Equipment Scams - Alert!
1-27-14: ACP Advocacy Wins for 2013!!
1-8-14: ACP National Awards....Time to Shine!!

Chapter Communications' Archive

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