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ACP Arizona Chapter Committee Structure

Student Council-
Purpose and Responsibilities


To establish and promote the highest clinical standards and ethical ideals among medical students. To expand medical student membership in the ACP. To create educational and mentoring opportunities for medical students that are unique to internal medicine. To expand student programs and student involvement in local, regional and national ACP activities. To create strong relationships with internal medicine practitioners, academic leaders, and general medical student organizations. To promote scholarly activity among medical students using College products and the College's Web site.


Two representatives from each of campus

Kirksville University
Midwestern University
University of Arizona College of Medicine (Tucson and Phoenix campuses)

There will be a chair and vice chair appointed initially and then elected yearly at the end (May) of the academic year for the following year. The chair and/or vice chair are members of the Governor's Council.


  • Establish and promote Internal Medicine Clubs at each of the medical schools.
  • Develop programs to engage students - journal clubs with the associates, abstract and oral vignette presentations at the state meeting, "Doctor's Dilemma Competition", and consider developing new programs to enhance the education of students and expose them to the broad career paths of Internal Medicine.
  • Contribute or suggest content to the associates and student newsletter (twice yearly publication)
  • Have one or two members on the Education Committee responsible for helping to develop the associates and student tracts at the annual state meeting.
  • Review membership information of the different programs and develop strategies to increase the % membership at each school.
  • Develop local strategies for encouraging students to consider a career in Internal Medicine
  • Publicize the scholarship opportunities to participate in a rural internal medicine elective
  • Develop and promote Residency Fairs in Tucson and Phoenix each spring.

Page updated: 10/30/09