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2012 Arizona Chapter
Meeting Presentations & Handouts

November 16-18, 2012
Midwestern University, Glendale, AZ

Meeting Brochure

The presentations and handouts are available in Adobe PDF format. (If you need to download Adobe Acrobat, please see link at the bottom of the page.) When you browse through the listings below (in alphabetical order by speaker), you will see only sessions that have presentations/handouts available. If you do not see the session you are looking for, we have not received it from the faculty.

Improving Patient Satisfaction Outcomes, Resident Interpersonal Communication Skills, and Resident Feedback
Christina R. Bergin, MD

Patient Centered Medical Home-Neighbor Recognition Program Update
Joel V. Brill, MD, AGAF, CHCQM

Interpreting the Electrocardiogram
Marshall A. Burns, MD

ACP and Accountable Care Organizations
Yul D. Ejnes, MD, MACP
Immediate Past Chair, ACP Board of Regents

ACP - Fostering Excellence & Professionalism in Internal Medicine
Yul D. Ejnes, MD, MACP
Immediate Past Chair, ACP Board of Regents

Developing a Shared Vision
Yul D. Ejnes, MD, MACP
Immediate Past Chair, ACP Board of Regents

Examination of the Musculoskeletal System
Eric P. Gall, MD, MACP
Article written by Dr. Gall

Update in GME
Michael Grossman, MD, MACP
Howard Shulman, DO, FACP

Health Care: In Transition to Clinical Performance Risk Implications for Physicians
John Hensing, MD, FACP

Competency-based Medical Education - The Basics
William Iobst, MD

Residents in Difficulty: The “Problem” Resident or The Resident With a “Problem”
William Iobst, MD

Care of Special Populations: A Patient-Centered Medical Home for Refugee Women
Crista E. Johnson-Agbakwu, MD, MSc, FACOG

Care of Transgendered Patients
Melissa Levine, MD

Cancer Prevention: Guidelines and Controversies
Ana Maria Lopez, MD, MPH, FACP
ACP Governor, Arizona Chapter

Advocacy Session: Intersection of Clinical Practice and Government & Arizona Health Care System Transformation
Anita C. Murcko, MD, FACP

Simple steps to Meet Inpatient Glycemic Control Goals
Cheryl W. O’Malley, MD, FACP, FHM

Adapting Your Practice: Care of Persons without Homes
Sister Adele O’Sullivan, MD

Hospitalist Medicine: A Career Choice
Ariana Peters, DO, FACOI

Patient Centered Medical Home - Why all the buzz?
Priya Radhakrishnan, MD, FACP

Physician Leadership
Priya Radhakrishnan, MD, FACP

Anticoagulation Management
Fadi Elias Shamoun, MD

An FDA-Approved Investigation of the Safety and Efficacy of Medical Marijuana in Veterans with Chronic, Treatment-Resistant Posttraumatic Stress Disorder
Sue Sisley, MD
Additional Handouts from Dr. Sisley:
Arizona Medical Marijuana Program - Keeping it Medical: The Role of the Physician

The Simulated Medical Education Program: New Senior Boot Camp
Bridget B. Stiegler, DO
References for Dr. Stiegler's talk

PPIs: Potential Problems Immiment?
Chris J. Taylor, Pharm.D., BCPS

Transition of Care
Tejo Vemulapalli, MD

Delirium Prevention and Treatment Protocol in Hospitalized Patients
Tejo Vemulapalli, MD

Depressive Disorders and Management
Sheldon P. Wagman, DO, FACN


Page updated: 12/3/12

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