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2011 Arizona Chapter
Meeting Presentations & Handouts

September 30-October 2, 2011

University of Arizona Student Union, Tucson, Arizona

Meeting Brochure

Most of the presentations and handouts are available in Adobe PDF format. (If you need to download Adobe Acrobat, please see link at the bottom of the page.) When you browse through the listings below (in alphabetical order by speaker), you will see only sessions that have presentations/handouts available. If you do not see the session you are looking for, we have not received it from the faculty.

Systolic Murmur: Benign Aortic Sclerosis? or Aortic Stenosis?
James E. Dalen, M.D., MPH

Affordable Care Act Of 2010: The most important improvement in US health care since Medicare? or: A disaster that must be repealed?
James E. Dalen, M.D., MPH

Coccidioidomycosis: Not Just for Specialists Anymore
Take Home Points
John N. Galgiani, M.D.

HPV Prevention and Vaccination
Francisco Garcia, M.D., MPH

Arizona Internal Medicine Residencies: Building Towards the Future—
Collaboration and the Sharing of Resources: The Arizona Internal Medicine Education Consortium
Handout 1
Handout 2
Michael Grossman, M.D., MACP
Howard Shulman, D.O.,FACP, FACOI

Perimenopause 2011
Robert J. Kahler, M.D., FACOG

Understanding THE COMLEX-USA EXAMINATION series:A primer for residency program directors
COMLEX Handout
Janice A. Knebl, D.O., MBA, FACOI, FACP
Gerald G. Osborn, D.O., MPhil, dFACN, dLFAPA

“Doc, I hurt everywhere!” How to approach Fibromyalgia in 2011
Deborah Jane Power, D.O., MS, FACR, FACOI

Hepatitis C: The Beginning of Individualized Medicine
Jorge Rakela, M.D., MACP

Healthcare-Associated Infections: What You Need to Know
References Handout
M. Teresa Seville, M.D.

Innovations in Medical Education: Curriculum Enhancement
Howard Shulman, D.O., FACP, FACOI
Kevin Wilson, D.O., FACOI
Miriam Anand, M.D., FACAAI, FAAAAI

Ophthalmoscopy Skills and Beyond
Robert W. Snyder M.D., Ph.D.

Simulated Case Scenario Project
Bridget B. Stiegler, D.O.

Evolving Models in Congestive Heart Failure
Kris Vijay, M.D.

Management of Critical Illness Hyperglycemia in Diabetes and non-Diabetes patients
Sander Zwart, M.D., FACP


Page updated: 11/1/11

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