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Governor's Newsletter, Winter 2002

Col. Nathan Erteschik, MD, FACP
Governor, U. S. Army Chapter

In reading what many others have written about the events of last September, I would like to quote two individuals.  First, Dr. Bill Hall, this year's ACP-ASIM President, who stated, " It is obvious that all of us are going through the same sense of incredulity, revulsion, and anger over the change that has occurred in our world as are all Americans.  We most certainly are scarred."  Second, LTG James Peak wrote, "From the first minutes, medics responded magnificently.  In the Pentagon itself, medics risked smoke inhalation and the heat of burning jet fuel to rescue these injured, and trauma teams dispatched immediately form Walter Reed.  It changed us, not in the way that the enemy imagined or desired, but strengthened us, brought us closer together, and tightened our resolve." We have been through extraordinarily difficult times, and will experience significant challenges ahead.  Military Medicine, and Internal Medicine in particular, will be a key part of the team that faces overcoming these future challenges.

Advancement to FACP

Congratulations to those who were inducted as Fellows at the 2001 Annual Session Convocation:

LTC Victor Bernet
LTC Michael Brumage
LTC Susan Fraser
LTC Eleanor Hastings
LTC Kenneth Kemp
LTC Lisa Zacher
MAJ Robert Gibbons
MAJ Patrick O'Malley
MAJ Hernando Ramos (Posthumous)
Dr Fulton Porter III

Congratulations also to those who were selected for advancement to Fellow at the May, 2001 Credentials Subcommittee:

COL James Martin
COL Deborah Omori
LTC Henry Burch
LTC Joel Fishbain
MAJ Domingo Gonzales
MAJ Jennifer Thompson
MAJ Susan Wingo

Please feel free to contact me for more information about advancement.  Applications completed by June 2002, will be reviewed at the November Subcommittee meeting.  I strongly encourage everyone to strive to achieve this recognition.

Army Chapter ACP-ASIM Meeting

Despite an ominous world situation, this year's meeting was vibrant, and included many new additions.  The best of Army Internal Medicine was on display at the 18th Annual Army Chapter Meeting in San Antonio from 15-18 November 2001.  Not only is our meeting always one of the largest in the College (with record number this time), but it is one of the very few that broadly incorporates General Medicine with the subspecialties, as we have always done.  Our first chapteral meeting was held almost 20 years ago, and we look forward to continuing to alternate locations every other year between WRAMC in Washington, D.C. and BAMC in San Antonio.  Internists from around the world returned to the home of the Army Medical Department to attend, along with nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and medical students.  We owe a huge thanks to many people involved in the planning, including: Ms Judy Spahr from the ACP-ASIM, Ms Stephanie Coley from MEDCOM, the Henry Jackson Foundation Staff, LTC Rich Shaffer, FACP, and most notably COL Rick Marple, FACP!

This year's meeting was formally opened by BG Daniel Perugini, Commander of BAMC, and the Great Plains Chapter Medical Command.  Special guest and Immediate Past President of the ACP-ASIM, Dr. Sandra Fryhofer, MACP, served as the College Representative, the first time a past President has attended our meeting.  Ms Judy Spahr from the College's administrative staff addressed Member's and Associate's questions and concerns, and MAJ Gurr, from PERSCOM met with individuals to review OER's and ORB's, and to help prepare for upcoming selection boards.

In addition to the Plenary Sessions, which included speakers from Universities around the country, Military Medicine took center stage starting with MG Kevin Kiley's address, a thorough update of the AMEDD's activities.  COL (Ret) Artie Shelton spoke on lessons learned from operations other than war from his experience in Somalia in 1993.  COL James Geiling, FACP, Commander of the Dilorenzo Clinic at the Pentagon, addressed the emergency medical response after the September attack.  His staff's performance during and after the attack had been improved immeasurably by training a practice scenario four months earlier.  Eerily, that scenario was very similar to the actual event. Sharing these experiences with rare video footage from the disaster created a better understanding of the challenges, the austere environment, and the expectations for all military physicians.

The Army Internal Medicine Women's Physician Group led by COL Alice Mascette, FACP, held a fascinating and insightful breakfast panel discussion on challenges facing women in medicine, including mentoring, family issues, and career choices.  As special guests, medical students had a great opportunity to see the depth and flexibility of Internal Medicine and its disciplines.  MAJ Stephen Harrison's exhaustive efforts brought HPSP students from throughout Texas, as well as those from USUHS to a pre-course meeting at BAMC itself, followed by several sessions, designed specifically for them.  The Associates Jeopardy competition was won by the home team from Brooke, and they will represent the Army at the competition at the Annual Session in April 2002.  The meeting ended with the first annual Jay Sanford History of Medicine presentation.  COL Kenneth McAllister gave an illuminating lecture on the life, health, and death of Stonewall Jackson, the most capable and decorated Civil War General.

Our next Army ACP-ASIM meeting will be hosted by WRAMC at the Crystal Gateway Marriott Hotel on 21-23 November 2002.  LTC Greg Argyros, FACP, is the Program Chair.  For questions please contact him at 202-782-6205, or me at 910-907-6359.


Thanks to COL Dale Vincent, FACP, for chairing our Awards Committee, and overseeing many recent changes and updates.

Laureates:  The Laureate Awards are presented to those Fellows and Masters of the ACP-ASIM who have demonstrated by their example and conduct an abiding commitment to excellence in patient care, education, or research, and service to their community and the College.  Recipients shall bear the title Laureate of the Army Chapter.  They are longstanding and loyal supporters of the College, have rendered distinguished service to their chapter, and have held the high ideals and professional standards for which the College is known.

MG (Ret) Leslie Burger

MG (Retired) Leslie Burger received his undergraduate training at City College of New York, and his medical degree at SUNY, Syracuse, NY.  He completed his Internship, and Residency, and Chief Residency at Tripler Army Medical Center (TAMC), and a Fellowship in Infectious Diseases at the University of Texas (Southwestern) in Dallas.  He is board certified and recertified in Internal Medicine.

MG (Retired) Burger's career spanned 32 years.  His assignments have included Asst. Chief, Department of Medicine BAMC; Chief, Medical Consultant to the Army Surgeon General; Commander of the hospitals at Nürnberg, Germany and Ft Hood, Texas; Commander of Letterman and Madigan Army Medical Centers; III Corps Surgeon; Assistant Surgeon General for Health Services, Operations, and Logistics; Deputy Director for Medical Readiness for the Joint Staff; and Commander, North Atlantic Chapter Medical Command and Walter Reed Army Medical Center.

MG (Retired) Burger is a Fellow of the ACP-ASIM and is a past Governor of the Army Chapter.  He has held numerous academic appointments culminating in Professor Emeritus from USUHS.  He is a recipient of the "A" Designator and a member of the Order of Military Medical Merit.  He is a graduate of the Army War College, and his military awards include the Legion of Merit, the Defense Superior Service Medal, and the Defense Meritorious Service Medal.

Since retirement in 1999, MG (Retired) Burger is serving as Network Clinical Manager, VA Northwest Network in Portland, Oregon.

COL (Ret) James Johnson

COL (Ret) James Johnson received his undergraduate and medical training at Vanderbilt University.  He completed his Internship, Residency, Chief Residency, and Fellowship in Pulmonary Disease at Brooke Army Medical Center (BAMC).  He is board certified in Internal Medicine, Pulmonary Disease, and Critical Care (recertified).

COL (Ret) Johnson's career spanned 20 years.  His assignments have included Staff Internist.  Fort Hood Texas; Director, Medical ICU, BAMC; Fellowship Director and Assistant Chief, Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine, BAMC; and Residency Director and Assistant Chief, Department of Medicine, BAMC.  He is a Fellow of the ACP-ASIM, and of the American College of Chest Physicians.

COL (Ret) Johnson has had several academic appointments, is a recipient of the "A" Designator, and is a member of the Order of Military Medical Merit.  He is a graduate of the Army's Command and General Staff College.  His military awards include the Legion of the Merit, and his teaching recognition awards include Best Staff Teacher from BAMC medical house-staff.  He has been a contributor to over 50 journal articles and abstracts, and a frequent lecturer at chapteral and national meetings.  In 1999, he served as the Meeting Planner for the Army Chapter Meeting of the ACP-ASIM, the first in San Antonio, TX.

Since retirement, COL (Ret) Johnson is now serving as Associate Professor of Medicine and Associate Professor of Physiology and Biophysics at the University of Alabama in Birmingham.

COL (Ret) Charles Miller

COL (Retired) Charles Miller received his undergraduate and medical training at the University of Southern California.  He completed his Internship and Residency in Internal Medicine at Tripler Army Medical Center (TAMC), and his Hematology/Oncology Fellowship at Walter Reed Army Medical Center (WRAMC).  He is board certified in Internal Medicine, Oncology, Hematology, and Geriatrics.

COL (Retired) Miller's career spanned 30 years.  His assignments have included: MILPHAP Team Commander, Vietnam; Chief of Hematology/Oncology at TAMC; Chief, Department of Medicine and Internal Medicine Residency Director, Letterman Army Medical Center; Deputy Commander and Commander, 3rd Combat Support Hospital, Nürnberg Germany; Chief Consultant to the Army Surgeon General, and Chief, Clinical Services Division, United States Army Medical Command.

COL (Retired) Miller is a Fellow of the ACP-ASIM, and has lectured on clinical and administrative topics worldwide; his most recent areas of focus being continuing medical education and clinical practice guidelines.  He is a recipient of the "A" Designator, and his military awards include the Legion of Merit, the Bronze Star, and the Meritorious Service Medal.  He is a graduate of the Command and General Staff College, and a member of the Order of Military Medical Merit.  For seven consecutive years he directed the Army Chapter Meeting of the ACP in San Francisco, the largest chapteral meeting at that time.  For eight consecutive years, he also served as a member of the Governor's Council and Chair of the Membership and Awards Committee for the Northern California Chapter of the ACP.

Since retirement in 1999, COL (Retired) Miller served as Medical Coordinator and Consultant for the Clinical Practice Guidelines Project for the US Army Medical Command, and now is a practicing Oncologist in Hawaii.

COL (Ret) Arlene Zaloznik

COL (Ret) Arlene Zaloznik received her undergraduate degree from Carlow College, Pittsburgh, PA, and her medical degree from the Medical College of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia.  She completed her Internship and Residency at Madigan Army Medical Center, and a Fellowship in Medical Oncology at Fitzsimmons Army Medical Center.  She is board certified in Internal Medicine and Medical Oncology.

COL (Ret) Zaloznik's career spanned 21 years.  Her assignments have included:  Chief, Hematology/Oncology at both Fitzsimmons and Brooke Army Medical Centers; Commander, US Army MEDDAC, Ft Irwin, CA; Chief Medical Consultant, OTSG; Chief, Clinical Policy Div., OTSG; DCCS, Fitzsimmons Army Medical Center; Director, Clinical Operations, MEDCOM; and Assistant Deputy for Health Policy, Assistant Secretary of the Army.

COL (Ret) Zaloznik is a Fellow of the ACP-ASIM and is a past Governor for the Army Chapter.  She has Held numerous academic appointments, is a recipient of the "A" Designator, and is a member of the Order of Military Medical Merit.  She has been a frequent lecturer, a contributor to 35 journal articles, and authored chapters in several books.  She is a graduate of the Army War College, and her awards include the Legion of Merit, Fitzsimmons Army Medical Center Teacher of the Year, and the coveted Lewis Mologne Award for Military Academic Excellence.

Since retirement, COL (Ret) Zaloznik is serving as Chief, Hematology/Oncology Division and Associate Professor of Medicine, Texas Tech University Health Science Center, El Paso, TX.

COL Robert H. Moser Award:  MAJ David Vetter is the 2001 recipient of the Outstanding Army Internist Award.

MAJ David Vetter graduated AOA from USUHS and completed his residency at WRAMC where he was selected as the Outstanding Resident of the Year.  He has been an invaluable member of the Landstuhl staff and has willingly assumed administrative duties in addition to his clinical responsibilities.  His recent reorganization of the Internal Medicine service (known as the Vetter Plan) has markedly improved both access and productivity within the department.

MAJ Vetter has volunteered twice for Service in the Balkans, first in Bosnia and then in Kosovo.  During the second assignment he cared for a critically will four year old Albanian boy for two weeks (with no on site pediatrician) until the child could be successfully transferred to a Pediatric ICU in Germany.

MAJ Vetter is a rare individual who excels in all aspects of his career: clinical, administrative and operational.

Master Teacher Award:  LTC Lisa Zacher, FACP, FCCP is the 2001 recipient of the Master Teacher Award.

LTC Lisa Zacher graduated Cum Laude from the University of South Dakota School of Medicine, and completed her Residency at WBAMC, and subsequent Pulmonary/ Critical Care Fellowship at MAMC and the University of Washington.  She has a long history of being recognized for her teaching excellence:  outstanding IM Resident, WBAMC; Family Practice Teacher of the Year, TAMC; and DOM Teacher of the Year, WBAMC.

LTC Zacher is currently the Residency Director of WBAMC.  Her improvements to the curriculum have emphasized more consistent teaching by others, and have led to a sharp increase in didactics.  She is a superb mentor for residents and students, and has co-authored numerous abstracts and posters for ACP-ASIM presentations.

COL William Crosby Award:  LTC Allen Taylor is the 2001 recipient of the Superiority in Research Award.

LTC Allen Taylor graduated from John Hopkins University School of Medicine, completed his Residency at WRAMC, his Cardiovascular Fellowship at the University of Virginia, and his Medical Research Fellowship at WRAIR.  He is currently the Cardiology Fellowship Program Director at WRAMC, and is an Associate Professor at USUHS.  He has received numerous research awards, as well as the USUHS Leonard Teaching Award.

LTC Taylor is a nationally recognized expert in Cardiology, a reviewer for multiple journals, a principal investigator in clinical trials, and has been a contributor to over one hundred articles, abstracts, and presentations.  He exemplifies the finest in the Army Research.

Operational Medicine Award:  MAJ Mark Polhemus is the 2001 recipient of the Excellence in Operational Medicine Award.

MAJ Mark Polhemus began his career as a decorated Medical Company Commander with the 82nd Airborne Division, and took an unprecedented leave of absence from Brown University School of Medicine to help train his former unit for deployment to Operation Desert Storm.  He completed his residency at WRAMC, and is currently a Fellow in Infectious Diseases at WRAMC.

After residency, MAJ Polhemus returned to the 82nd as a Brigade Surgeon, developed an innovative medical support plan for his regimental combat team, supervised the Anthrax Immunization Program in the 82nd, and precepted PA's earning their Masters Degrees.  After the 11 September tragedy, he functioned the on-site coordinator at the Pentagon for the Surgeon General's Operations Office, interacting with FEMA, the FBI, and other organizations.

Medical Student Recognition Award:  Through the USUHS Department of Medicine, we have established an award to recognize the graduating Army Medical Student who best demonstrated exemplary academic and personal achievement during their Internal Medicine Clerkships.

2LT Matthew Griffith is the 2001 recipient of the USUHS Department of Medicine Outstanding Achievement Award.

Associates Podium Presentations:

1st CPT Fisk, WRAMC
2nd CPT McClenathan, TAMC
3rd CPT Piesman, MAMC

Associate Poster Presentations:

1st CPT Steinberger, EAMC
2nd CPT Merced, BAMC
3rd CPT Greenberg, WRAMC

Congratulations also to numerous Army residents from all six programs who continue to win in similar competitions in their local state chapter meetings.  Additionally, many have been selected as finalists in the upcoming Annual Session.

Additional Announcements:

It is a great privilege to include an announcement of the two most recent Medical Corps Selectees for promotion to Brigadier General, both truly outstanding individuals:

COL (P) Elder Granger, FACP
COL (P) George Weightman

Please also congratulate COL Thomas Fitzpatrick, FACP, as the new OTSG Consultant in Critical Care Medicine.

Let me also remind everyone that I am here to serve as your point of contact for any questions/concerns related to the College, and I am soliciting your active input.  Along those lines, I can bring resolutions on local and national issues to the ACP-ASIM leadership, please contact me with any issues.  I am looking forward to seeing many of you in Philadelphia in April at the Annual Session; besides the scientific sessions, please make a special note of the Nicholas Davies Lecture given by COL (Ret) Robert Joy from USUHS, and the Convocation Ceremony.  In addition to those who will be inducted as new Fellows, it is an honor to have BG (Ret) Michael Kussman and COL (Ret) Kurt Kroenke being inducted as new Masters in the College- a tremendous and well-earned honor for them.  My next newsletter will highlight these outstanding individuals.  One additional request which will greatly assist both the College and myself- please send them your e-mail address with your membership renewal.