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Governor's Newsletter–August 2000

Robert W. Bradsher Jr., MD, FACP
Governor, Arkansas Chapter

Chapter Member Honors

A number of individuals have received honors from the ACP-ASIM since the last newsletter went out to Arkansas internists. I would like to list some of those who received those honors.

Raymond P. Miller, SR, MD, FACP – Winner of the 1999 Abernathy Award at a banquet during the Annual Chapter Meeting at the Doubletree Hotel in Little Rock. Raymond was one of fourteen children, graduated from Cotton Plant Vocational High School, and attended Arkansas AM&N (now UAPB) on an agricultural scholarship. After his freshman year he gave up his scholarship to switch to pre-med. Despite the racial attitudes of the time, he applied and was eventually admitted to the University of Arkansas for Medical School and afterwards had a superb career in medicine. He trained at the Case Western Reserve University, but returned for residency in Internal Medicine and Pulmonary. He and his gross anatomy partner, Dr. Hoyt Pyle, started the Little Rock Internal Medicine practice as the first integrated practice of medicine in Arkansas. He served for 10 years on the Board of Trustees of the University of Arkansas system. In the midst of his twenty-seven years of the practice of medicine, he received numerous special awards, including the Distinguished Service Award from UAMS and from the Razorback Foundation and the Keepers of the Spirit Award from UAPB. He has played a major role as a counselor for young minority medical students and house staff and also a major role to increase minority representation of students, house staff, and faculty at UAMS. His mentor, Dr. Joe Bates, states: "he has done more for the development of minority physicians in Arkansas than any other person. The quality of medicine he practices and the role model he presents have markedly enhanced our profession. He is richly deserving of the Abernathy Award."

Thomas E. Andreoli, MD, MACP – Winner of the 2000 American College of Physicians-American Society of Internal Medicine Distinguished Teacher Award at Annual Session 2000 in Philadelphia. This award was established by the Board of Regents in 1968 and is given from time to time to a Master of the College who has demonstrated the ennobling qualities of a great teacher as judged by the acclaim and accomplishments of former students who have been inspired and have achieved positions of leadership in the field of medical education primarily as teachers. Former winners include national figures such as, Eugene Stead, Don Seldin, Louis Weinstein, Lockard Conley, Proctor Harvey, Willis Hurst, Mort Swartz, Paul Beeson, Robert Petersdorf, Dan Federman and a few others. Dr. Andreoli is the 25th recipient of this award.

George L. Ackerman, MD, MACP – Advancement to Mastership for George was clearly appropriate. He is the fifth person practicing in Arkansas who has been honored as a Master of the College. Interestingly, two other graduates of the University of Arkansas College of Medicine who were in school at the same time as George were awarded Masterships this year also. Coy Fitch, MD, MACP, from St. Louis University and B. Lawrence Riggs, MD, MACP, from the Mayo Clinic were inducted.

William E. Golden, MD, FACP – Bill Golden was serving a term as Transitional Governor following the merger of the ACP and the ASIM into our single organization of ACP-ASIM, when he was elected to the Board of Regents. This term began at the Annual Meeting. Bill is the first Regent of the College from Arkansas, to my knowledge.

Taylor A. Prewitt, MD, FACP – Past Governor for our state, Taylor led the chapter for an Evergreen award for community service,w hich was awarded at Annual Session 1999. Only about ten chapters win this award each year.

Congratulations to all of these Arkansas ACP-ASIM participants

Philadelphia 2000

The Republican National Convention was held in the first few days of this month (and will be followed next week by the Democratic National Convention.) But the point is that Philadelphia was the site for the Republicans. Prior to that, in April 2000, the national ACP-ASIM Annual Session was held in Philadelphia. Over 10,000 physicians, residents, and medical students attended the meeting. There were a wide variety of pre-meeting symposia, and a meeting of the newly formed National Association of In-Patient Physicians or hospitalists. I believe that individual educational needs were met by these proceedings and that most internists were quite satisfied. I include comments by the Governor of Arizona: "The Update sessions in general internal medicine and subspecialty sections were presented by well known experts who did a masterful job of reviewing the years literature and presented the most significant data published in 1999. The University of Virginia continued with three presentations of its innovative approach to evidence based medicine in the series entitled, 'Multiple Small Feedings of the Mind.' Common clinical questions or problems are phrased and the answers are sought by doing a rules based approach to evaluate the pertinent literature. These sessions were highly acclaimed."

The opening ceremonies were punctuated by a discussion of the medical system and the problems faced in Great Britain by Professor Sir George Alberti, President of the Royal College of Physicians of London. Later, 750 new Fellows were presented at the commencement program where new Masters and other awardees were also celebrated. Dr. David Gullen, the Immediate Past Chair of the Board of Regents, was awarded Mastership in the College. The keynote address was given by President Whitney Addington, MD, MACP. His presentation focused on the positive aspects of practicing medicine in the United States, as well as the need to support universal access to health care. His words set the tone for our present challenges as physicians and struck those in attendance as honest, open and clearly provocative. Dr. Sandra Fryhofer presided over the closing ceremonies.

Next year's Annual Session will be held March 29-April 1, 2001, in Atlanta, Georgia. Please consider attending this meeting for your continuing medical education.

Annual Chapter Meeting

The 2000 Arkansas Chapter Scientific Meeting will be held on Friday, October 13 and Saturday, October 14, 2000, at the Big Cedar Lodge near Branson, Missouri. Reservations can be made at our Chapter Web site at http://www.acponline.org/chapters/ar/.

Spring Board of Governors Meeting

Bill Golden and I attended the Board of Governors Meeting, which was held in conjunction with the Annual Session. Highlights put together by the Governor of Minnesota follow.

The BOG voted to recommend that the College take strong stands against several common managed care practices, including restrictive drug formularies, all-products clauses and burdensome documentation requirements. In other actions, the Governors reaffirmed their request that the Board of Regents work with the ABIM to simplify the internal medicine re-certification exam.

The Governors sent a number of resolutions to the Regents. (Note: all Governors' resolutions are sent to the College's Board of Regents for further review and potential adoption.)

  • The College should explore developing a fellowship exchange program between Latin American and North American internists.
  • The College should push for federal legislation that would allow all Medicare patients to receive an annual health maintenance review.
  • All ACP-ASIM members should be encouraged to make certain that their employees have health insurance.
  • The College should explore ways to encourage development of more physician-scientists.
  • The College should study how "the current health care environment impedes the delivery of quality health care."
  • The College should study alternatives to employer-based insurance as the basis of the nation's health care system.
  • The College should support development of one standard credentialing form to be used by health care plans and hospitals.
  • The College should work to restore funding to Medicare.
  • The College should condemn "Big Tobacco's" economic power.
  • The College should help subsidize Leadership Day attendance for chapters demonstrating financial need.

Welcome to our New President

The new ACP-ASIM President, Sandra Adamson Fryhofer, MD, FACP, a general Internist from Atlanta, GA, took office at the end of the 2000 Annual Session in Philadelphia, PA.

Dr. Fryhofer has spent much of her career as an advocate for general internal medicine with a special interest in women's health issues. She is a general internist engaged in private group practice with the Piedmont Medical Care Foundation at Piedmont Hospital, a division of PROMINA Health Systems in Atlanta, GA. Dr. Fryhofer is also a Clinical Associate Professor of Medicine at Emory University School of Medicine, in Atlanta.

Prior to the merger of the American College of Physicians (ACP) and the American Society of Internal Medicine (ASIM) in 1998, Dr. Fryhofer was chair of the ACP Committee on Women's Health. She has served as an active member of both the Educational Policy Committee and the Board of Regents since 1994. She also serves the College as the national spokesperson for the "Internist Today," a national identity campaign designed to educate the public about the role of internists in today's primary care environment.

Dr. Fryhofer has made television appearances on NBC's Today, CNN, FOX News Network, Peachtree Morning on Atlanta's WXIA-NBC, WXIA-NBC News, Atlanta's WSB-ABC News and Georgia Public Television. Topics include "Baby Boomers: Hidden Implications of Turning Forty," women's health, stress management, thyroid disease, flu shots, low-carbohydrate diets, menopause and folic acid. She has been a member of the Woman's Day Magazine Health and Fitness Advisory Board since 1998 and has been featured in the publication discussing various health issues.

Wanted: Future Chapter Leaders

Are you interested in getting more involved with your Chapter and sharpening your leadership skills? Do you aspire to hold an elected office in your Chapter (Governor, member of a National Committee) and/or advance to Fellowship? If you answered yes to these questions, then I need you for our newly created Chapter Leader Network.

Designed to lighten the workload of the Chapter Governor, make operations at the Chapter level more efficient and increase member involvement, the Chapter Leader Network will be composed of local "point people," who will chair the activities/initiatives of various areas, including Associates/Medical Student Activities, Community-Based Teaching, Credentials, Clinical Skills Modules, etc.

The network members will exchange information with specific College staff and initiate local activity when needed. A Chapter Leader Web site will be developed to facilitate communication between network members and staff.

So, if you want to be instrumental in improving the effectiveness of our Chapter, volunteer to be a member of this exciting new endeavor. For a complete listing of the network areas and responsibilities, please contact me at (501) 686-7592, or by e-mail at Bradsherrobertw@exchange.uams.ed u.

Advancement from Membership to Fellowship

"How do I advance from Membership to Fellowship?" is a question frequently asked by you, the ACP-ASIM members. Below, is a summary of the requirements and pathways that a candidate must fulfill and/or meet in order to become a Fellow of the College.


  • Be certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine or the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada or the American Osteopathic Board of Internal Medicine;
  • Have been a member in good standing for 2 years in either the ACP or ASIM and have held a position or in academia for at least two years since completion of training;
  • Have an active medical license in good standing (if in clinical practice);
  • Have confined professional activity to internal medicine or a subspecialty of internal medicine;
  • Be proposed and seconded with detailed letters of support from two current Masters or Fellows with reference to character, ethics and medical activities and outlining professional contributions and accomplishments;
  • Be endorsed by the appropriate ACP-ASIM Governor;
  • Have shown continuing scholarship and professional accomplishments; and
  • Document continuing professional activities, including teaching; hospital committee work; public service and community activities; and participation in continuing medical education activities as both a student and teacher

There are four pathways for advancement to Fellowship. They are:

Pathway 1: Members must have demonstrated skill in written medical communication.

Pathway 2: Members must have significant and continuing certification activities and/or teaching (both institutional and community-based), and/or community activities that indicate professional achievement and scholarship; they must have undergone recertification, or they must have participated in the Medical Knowledge Self-Assessment Program (MKSAP) with a passing score. In addition, subspecialty certification or certificates of special competence in adoles-cent medicine, critical care medicine, clinical cardiac electrophysiology, geriatrics, or sports medicine can qualify a candidate for this pathway, but are not adequate by themselves.

Pathway 3: Members must have been active members in ACP or ASIM for at least 10 years, with substantial participation in programs and activities, as well as demonstration of other professional accomplishments.

Note: Outstanding candidates who have been active Members for fewer than 10 years may qualify by combining Pathways 1 and/or 2 with Pathway 3.

Pathway 4: Members must have distinguished professional activity in teaching, patient care or profes-sional service over many years.

For a complete copy of the "Requirements for Advancement from Membership to Fellowship," contact your Governor, call ACP-ASIM Customer Service at (800) 523-1546, ext. 2600, or go to the Requirements and Guidelines section of the College's web site.