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Alaska Chapter Governor's Newsletter
Summer 2001

Richard L. Neubauer, MD, FACP
Governor, Alaska Chapter

Governor's Message

As physicians, we are all used to those occasional surprises when our patients remind us of just how gratifying our work can be. This spring, one of my longstanding patients came to see me in my office. During his visit, something extraordinary occurred. He is a poorly controlled diabetic, and several years ago he almost died of an empyema. He has very modest means to say the least. At the end of the visit, he handed me a check for $500 made out to the Alaska Chapter ACP, and directed that we "use it to help a young doctor with our scholarship fund."

At first I was a bit confused about why he was giving this money to the Chapter Scholarship Fund. As it turns out, several years ago, when his young son, Steve Murray was tragically killed, I sent him a sympathy card using one of our multi-purpose Chapter cards from the Chapter Scholarship Card Project (a picture of the front and back of one of these cards is on our Chapter web site). My patient was so taken with the card that he wanted to return something to our Chapter, hence the $500 donation. To receive such a Chapter donation, especially from someone of such modest means, is really moving to me.

I use these cards routinely in my practice. It is rare that I don't get a response back thanking me profusely for caring enough to send such a card. I urge each of you to read about the card project on our Chapter web site. The cards can be ordered from the Alaska Chapter through Dr. Steve Tucker. Steve's contact information is as follows; email: sbtucker@alaska.net, phone: 907-261-4840, fax: 907-261-4820.

Richard Neubauer, MD, FACP
Governor Alaska Chapter, ACP

Journal Club-June 14, 2001

The Second Alaska Chapter Journal Club meeting for 2001 was held at Dr. Jay Bulter's house on June 14th. Over pizza and beer, Dr. Jeff Taubenberger, Head of the Molecular Genetics Laboratory at the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology, discussed gene chip technology and reviewed a landmark paper on the application of this technology to prognosis of non-Hodgkins Lymphomas. A guest of the Alaska Chapter, Jeff was lecturing in our grand rounds program. We asked him to do a more "informal" discussion at Jay's house where he stayed during his time in Alaska. Attendees included Norm Wilder, Dave Peach, Mary Stewart, Hans Hager, Bob Bundtzen, Verneeda Spencer, Jay Butler, Paul Steer, and Rich Neubauer. What a great way to enjoy learning!

Alaska Chapter 2001 Laureate Awards

The Alaska Chapter Annual Meeting Banquet, held on June 29, 2001, was marked by the presentation of two Laureate Awards. It is hard to "pull the wool" over the eyes of our two Laureate Winners, but we managed to succeed! Neither of our Awardees had any idea that they were receiving the Laureate, which honors them for their achievements. When called up to the podium, Norm Wilder, Past Alaska Chapter Governor; and Rich Neubauer, Present Alaska Chapter Governor were able to lead the two Laureate Nominees through most of the presentation before giving away what was up! It was great fun, and gratifying to see the look of surprise on the Winner's faces when the Awards were presented. The Following are biographical sketches of each of our Laureate Winners:

Keith Brownsberger, MD, FACP - Dr. Keith Brownsberger has had a long and distinguished career in Alaska. Educated at Stanford University in Internal Medicine and Infectious Diseases. Dr. Brownsberger came to Alaska to practice medicine in the Alaska Native Health Service. There he served as Chief of Internal Medicine. Upon completing his service in the Indian Health Service, Dr. Brownsberger started a private practice in Internal Medicine, and has continued in private practice since 1968.

Dr. Brownsberger's accomplishments during his span of continuous medical practice are inspirational to enumerate. He has been a Member of the American College of Physicians (ACP) since 1963 and was elected to Fellowship in 1978. He served as Governor to the ACP Alaska Chapter from 1989-1993. During his tenure as Governor, he became active in National Affairs of the College by serving on the Credentials Committee, and Chairing the Governors Workshop on Credentialing. Since serving as Governor, he has continued to faithfully attend ACP Annual Scientific Meetings, and has maintained close ties to his class of Governors.

Dr. Brownsberger has been a strong advocate for Medical Education, and the mentoring of young physicians and students. He is an Affiliate Professor of Medical Education in the University of Alaska­Anchorage, and a member of the WWAMI Admissions Committee of the University of Washington School of Medicine since 1988. He chairs the Alaska WWAMI Admissions Committee since 1991. He has been a preceptor for medical students in the University of Alaska WWAMI Biomedical Program on a regular basis since 1989. On a statewide level, Dr. Brownsberger has been a Member of the State Medical Board since 1994.

His hospital career has been no less distinguished. He served as President of the Providence Hospital Medical Staff from 1976-1977, and Chief of Medicine at Providence Hospital Alaska from 1997-1998. He was Chair of the Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee from 1985-1990 and was instrumental in making the Committee a Joint Committee of Providence Hospital and Humana Hospital (now Alaska Regional Hospital). He was also President of the Alaska State Medical Association from 1984-1985.

Sally, Dr. Brownsberger's wife, has accompanied him throughout his career. She, along with her husband, has been a distinguished, and ever charming member of the Anchorage, Alaska community. Keith and Sally raised their family in Alaska and their children have gone on to successful lives. Finally, one needs to mention Keith's devotion to Nordic skiing. He is a Regional Physician for the U.S. Nordic Ski Team and he is as comfortable in Lycra as he is with a stethoscope around his neck.

It is with great pleasure that the Alaska Chapter of the ACP presents the 2001 Laureate Award to Dr. Keith Brownsberger, MD, FACP.

Steve Tucker, MD, FACP - Dr. Tucker was born in Jersey City, New Jersey and is a 1968 graduate of Rutgers University. He earned a Doctor of Medicine Degree from the State University of New York-Buffalo in 1972. Dr. Tucker remained in Buffalo for his first two years of postgraduate training in Internal Medicine and then spent a year in San Diego, California, at Mercy Hospital Medical Center. He returned to the East Coast for a Nephrology Fellowship at Georgetown University Hospital in Washington, D.C., from July 1977 to 1979. Prior to his Nephrology Fellowship, he served with the U.S. Army Medical Corps as a Staff Physician at Dwight D. Eisenhower Medical Center in Augusta, Georgia. Dr. Tucker left the Army as a Major and was awarded a Commendation Medal.

Dr. Tucker moved to Anchorage, Alaska in 1979, and became one of only two Nephrologists practicing in the state of Alaska. Over this time, he became a very respected member of the Medical Staff at the following facilities; Providence Alaska Medical Center, Alaska Regional Hospital, Fairbanks Memorial Hospital, Alaska Native Medical Center, and the Cordova Hospital. In the latter three hospitals, Dr. Tucker served as a Consultant.

Dr. Tucker has held enumerable committee positions, ranging from Medical Director of the Alaska Kidney Center, Chairman of the Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee, to, Member of the Editorial Board of Alaska Medicine, and various ad hoc committees. He has been a Member of the Medical Advisory Board for the Diabetes Association of Alaska, and Chairman of the Medical Advisory Board of the Lupus Foundation of Alaska. He belongs to the American Society of Nephrology, the Alaska State Medical Association, the Renal Physicians Association, the Anchorage Medical Society, and is Physician at Large for the Providence Health Systems Service Board.

Dr. Tucker was Boarded by the American Board of Internal Medicine in General Internal Medicine in 1975 and Boarded by the American Board of Nephrology in 1980. He was elected Fellow of the American College of Physicians (ACP) in 1988 for his multiple achievements as noted above and his devotion to the Alaska Chapter of the ACP.

Dr. Tucker was nominated Governor Elect of the Alaska Chapter of the ACP in 1996, and became Governor of our in 1997. The Alaska Chapter has prospered during his tenure as Governor. Membership has climbed steadily and the Council has expanded to Members beyond the Anchorage area. Under his leadership, our Chapter has received Chapter Management Awards four years in a row and additional recognition with two Evergreen Awards. He has continued to be an advocate for our patients and our Chapter and has represented us well on the Board of Governors. He was recognized by the outgoing Chair of the Board of Governors, as one of two recipients of "The Pot Stirrer Award". In addition to his many achievements, Dr. Tucker has found ongoing time to be a devoted husband and father of two.

A valued Consultant, a Physician to many, a Leader in medicine, and a very active Governor of the Alaska Chapter, Steven B. Tucker, MD, FACP, is recognized as a 2001 Laureate for the Alaska Chapter of the American College of Physicians - American Society of Internal Medicine.

Alaska Chapter ACP Website

Famous for the dancing moose that greets visitors upon arrival, the Alaska Chapter website is a great place to visit for up to date information about our Chapter Activities (http://www.acponline.org/chapters/ak/). Here is an overview of just a few of the features you will find when visiting the site.

2002 Annual Scientific Meeting. View the program for the 2002 Meeting. A registration form is included and you could be the first to register for the June 27-29, 2002 meeting entitled "History of Medicine-a Look Back and a Look Ahead."

Membership Listing. Using the Membership Listing, you can look up contact information about your colleagues. Due to confidentiality constraints, you need to use your ACP username and password to use this portion of the website. The information you will get is direct from the National ACP Database. It would be beneficial to you and very helpful to your fellow College Members for each of you to update your e-mail address, phone numbers, etc. so that they are current in the database.

Legislative Contacts. We have a listing of Legislative Contacts that you can utilize to voice your opinions on medical issues.

Website Links. A listing of interesting "Alaskana" medical websites.

Committee and Council Information. The policies and procedures for our successful CME Committee Grand Rounds Program are posted, along with a pictorial index of our Chapter Council Members.

Chapter News & History. Recent Governor's Newsletters are archived on the site. Also, there is a brief History of the Alaska Chapter.

The website is designed to be helpful, and easy to use. Visit it often!

2001 Volunteerism Award-Patrick Nolan, DO

Patrick Nolan, DO is the second recipient of the Alaska Chapter ACP Volunteerism Award, presented June 29, 2001. Dr. Nolan graduated from Kirkville College of Osteopathic Medicine in 1976, and did his internship in Internal Medicine at Doctor's Hospital in Columbus, Ohio in 1977. His Internal Medicine Residency was completed at Metropolitan Hospital in Grand Rapids, Michigan 1978-1981, and followed by a Fellowship in Endocrinology with the Cleveland Clinic from 1981-1983.

As a full time practicing Endocrinologist in Anchorage, Alaska, since 1983, Dr. Nolan is well known for his compassion and willingness to extend himself beyond the call of duty. He practices at both Providence Hospital, and Alaska Regional Hospital, and volunteers his consultative services to the Anchorage Neighborhood Health Clinic.

Dr. Nolan also volunteers his services on a worldwide basis. Through the World Medical Mission he volunteered in Honduras from October 1999 to February 2000 for victims of Hurricane Mitch. He traveled to Bangladesh, and worked at the Christian Memorial Hospital from October-November, 2000 providing general medical services to Bengali people and tribal people in Bangladesh.

We are proud to present the Alaska Chapter Volunteerism Award to Dr. Nolan.

2001 Alaska Chapter Scientific Meeting

Cardiovascular Diseases: Congestive Heart Failure
June 28-30, 2001

Chalk up another success story for the Alaska Chapter Annual Scientific Meeting. This year's topic "Cardiovascular Diseases: Congestive Heart Failure" was a focused review of an area of medicine that has seen recent advances in diagnosis and treatment.

Our speakers, Bill Abraham, MD; Robin Trupp, RN; Steve Compton, MD; Barry Greenberg, MD; Wayne Levy, MD; Stephen Pauker, MD; Susan Pauker, MD; and Bernard Rosoff, MD all did a superb job of presenting their topics. Barry Greenberg set the stage by describing the pathophysiology of congestive heart failure and describing in detail the rationale for current medical therapies. Bill Abraham's series of lectures discussed the amazing new technologies that are available in mechanical devices for monitoring and treatment of patients with congestive heart failure. Wayne Levy discussed some provocative information about cytokines and heart failure, and discussed cardiac aging and exercise. Our "local talent", Steve Compton, did a great job discussing arrhythmias in patients with heart failure. Sue Pauker discussed the genetics of heart disease (and gave an inspired discussion of the importance of genetics in the daily practice of medicine). Steve Pauker's discussion of hypnosis was mesmerizing, and his talk entitled "Bottlenecks and Buffers: Thoughts on Throughput and Conflicts in Practice" was intriguing. Bernie Rosoff, chair of the ACP Board of Regents gave an update on ACP affairs, and also talked about patient safety issues. Mark Selland did an excellent job as moderator. Mark was extremely helpful in putting the meeting together, and making it run well.

The Annual Banquet was great fun. The Native Heritage Center was a great place to spend the evening, and wemanaged to surprise Drs. Steve Tucker and Keith Brownsberger with their Laureate Awards. After dinner, Pat Nolan, recipient of the 2001 Chapter Volunteerism Award, discussed his work in Bangladesh. The poverty and human suffering that he described was in stark contrast to the technological advances in heart failure that we were hearing about at the Scientific Meeting.

Special thanks to Bill Mayer for lending his car and his Girdwood home to Dr. Levy, Dr. Bob Bundtzen for housing Dr. Greenberg and his family, Dr. Dave Peach for housing Scott Yang our Washington Associate guest, Dr. Song Gan for housing Vivian Qwan our Oregon Associate guest, Norm Wilder for housing Bernie Rosoff and Cliff Cleveland. It was a privilege to have Steve and Sue Pauker stay at my house. We had a great attendance at the meeting this year. Mark your calendar for next year's meeting: "History of Medicine: A Look Back and a Look Ahead," June 27-29, 2002.

Contact Information

Alaska Chapter Governor:
Molly B. Southworth, MD, MPH, FACP

Julie Lake
AK Chapter Executive Director
PO Box 672149
Chugiak, AK 99567
907-350-2351 - office
E-mail: Lake@mtaonline.net