The ACP Pan-Asian Affinity Group (APAAG)

This affinity group is for ACP members that identify as Pan-Asian and members that share an affinity to, an allyship towards, or have a vested interest in collaborating and networking with Pan-Asian members to create a wide variety of professional, personal, and career development opportunities.

Join Pan-Asian Affinity Group

ACP Pan-Asian Affinity Group aims to:

  • Build community, collaboration, and networking among Pan-Asian members and other constituencies to enhance their ACP experience through mentorship, leadership, connection, and visibility.
  • Create opportunities for engagement, education, discourse, and advancement related to anti-racism, justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion, with particular attention to the Pan-Asian community.
  • Promote the recruitment and sponsorship of Fellows, Masters, and other recognition of Pan-Asian members, mentors, and leaders.
  • Sponsor and share education, resources, and scholarship about the specific interests of Pan-Asians.
  • Advocate for improved health outcomes in Pan-Asian populations to eliminate health disparities and promote health equity.
  • Lead discussion and communication that promote academic and non-academic collaboration.
  • Foster mentorship, sponsorship, and coaching opportunities that support personal, professional, and career development with a commitment to excellence and Internal Medicine.

Pan-Asian Affinity Group Steering Committee

S. Akila Ally, BS
Elisa Choi, MD FACP, FIDSA
R. Dobbin Chow, MD MACP (Chair)
Daniel Kim, MD MBA FACP
Tiffany Leung, MD, MPH, FACP, FAMIA (Vice-Chair)
Joshua Liao, MD MSc FACP
Tammy  Lin, MD MPH FACP
Daniel Kim, MD MBA FACP
Mukta Panda, MD MACP FRCP-London
Teresa Roth  (Comptroller)